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Chinese Delta

CLDR Version 31.0.1 Index

Lists data fields that differ from the last version. Inherited differences in locales are suppressed, except where the source locales are different. The collations and metadata still have a raw format. The rbnf, segmentations, and annotations are not yet included.

Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: auxiliaryzh[仂 侣 傈 傣 僳 卑 卞 厘 吕 坝 堤 奎 屿 巽 撤 楔 楠 滕 瑚 甫 盲 碑 禄 粟 脚 艮 谬 钯 铂 锑 镑 魁][仂 侣 傈 傣 僳 卑 卞 厘 吕 坝 堤 奎 屿 巽 撤 楔 楠 滕 瑚 甫 盲 碑 禄 粟 脚 艮 谬 钯 铂 锑 镑 魁 乒 乓 仓 伞 冥 凉 刨 匕 厦 厨 呣 唇 啤 啮 喱 嗅 噘 噢 墟 妆 婴 媚 宅 寺 尬 尴 屑 巾 弓 彗 惊 戟 扔 扰 扳 抛 挂 捂 摇 撅 杆 杖 柜 柱 栗 栽 桶 棍 棕 棺 榈 槟 橙 洒 浆 涌 淇 滚 滩 灾 烛 烟 焰 煎 犬 猫 瓢 皱 盆 盔 眨 眯 瞌 矿 祈 祭 祷 稻 竿 笼 筒 篷 粮 纠 纬 缆 缎 耸 舔 舵 艇 芽 苜 苞 菇 菱 葫 葵 蒸 蓿 蔽 薯 蘑 蚂 蛛 蜗 蜘 蜡 蝎 蝴 螃 裹 谍 豚 账 跤 踪 躬 轴 辐 迹 郁 鄙 酢 钉 钥 钮 铅 铛 锄 锚 锤 闺 阱 隧 雕 霾 靴 靶 鞠 颠 馏 驼 骆 髦 鲤 鲸 鳄 鸽]core
Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown Regiongbeng▷missing◁英格兰modern
Territories (Europe)Eastern EuropeCZ捷克共和国捷克
Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsera-short▷missing◁纪元
NumbersMinimal PairsOrdinalother在第 {0} 个路口右转。comprehensive
Plural{0} 天
Compact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 4-digits-short-other¤0千0modern
Long Formats 4-digits-long-other0千
Short Formats 4-digits-short-other
CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-name秘鲁新索尔秘鲁索尔
MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsAnnotation📑-tts书签标签页
🔟-tts▷missing◁键帽 10

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