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Locale Data Summary for Kashmiri [ks]

CLDR Version 26 Other charts and help 2014-09-17 12:22:23 GMT

Root [root] > Kashmiri [ks]

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1Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseMain Letters[a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z] [\u06EA\u06ED \u064E \u064F \u0650 \u0654 \u0655 \u0656 \u0657 \u065A \u065B ء آ أ ٲ ؤ ا ٮ ب پ ت ث ٹ ج چ ح خ د ذ ڈ ر ز ڑ ژ س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ک گ ل م ن ں ھ ہ و ۄ ی ۍ ے]
2Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: auxiliary[á à ă â å ä ã ā æ ç é è ĕ ê ë ē í ì ĭ î ï ī ñ ó ò ŏ ô ö ø ō œ ú ù ŭ û ü ū ÿ] [\u200E\u200F]
3Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: punctuation[\- ‐ – — , ; \: ! ? . … ' ‘ ’ " “ ” ( ) \[ \] § @ * / \& # † ‡ ′ ″] [\- , ; \: ! ? . ( ) \[ \] \{ \}]
4Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemdefaultlatn arabext
5Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemnativelatn arabext
6Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocalePattern= {0} ({1})
7Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleSeparator= {0}, {1}
8Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleKeyTypePattern= {0}: {1}
9Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbackslanguageLanguage: {0} زَبان: {0}
10Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksscriptScript: {0} رَسم الخط: {0}
11Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksterritoryRegion: {0} علاقہٕ: {0}
12Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaaAfar اَفار
13Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AabAbkhazian اَبخازِیان
14Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaceAchinese اَچَےنیٖز
15Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AachAcoli اَکولی
16Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AadaAdangme اَدَنٛگمیے
17Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AadyAdyghe اَدَیٖگیے
18Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaeAvestan اَویستَن
19Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaebTunisian Arabic aeb
20Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AafAfrikaans اَفریٖکانٛز
21Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AafhAfrihili اَفرِہِلی
22Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AagqAghem agq
23Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AainAinu اینوٗ
24Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakAkan اَکان
25Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakkAkkadian اَکادِیَن
26Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakzAlabama akz
27Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaleAleut اَلویتی
28Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AalnGheg Albanian aln
29Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaltSouthern Altai جنوٗبی اَلتایی
30Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AamAmharic اَمہاری
31Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AanAragonese اَراگونی
32Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AangOld English پرون اَنٛگریٖزی
33Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AanpAngika اَنٛگِکا
34Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarArabic عربی
35Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Aar_001Modern Standard Arabic ar_001
36Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarcAramaic اَرَمیک
37Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarnMapuche ایرو کونِیَن
38Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaroAraona aro
39Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarpArapaho اَراپاہو
40Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarqAlgerian Arabic arq
41Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarwArawak اَراوَک
42Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaryMoroccan Arabic ary
43Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarzEgyptian Arabic arz
44Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AasAssamese اسٲمۍ
45Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AasaAsu asa
46Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaseAmerican Sign Language ase
47Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AastAsturian ایسٹوٗریَن
48Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AavAvaric اَوارِک
49Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AavkKotava avk
50Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AawaAwadhi اَوَدی
51Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AayAymara ایمارا
52Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AazAzerbaijani اَزَربیجانی
53Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Aaz-shortAzeri az
54Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AazbSouth Azerbaijani azb
55Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbaBashkir بَشکیٖر
56Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbalBaluchi بَلوٗچی
57Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbanBalinese بالِنیٖز
58Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbarBavarian bar
59Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbasBasaa باسا
60Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbaxBamun bax
61Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbbcBatak Toba bbc
62Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbbjGhomala bbj
63Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbeBelarusian بیلَروٗشیَن
64Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbejBeja بیجا
65Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbemBemba بیٚمبا
66Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbewBetawi bew
67Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbezBena bez
68Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbfdBafut bfd
69Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbfqBadaga bfq
70Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbgBulgarian بینا
71Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbhoBhojpuri بوجپوٗری
72Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbiBislama بِسلاما
73Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbikBikol بِکول
74Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbinBini بِنی
75Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbjnBanjar bjn
76Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbkmKom bkm
77Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BblaSiksika سِکسِکا
78Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbmBambara بَمبارا
79Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbnBengali بَنٛگٲلۍ
80Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BboTibetan تِبتی
81Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbpyBishnupriya bpy
82Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbqiBakhtiari bqi
83Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrBreton بریٹَن
84Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbraBraj برٛج
85Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrhBrahui brh
86Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrxBodo brx
87Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbsBosnian بوسنِیَن
88Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbssAkoose bss
89Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbuaBuriat بُرِیَت
90Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbugBuginese بَگنیٖز
91Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbumBulu bum
92Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbynBlin بٕلِن
93Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbyvMedumba byv
94Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcaCatalan کَتلان
95Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcadCaddo کاڈو
96Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcarCarib کارِب
97Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcayCayuga cay
98Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcchAtsam اتسَم
99Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CceChechen چیچَن
100Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcebCebuano سیباونو
101Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcggChiga cgg
102Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchChamorro کَمورو
103Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchbChibcha چیٖبچا
104Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchgChagatai چھَگتاے
105Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchkChuukese چُکیٖز
106Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchmMari ماری
107Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchnChinook Jargon چِنوٗک جارگَن
108Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchoChoctaw چوکتَو
109Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchpChipewyan شیپویان
110Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchrCherokee چیٚروکی
111Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchyCheyenne شییون
112Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CckbSorani Kurdish ckb
113Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcoCorsican کارسِکَن
114Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcopCoptic کاپٹِک
115Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcpsCapiznon cps
116Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcrCree کری
117Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcrhCrimean Turkish کرٕمیٖن تُرکی
118Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcsCzech چیٚک
119Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcsbKashubian کَشوٗبِیَن
120Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcuChurch Slavic چٔرچ سلاوِک
121Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcvChuvash چُواش
122Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcyWelsh ویٚلش
123Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdaDanish ڈینِش
124Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdakDakota ڈکوٹا
125Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdarDargwa دَرگوا
126Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdavTaita dav
127Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdeGerman جٔرمَن
128Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Dde_ATAustrian German آسٹرِیَن جٔرمَن
129Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Dde_CHSwiss High German سٕوِس ہاےجٔرمَن
130Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdelDelaware ڈیٚلوییَر
131Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdenSlave سلیو
132Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdgrDogrib ڈاگرِب
133Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdinDinka ڈِنکا
134Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdjeZarma dje
135Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdoiDogri ڈوگری
136Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdsbLower Sorbian بوٚنِم ساربِیَن
137Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdtpCentral Dusun dtp
138Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DduaDuala دُوالا
139Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdumMiddle Dutch وَستی پُرتُگالی
140Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdvDivehi دِویہی
141Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdyoJola-Fonyi dyo
142Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdyuDyula ڈِیوٗلا
143Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdzDzongkha زونٛگکھا
144Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdzgDazaga dzg
145Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EebuEmbu ebu
146Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeeEwe ایٖو
147Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EefiEfik ایٚفِک
148Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeglEmilian egl
149Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EegyAncient Egyptian قدیٖمی مِصری
150Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EekaEkajuk ایٚکاجُک
151Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EelGreek یوٗنٲنی
152Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EelxElamite ایٚلامایِٹ
153Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EenEnglish اَنٛگیٖزۍ
154Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_AUAustralian English آسٹریلیَن اَنٛگریٖزۍ
155Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_CACanadian English کینَڈِیٲیی اَنٛگریٖزۍ
156Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_GBBritish English بَرطانوی اَنٛگریٖزۍ
157Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_GB-shortU.K. English en_GB
158Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_USAmerican English یوٗ ایٚس اَنٛگریٖزۍ
159Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_US-shortU.S. English en_US
160Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EenmMiddle English وَسطی اَنٛگریٖزۍ
161Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeoEsperanto ایٚسپَرینٹو
162Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EesSpanish سپینِش
163Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_419Latin American Spanish لیٹٕن امریٖکی سپینِش
164Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_ESEuropean Spanish لِبیریَن سپینِش
165Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_MXMexican Spanish es_MX
166Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EesuCentral Yupik esu
167Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EetEstonian ایٚسٹونیَن
168Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeuBasque باسک
169Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EewoEwondo ایٚوونڈو
170Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EextExtremaduran ext
171Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfaPersian فارسی
172Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfanFang فینٛگ
173Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfatFanti فانٹی
174Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FffFulah فُلاہ
175Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfiFinnish فِنِش
176Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfilFilipino فِلِپیٖنو
177Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfitTornedalen Finnish fit
178Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfjFijian فِجیَن
179Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfoFaroese فَروس
180Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfonFon فون
181Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrFrench فریٚنچ
182Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ffr_CACanadian French کَنیڈیَن فریٚنچ
183Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ffr_CHSwiss French سٕوٕس فریٚنچ
184Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrcCajun French frc
185Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrmMiddle French وسطی فریٚنچ
186Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfroOld French پرون فریٚنچ
187Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrpArpitan frp
188Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrrNorthern Frisian شُمٲلی فرِشیَن
189Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrsEastern Frisian مشرِقی فرِشیَن
190Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfurFriulian فروٗلِیَن
191Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfyWestern Frisian مغربی فرِشیَن
192Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgaIrish اَیرِش
193Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgaaGa گا
194Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgagGagauz gag
195Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GganGan Chinese gan
196Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgayGayo گیےیو
197Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgbaGbaya گبایا
198Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgbzZoroastrian Dari gbz
199Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgdScottish Gaelic سکوٹِش گیےلِک
200Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgezGeez گیٖز
201Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgilGilbertese گِلبٔرٹیٖز
202Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GglGalician گیلِشِیَن
203Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GglkGilaki glk
204Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgmhMiddle High German وَسطی ہاے جٔرمَن
205Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgnGuarani گُوارَنی
206Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgohOld High German پرون ہاے جٔرمَن
207Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgomGoan Konkani gom
208Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgonGondi گوندی
209Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgorGorontalo گورینٹیلو
210Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgotGothic گوتھِک
211Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgrbGrebo گرِبو
212Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgrcAncient Greek قدیٖم یوٗنٲنی
213Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgswSwiss German سٕوِس جٔرمَن
214Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GguGujarati گُجرٲتی
215Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgucWayuu guc
216Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgurFrafra gur
217Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GguzGusii guz
218Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgvManx مینٛکس
219Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgwiGwichʼin گُوِچ اِن
220Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhaHausa ہاوسا
221Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhaiHaida ہَیدا
222Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhakHakka Chinese hak
223Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhawHawaiian ہوایِیَن
224Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HheHebrew عبرٲنۍ
225Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhiHindi ہِندی
226Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhifFiji Hindi hif
227Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhilHiligaynon ہِلیٖگینَن
228Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhitHittite ہِتایِت
229Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhmnHmong ہمونٛگ
230Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhoHiri Motu ہِری موتوٗ
231Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhrCroatian کروشِیَن
232Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhsbUpper Sorbian ہیٚرِم ساربِیَن
233Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhsnXiang Chinese hsn
234Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhtHaitian ہیتِیاں
235Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhuHungarian ہَنٛگیریَن
236Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhupHupa ہُپا
237Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhyArmenian اَرمینیَن
238Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhzHerero ہیٚریٖرو
239Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiaInterlingua اِنٹَرلِنٛگوا
240Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IibaIban اِبان
241Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IibbIbibio ibb
242Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IidIndonesian اِنڈونیشیا
243Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IieInterlingue اِنٹَر لِنٛنگویے
244Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IigIgbo اِگبو
245Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiiSichuan Yi سِچوان یٖی
246Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IikInupiaq اِنُپِیاک
247Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiloIloko اِلوکو
248Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IinhIngush اِنٛگُش
249Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IioIdo اِڈو
250Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IisIcelandic آیِسلینڈِک
251Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IitItalian اِٹیلیَن
252Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiuInuktitut اِنُکتِتوٗ
253Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IizhIngrian izh
254Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjaJapanese جاپٲنۍ
255Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjamJamaican Creole English jam
256Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjboLojban لوجبان
257Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjgoNgomba jgo
258Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjmcMachame jmc
259Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjprJudeo-Persian جوڈیو فارسی
260Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjrbJudeo-Arabic جوڈیو عربی
261Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjutJutish jut
262Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjvJavanese جَوَنیٖز
263Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkaGeorgian جارجِیَن
264Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkaaKara-Kalpak کارا کَلپَک
265Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkabKabyle کَبایِل
266Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkacKachin کاچِن
267Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkajJju جُوٗ
268Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkamKamba کامبا
269Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkawKawi کَوی
270Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkbdKabardian کَبارڈِیَن
271Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkblKanembu kbl
272Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkcgTyap تَیَپ
273Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkdeMakonde kde
274Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkeaKabuverdianu kea
275Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkenKenyang ken
276Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkfoKoro کورو
277Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkgKongo کونٛگو
278Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkgpKaingang kgp
279Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhaKhasi کھاسی
280Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhoKhotanese کھوتَنیٖز
281Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhqKoyra Chiini khq
282Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhwKhowar khw
283Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkiKikuyu کِکُیوٗ
284Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkiuKirmanjki kiu
285Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkjKuanyama کُوانیاما
286Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkkKazakh کازَخ
287Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkkjKako kkj
288Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KklKalaallisut کَلالِسُت
289Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KklnKalenjin kln
290Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkmKhmer خَمیر
291Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkmbKimbundu کِمبُندوٗ
292Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KknKannada کَنَڑ
293Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkoKorean کوریَن
294Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkoiKomi-Permyak koi
295Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkokKonkani کونکَنی
296Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkosKosraean کوسرییَن
297Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkpeKpelle کَپیلی
298Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrKanuri کَنوٗری
299Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrcKarachay-Balkar کراچیے بَلکار
300Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkriKrio kri
301Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrjKinaray-a krj
302Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrlKarelian کَریلِیَن
303Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkruKurukh کُرُکھ
304Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksKashmiri کٲشُر
305Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksbShambala ksb
306Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksfBafia ksf
307Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkshColognian ksh
308Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkuKurdish کُردِش
309Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkumKumyk کُمِک
310Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkutKutenai کُتینَے
311Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkvKomi کومی
312Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkwCornish کورنِش
313Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkyKyrgyz کِرگِز
314Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlaLatin لاتیٖنی
315Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LladLadino لیڈِنو
316Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlagLangi lag
317Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlahLahnda لَہَندا
318Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlamLamba لَمبا
319Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlbLuxembourgish لُکھزیمبورگِش
320Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlezLezghian لیزگِیَن
321Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlfnLingua Franca Nova lfn
322Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlgGanda گاندا
323Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LliLimburgish لِمبٔرگِش
324Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlijLigurian lij
325Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlivLivonian liv
326Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlktLakota lkt
327Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlmoLombard lmo
328Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlnLingala لِنگالا
329Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LloLao لاو
330Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlolMongo مونٛگو
331Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlozLozi لوزی
332Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LltLithuanian لِتھوانِیَن
333Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LltgLatgalian ltg
334Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluLuba-Katanga لوُبا کَتَنٛگا
335Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluaLuba-Lulua لوٗبا لوٗلُوا
336Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluiLuiseno لویِسینو
337Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlunLunda لُندا
338Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluoLuo لُوو
339Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlusMizo لُسہاے
340Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluyLuyia luy
341Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlvLatvian لَتوِیَن
342Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlzhLiterary Chinese lzh
343Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlzzLaz lzz
344Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmadMadurese مَدُریٖز
345Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmafMafa maf
346Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmagMagahi مَگاے
347Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmaiMaithili میتَھلی
348Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmakMakasar مَکَسار
349Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmanMandingo مَندِنٛگو
350Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmasMasai مَساے
351Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdeMaba mde
352Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdfMoksha موکشا
353Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdrMandar مَندَر
354Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmenMende میندیے
355Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmerMeru mer
356Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmfeMorisyen mfe
357Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgMalagasy مَلاگَسی
358Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgaMiddle Irish وَستی ایرِش
359Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmghMakhuwa-Meetto mgh
360Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgoMetaʼ mgo
361Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmhMarshallese مارشَلیٖز
362Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmiMaori ماوری
363Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmicMicmac مِکمیک
364Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MminMinangkabau مِنَنٛگکَباو
365Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmkMacedonian میکَڈونیَن
366Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmlMalayalam مٔلیالَم
367Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmnMongolian مَنٛگولی
368Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmncManchu مانٛچوٗ
369Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmniManipuri مَنیپوٗری
370Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmohMohawk موہاک
371Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmosMossi موسی
372Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmrMarathi مَرٲٹھۍ
373Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmrjWestern Mari mrj
374Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmsMalay مَلَے
375Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmtMaltese مَلتیٖس
376Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmuaMundang mua
377Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmulMultiple Languages واریاہ زبان
378Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmusCreek کریٖک
379Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwlMirandese مِراندیٖز
380Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwrMarwari مارواڑی
381Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwvMentawai mwv
382Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyBurmese بٔمیٖز
383Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyeMyene mye
384Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyvErzya ایٚرزِیا
385Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmznMazanderani mzn
386Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnaNauru ناورُ
387Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnanMin Nan Chinese nan
388Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnapNeapolitan نیٖپالیٹَن
389Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnaqNama naq
390Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnbNorwegian Bokmål ناروییَن بوکمال
391Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NndNorth Ndebele شُمال ڈَبیل
392Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NndsLow German بوٚنِم جٔرمَن
393Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NneNepali نیٚپٲلۍ
394Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnewNewari نیٚواری
395Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NngNdonga ڈونٛگا
396Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NniaNias نِیاس
397Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NniuNiuean نِیویَن
398Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnjoAo Naga njo
399Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnlDutch ڈَچ
400Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)Nnl_BEFlemish فلیٚمِش
401Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnmgKwasio nmg
402Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnnNorwegian Nynorsk ناروییَن نَے نورسک
403Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnnhNgiemboon nnh
404Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnoNorwegian ناروییَن
405Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnogNogai نوگاے
406Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnonOld Norse پرون نارسی
407Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnovNovial nov
408Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnqoNʼKo ایٚن کو
409Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnrSouth Ndebele جنوب ڈیٚبیل
410Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnsoNorthern Sotho شمالی ستھو
411Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnusNuer nus
412Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnvNavajo نَواجو
413Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnwcClassical Newari کلاسِکَل نیواری
414Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnyNyanja نِیَنجا
415Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnymNyamwezi نِیَمویٚزی
416Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnynNyankole نِیَنکول
417Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnyoNyoro نِیورو
418Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnziNzima نَظیٖما
419Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OocOccitan اوکسیٖٹَن
420Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OojOjibwa اوجِبوا
421Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OomOromo اوٚرومو
422Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OorOriya اوٚرِیا
423Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OosOssetic اوٚسیٚٹِک
424Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OosaOsage اوٚسیج
425Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OotaOttoman Turkish اوٹومَن تُرکِش
426Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpaPunjabi پَنجٲبۍ
427Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpagPangasinan پَنٛگاسِنَن
428Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpalPahlavi پَہلَوی
429Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpamPampanga پَمپَنٛگا
430Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpapPapiamento پَپِیامیٚنٹو
431Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpauPalauan پَلااُواں
432Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpcdPicard pcd
433Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpdcPennsylvania German pdc
434Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpdtPlautdietsch pdt
435Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpeoOld Persian پرون فارسی
436Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpflPalatine German pfl
437Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PphnPhoenician فونیٖشیَن
438Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpiPali پالی
439Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PplPolish پالِش
440Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpmsPiedmontese pms
441Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpntPontic pnt
442Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PponPohnpeian پانپیٚیَن
443Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PprgPrussian prg
444Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PproOld Provençal پرون پروویٚنچَل
445Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpsPashto پَشتوٗ
446Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PptPortuguese پُرتَگیٖز
447Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Ppt_BRBrazilian Portuguese برازیٖلی پُتَگیٖز
448Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Ppt_PTEuropean Portuguese لِبیریَن پُرتَگیٖز
449Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QquQuechua کُویشُوا
450Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QqucKʼicheʼ quc
451Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QqugChimborazo Highland Quichua qug
452Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrajRajasthani راجِستھٲنۍ
453Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrapRapanui رَپانوی
454Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrarRarotongan رَروٹونٛگَن
455Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrgnRomagnol rgn
456Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrifRiffian rif
457Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrmRomansh رومانش
458Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrnRundi رُندی
459Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RroRomanian رومٲنی
460Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Rro_MDMoldavian مولداوِیَن
461Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrofRombo rof
462Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RromRomany رومَنی
463Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrootRoot روٗٹ
464Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrtmRotuman rtm
465Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RruRussian روٗسی
466Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrueRusyn rue
467Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrugRoviana rug
468Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrupAromanian اَرومانی
469Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrwKinyarwanda کِنیاوِندا
470Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrwkRwa rwk
471Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsaSanskrit سَنسکرٕت
472Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsadSandawe سَندَویے
473Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsahSakha یاکُت
474Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsamSamaritan Aramaic سَمارِتَن اَرامیک
475Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsaqSamburu saq
476Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsasSasak سَسَک
477Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsatSantali سَنتالی
478Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsazSaurashtra saz
479Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsbaNgambay sba
480Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsbpSangu sbp
481Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscSardinian سراڈیٖنی
482Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscnSicilian سِچِلِیَن
483Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscoScots سکاٹس
484Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsdSindhi سِندی
485Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsdcSassarese Sardinian sdc
486Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseNorthern Sami شُمٲلی سَمی
487Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseeSeneca see
488Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsehSena seh
489Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseiSeri sei
490Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SselSelkup سیٚلکُپ
491Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsesKoyraboro Senni ses
492Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgSango سَنگو
493Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgaOld Irish پرون ایرِش
494Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgsSamogitian sgs
495Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshSerbo-Croatian سیٚربو کروشِیَن
496Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshiTachelhit shi
497Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshnShan شان
498Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshuChadian Arabic shu
499Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsiSinhala سِنہالا
500Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsidSidamo سِدامو
501Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SskSlovak سلووَک
502Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SslSlovenian سلووینیَن
503Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsliLower Silesian sli
504Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SslySelayar sly
505Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmSamoan سَمواَن
506Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmaSouthern Sami جنوٗبی سَمی
507Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmjLule Sami لولیے سَمی
508Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmnInari Sami اِناری سَمی
509Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmsSkolt Sami سکولٹ سَمی
510Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsnShona شونا
511Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsnkSoninke سونِنکیے
512Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsoSomali سومٲلی
513Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsogSogdien سوگڈِیَن
514Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsqAlbanian البانِیَن
515Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrSerbian سٔربِیَن
516Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrnSranan Tongo سرٛانَن ٹونٛگو
517Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrrSerer سیٚریر
518Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SssSwati سواتی
519Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SssySaho ssy
520Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SstSouthern Sotho جنوبی ستھو
521Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SstqSaterland Frisian stq
522Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsuSundanese سَنڈَنیٖز
523Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsukSukuma سُکُما
524Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsusSusu سُسوٗ
525Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsuxSumerian سُمیریَن
526Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsvSwedish سویٖڈِش
527Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswSwahili سواہِلی
528Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswbComorian swb
529Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswcCongo Swahili swc
530Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsycClassical Syriac syc
531Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsyrSyriac سیٖریٲیی
532Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SszlSilesian szl
533Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtaTamil تَمِل
534Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtcyTulu tcy
535Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TteTelugu تیلگوٗ
536Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtemTimne ٹِمنیے
537Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TteoTeso teo
538Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TterTereno ٹیٚریٚنو
539Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtetTetum ٹیٹَم
540Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtgTajik تاجِک
541Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TthThai تھاے
542Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtiTigrinya ٹِگرِنیا
543Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtigTigre ٹاےگریے
544Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtivTiv تیٖو
545Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtkTurkmen تُرکمین
546Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtklTokelau ٹوکیٖلاو
547Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtkrTsakhur tkr
548Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlTagalog تَماشیک
549Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlhKlingon کِلِنگون
550Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtliTlingit ٹِلِنگِت
551Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlyTalysh tly
552Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtmhTamashek تاماشیک
553Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtnTswana سوانا
554Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtoTongan ٹونٛگا
555Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtogNyasa Tonga نیاسا ٹونٛگا
556Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtpiTok Pisin ٹاک پِسِن
557Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtrTurkish تُرکِش
558Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtruTuroyo tru
559Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtrvTaroko trv
560Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsTsonga ژونٛگا
561Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsdTsakonian tsd
562Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsiTsimshian ژھِمشِیان
563Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TttTatar تَتار
564Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtttMuslim Tat ttt
565Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtumTumbuka تُمبُکا
566Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtvlTuvalu تُوالوٗ
567Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtwTwi توی
568Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtwqTasawaq twq
569Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtyTahitian تاہیشِیَن
570Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtyvTuvinian تُویٖنیَن
571Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtzmCentral Atlas Tamazight tzm
572Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UudmUdmurt اُدمُرت
573Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UugUyghur ug
574Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UugaUgaritic اُگارتِک
575Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UukUkrainian یوٗکرینیٲیی
576Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UumbUmbundu یُمبُندوٗ
577Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UundUnknown Language اَنزٲنۍ یا نَہ لَگہٕہار زبان
578Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UurUrdu اُردوٗ
579Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UuzUzbek اُزبیک
580Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvaiVai واے
581Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VveVenda ویندا
582Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvecVenetian vec
583Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvepVeps vep
584Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VviVietnamese وِیَتنَمیٖز
585Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvlsWest Flemish vls
586Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvmfMain-Franconian vmf
587Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvoVolapük وولَپُک
588Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvotVotic ووتِک
589Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvroVõro vro
590Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvunVunjo vun
591Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwaWalloon وَلوٗن
592Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwaeWalser wae
593Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwalWolaytta والامو
594Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwarWaray وَریے
595Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwasWasho واشو
596Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwoWolof وولوف
597Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwuuWu Chinese wuu
598Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxalKalmyk کالمِک
599Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxhXhosa کھوسا
600Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxmfMingrelian xmf
601Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxogSoga xog
602Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyaoYao یاو
603Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyapYapese یَپیٖز
604Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyavYangben yav
605Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YybbYemba ybb
606Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyiYiddish یِدِش
607Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyoYoruba یورُبا
608Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyrlNheengatu yrl
609Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyueCantonese yue
610Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzaZhuang زُہانٛگ
611Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzapZapotec زَپوتیٚک
612Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzblBlissymbols zbl
613Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzeaZeelandic zea
614Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzenZenaga زیناگا
615Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzghStandard Moroccan Tamazight zgh
616Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzhChinese چیٖنی
617Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)Zzh_HansSimplified Chinese سیٚود چیٖنی
618Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)Zzh_HantTraditional Chinese رِوٲجی چیٖنی
619Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzuZulu زُلوٗ
620Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzunZuni زوٗنی
621Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzxxNo linguistic content کانٛہہ تہِ لِسانیاتی مواد نہٕ
622Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzzaZaza زازا
623Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArabArabic اَربی
624Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArmnArmenian اَرمانیَن
625Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBengBengali بیٚنگٲلۍ
626Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBopoBopomofo بوپوموفو
627Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseCyrlCyrillic سَیرِلِک
628Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseDevaDevanagari دیوناگری
629Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseEthiEthiopic اِتھیوپِک
630Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGeorGeorgian جارجِیَن
631Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGrekGreek گرَنتھا
632Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGujrGujarati گریٖک
633Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGuruGurmukhi گُجرٲتۍ
634Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHangHangul ہانٛگُل
635Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHaniHan ہان
636Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHansSimplified سِمپلِفایِڑ ہان
637Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHans-stand-aloneSimplified Han Hans
638Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHantTraditional ٹریڑِشَنَل
639Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHant-stand-aloneTraditional Han Hant
640Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHebrHebrew ہِبرِو
641Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHiraHiragana ہیٖراگانا
642Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseJpanJapanese جیٚپَنیٖز
643Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKanaKatakana کَتاکانا
644Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKhmrKhmer کھٕمیر
645Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKndaKannada کَنَڑا
646Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKoreKorean کوریَن
647Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLaooLao لاو
648Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLatnLatin لیٹِن
649Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMlymMalayalam مَلیالَم
650Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMymrMyanmar مَیَنمار
651Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseOryaOriya اورِیا
652Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseSinhSinhala سِنہالا
653Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTamlTamil تَمِل
654Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTeluTelugu تیلگوٗ
655Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaaThaana تھانا
656Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaiThai تھاے
657Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTibtTibetan تِبتی
658Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseZyyyCommon عام
659Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalCansUnified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics یُنِفایِڑ کنیڑِیَن ایٚب آرجِنَل سِلیبِک
660Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalMongMongolian مَنٛگولیَن
661Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalPlrdPollard Phonetic پولاڑ پھونِٹِک
662Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalTfngTifinagh تِفِناگ
663Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalYiiiYi یٖی
664Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBaliBalinese بالَنیٖز
665Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBamuBamum Bamu
666Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBatkBatak باتَک
667Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCakmChakma Cakm
668Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseChamCham چَم
669Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCherCherokee چیٚروکی
670Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseJavaJavanese جاوَنیٖز
671Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseKaliKayah Li کایا لی
672Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLanaLanna لانا
673Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLepcLepcha لیٚپکا
674Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLimbLimbu لِمبوٗ
675Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLisuFraser Lisu
676Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMandMandaean مَندییَن
677Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMteiMeitei Mayek میتی مایَک
678Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseNkooN’Ko ایٚن کو
679Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseOlckOl Chiki اول چِکی
680Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSaurSaurashtra سوراشٹرا
681Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSundSundanese سَنڈَنیٖز
682Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyloSyloti Nagri سیلوتی ناگری
683Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyrcSyriac سیٖرِیَک
684Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaleTai Le تَیلیے
685Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaluNew Tai Lue نوٚو تیلو
686Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTavtTai Viet Tavt
687Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseVaiiVai واے
688Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAghbCaucasian Albanian Aghb
689Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricArmiImperial Aramaic Armi
690Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAvstAvestan اَویستَن
691Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBassBassa Vah Bass
692Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBrahBrahmi برٛاہمی
693Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBugiBuginese بُگِنیٖز
694Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBuhdBuhid بُہِد
695Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCariCarian کاریَن
696Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCoptCoptic کاپٹِک
697Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCprtCypriot کِپرایِٹ
698Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDsrtDeseret ڈیٚسٔریٚٹ
699Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDuplDuployan shorthand Dupl
700Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricEgypEgyptian hieroglyphs اِجِپشَن ہَیروگلِپھس
701Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricElbaElbasan Elba
702Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGlagGlagolitic گلیگولِٹِک
703Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGothGothic گوتھِک
704Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGranGrantha Gran
705Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHanoHanunoo ہانُنوٗ
706Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHmngPahawh Hmong پَہاو مانٛگ
707Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricItalOld Italic اولڈ اِٹیلِک
708Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKharKharoshthi خَروشتھی
709Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKhojKhojki Khoj
710Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKthiKaithi Kthi
711Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinaLinear A لیٖنیَر اے
712Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinbLinear B لیٖنیَر بی
713Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLyciLycian لیسِیَن
714Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLydiLydian لیدِیَن
715Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMahjMahajani Mahj
716Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricManiManichaean مانیشییَن
717Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMendMende Mend
718Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMercMeroitic Cursive Merc
719Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMeroMeroitic مِرایٹِک
720Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricModi= Modi
721Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMrooMro Mroo
722Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNarbOld North Arabian Narb
723Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNbatNabataean Nbat
724Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOgamOgham اوگہام
725Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOrkhOrkhon اورکھون
726Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOsmaOsmanya اوسمانیا
727Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPalmPalmyrene Palm
728Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPaucPau Cin Hau Pauc
729Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPermOld Permic اولڈ پٔرمِک
730Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhagPhags-pa پھاگس پا
731Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhliInscriptional Pahlavi Phli
732Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhlpPsalter Pahlavi Phlp
733Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhnxPhoenician پھونِشِیَن
734Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPrtiInscriptional Parthian Prti
735Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricQaac= Qaac
736Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRjngRejang ریجَنٛگ
737Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRunrRunic رَنِک
738Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSamrSamaritan سَمارِٹَن
739Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSarbOld South Arabian Sarb
740Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShawShavian شاویَن
741Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShrdSharada Shrd
742Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSiddSiddham Sidd
743Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSindKhudawadi Sind
744Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSoraSora Sompeng Sora
745Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTagbTagbanwa تَگبَنوا
746Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTakrTakri Takr
747Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTglgTagalog تَگَلوگ
748Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTirhTirhuta Tirh
749Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricUgarUgaritic اُگارِٹِک
750Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricWaraVarang Kshiti Wara
751Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXpeoOld Persian پرون فارسی
752Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXsuxSumero-Akkadian Cuneiform سُمیرو اکادیَن کوٗنِفام
753Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherAfakAfaka Afak
754Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBlisBlissymbols بِلِس سِمبلز
755Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBraiBraille بریل
756Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCirtCirth کِرتھ
757Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCyrsOld Church Slavonic Cyrillic پرون چٔرچسلیوونِک سَیرِلِک
758Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgydEgyptian demotic اِجپشِیَن ڈِماٹِک
759Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgyhEgyptian hieratic اِجِپشَن ہَیریٹِک
760Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherGeokGeorgian Khutsuri جارجِیَن کھتسوری
761Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHluwAnatolian Hieroglyphs Hluw
762Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHrktJapanese syllabaries کَٹاکانا یا ہِراگانا
763Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHungOld Hungarian پرون ہَنگیریَن
764Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherIndsIndus اِنڈَس
765Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherJurcJurchen Jurc
766Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherKpelKpelle Kpel
767Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatfFraktur Latin فرٛکتُر لیٹِن
768Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatgGaelic Latin گیلِک لیٹَن
769Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLoma= Loma
770Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMayaMayan hieroglyphs مایَن ہیٖروگلِپھ
771Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMoonMoon موٗن
772Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNkgbNaxi Geba Nkgb
773Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNshuNüshu Nshu
774Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherPhlvBook Pahlavi بوٗک پَہَلوی
775Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaa= Qaaa
776Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaab= Qaab
777Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaad= Qaad
778Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaae= Qaae
779Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaf= Qaaf
780Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaag= Qaag
781Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaah= Qaah
782Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaj= Qaaj
783Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaak= Qaak
784Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaal= Qaal
785Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaam= Qaam
786Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaan= Qaan
787Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaao= Qaao
788Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaap= Qaap
789Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaq= Qaaq
790Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaar= Qaar
791Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaas= Qaas
792Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaat= Qaat
793Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaau= Qaau
794Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaav= Qaav
795Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaw= Qaaw
796Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaax= Qaax
797Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaay= Qaay
798Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaz= Qaaz
799Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaba= Qaba
800Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabb= Qabb
801Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabc= Qabc
802Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabd= Qabd
803Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabe= Qabe
804Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabf= Qabf
805Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabg= Qabg
806Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabh= Qabh
807Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabi= Qabi
808Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabj= Qabj
809Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabk= Qabk
810Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabl= Qabl
811Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabm= Qabm
812Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabn= Qabn
813Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabo= Qabo
814Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabp= Qabp
815Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabq= Qabq
816Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabr= Qabr
817Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabs= Qabs
818Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabt= Qabt
819Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabu= Qabu
820Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabv= Qabv
821Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabw= Qabw
822Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabx= Qabx
823Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherRoroRongorongo رونٛگو رونٛگو
824Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSaraSarati سَراتی
825Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSgnwSignWriting اِشارٲتی لِکھٲے
826Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyreEstrangelo Syriac ایٚسٹرینجِلو سیٖرِیَک
827Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrjWestern Syriac مغرِبی سیٖریَک
828Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrnEastern Syriac مشرَقی سیٖریَک
829Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTangTangut Tang
830Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTengTengwar تیٚنگوار
831Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherVispVisible Speech وِزِبٕل سپیٖچ
832Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherWoleWoleai Wole
833Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZinhInherited Zinh
834Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZmthMathematical Notation Zmth
835Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZsymSymbols Zsym
836Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZxxxUnwritten لیٚکھنَے
837Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZzzzUnknown Script اَن زٲنۍ یا نا لَگہٕ ہار رَسمُل خظ
838Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld001World دُنیا
839Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld019Americas اَمریٖکَس
840Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld002Africa اَفریٖکا
841Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld150Europe یوٗرَپ
842Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld142Asia ایشیا
843Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld009Oceania اوشَنیا
844Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas003North America شُمٲلی اَمریٖکا
845Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas021Northern America شُمٲلی اَمریٖکا خٕطہٕ
846Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas013Central America مرکٔزی اَمریٖکا
847Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas029Caribbean کَرِببیٖن
848Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas005South America جَنوٗنی اَمرٖیٖکا
849Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas419Latin America لاطیٖنی اَمریٖکا تہٕ کیرَبیٖن
850Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica015Northern Africa شُمٲلی اَفریٖکا
851Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica011Western Africa مَغریٖبی اَفریٖکا
852Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica017Middle Africa وسطی اَفریٖکا
853Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica014Eastern Africa مَشرِقی اَفریٖکا
854Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica018Southern Africa جنوٗبی اَفریٖکا
855Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope154Northern Europe شُمٲلی یوٗرَپ
856Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope155Western Europe مغرِبی یوٗرَپ
857Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope151Eastern Europe مشرِقی یوٗرَپ
858Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope039Southern Europe جنوٗبی یوٗرَپ
859Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia145Western Asia مَغرِبی ایشیا
860Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia143Central Asia مرکٔزی ایشیا
861Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia030Eastern Asia مَشرِقی ایشیا
862Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia034Southern Asia جنوٗبی ایشیا
863Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia035Southeast Asia جنوٗبہِ مَشرِقی ایشیا
864Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania053Australasia آسٹریلیا تہٕ نِوزِلینٛڑ
865Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania054Melanesia مٮ۪لَنیٖشِیا
866Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania057Micronesian Region مَیکرونَیشِیَن خٕطہٕ
867Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania061Polynesia پالنیشِیا
868Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceaniaQOOutlying Oceania آوُٹلاینِگ اوشینِیا
869Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown RegionZZUnknown Region نامعلوٗم تہٕ نالَگہار عَلاقہٕ
870Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaBMBermuda بٔرمیوڈا
871Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaCACanada کینَڑا
872Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaGLGreenland گریٖنلینٛڑ
873Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaPMSt. Pierre & Miquelon سینٛٹ پیٖری تہٕ موکیلِیَن
874Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUSUnited States یوٗنایٹِڑ سِٹیٹِس
875Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUS-shortU.S. US
876Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaBZBelize بیلِج
877Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaCRCosta Rica کوسٹا رِکا
878Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaGTGuatemala گوتیدالا
879Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaHNHonduras ہانٛڈوٗرِس
880Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaMXMexico مٮ۪کسِکو
881Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaNINicaragua ناکاراگُوا
882Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaPAPanama پَناما
883Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaSVEl Salvador اٮ۪ل سَلواڑور
884Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAGAntigua & Barbuda اٮ۪نٹِگُوا تہٕ باربوڑا
885Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAIAnguilla انگوئیلا
886Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAWAruba اَروٗبا
887Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBBBarbados باربیڈاس
888Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBLSt. Barthélemy سینٛٹ بارتَھیلمی
889Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBQCaribbean Netherlands برطانوی قُطبہِ جَنوٗبی علاقہٕ
890Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBSBahamas بَہامَس
891Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCUCuba کیوٗبا
892Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCWCuraçao CW
893Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDMDominica ڈومِنِکا
894Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDODominican Republic ڈومِنِکَن جموٗرِیَت
895Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGDGrenada گرٛنیڑا
896Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGPGuadeloupe گَواڑیلوپ
897Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanHTHaiti ہایتی
898Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanJMJamaica جَمایکا
899Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKNSt. Kitts & Nevis سینٛٹ کِٹَس تہٕ نیوِس
900Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKYCayman Islands کیمَن جٔزیٖرٕ
901Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanLCSt. Lucia سینٛٹ لوٗسِیا
902Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMFSt. Martin سینٛٹ مارٹِن
903Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMQMartinique مارٹِنِک
904Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMSMontserrat مانٛٹسیراٹ
905Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanPRPuerto Rico پٔرٹو رِکو
906Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanSXSint Maarten SX
907Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTCTurks & Caicos Islands تُرُک تہٕ کیکوس جٔزیٖرٕ
908Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTTTrinidad & Tobago ٹرٛنِنداد تہٕ ٹوبیگو
909Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVCSt. Vincent & Grenadines سینٛٹ وینسٮ۪ٹ تہٕ گرٛیناڑاینٕز
910Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVGBritish Virgin Islands بَرطانوی ؤرجِن جٔزیٖرٕ
911Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVIU.S. Virgin Islands یوٗ ایس ؤرجِن جٔزیٖرٕ
912Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanANNetherlands Antilles نَیدَرلینٛڑٕس اٮ۪نٹَیلٕس
913Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaARArgentina أرجَنٹینا
914Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBOBolivia بولِوِیا
915Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBRBrazil برٛازِل
916Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCLChile چِلی
917Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCOColombia کولَمبِیا
918Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaECEcuador اِکواڑور
919Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFKFalkland Islands فٕلاکلینٛڑ جٔزیٖرٕ
920Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFK-variantFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) FK
921Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGFFrench Guiana فرٛانسِسی گِانا
922Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGYGuyana گُیانا
923Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPEPeru پیٖروٗ
924Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPYParaguay پَراگُے
925Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaSRSuriname سُرِنام
926Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaUYUruguay یوٗروگے
927Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaVEVenezuela وینازوٗلا
928Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaDZAlgeria اٮ۪لجیرِیا
929Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEGEgypt مِسٔر
930Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEHWestern Sahara مشرِقی سَہارا
931Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaLYLibya لِبیا
932Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaMAMorocco موروکو
933Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSDSudan سوٗڈان
934Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSSSouth Sudan SS
935Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaTNTunisia ٹونیشِیا
936Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEACeuta & Melilla EA
937Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaICCanary Islands IC
938Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBFBurkina Faso بُرکِنا فیسو
939Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBJBenin بِنِن
940Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCICôte d’Ivoire اَیوٕری کوسٹ
941Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCI-variantIvory Coast CI
942Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCVCape Verde کیپ ؤرڑی
943Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGHGhana گانا
944Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGMGambia گَمبِیا
945Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGNGuinea گِنی
946Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGWGuinea-Bissau گیٖنی بِساو
947Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaLRLiberia لایبیرِیا
948Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaMLMali مالی
949Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaMRMauritania مارٕٹانِیا
950Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNENiger نایجَر
951Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNGNigeria نایجیرِیا
952Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSHSt. Helena سینٛٹ ہٮ۪لِنا
953Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSLSierra Leone سیٖرالیوون
954Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSNSenegal سینیگَل
955Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaTGTogo ٹوگو
956Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaAOAngola انگولا
957Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCDCongo - Kinshasa کونٛگو کِنشاسا
958Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCD-variantCongo (DRC) CD
959Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCFCentral African Republic مرکٔزی اَفریٖکی جموٗریَت
960Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCGCongo - Brazzaville کونٛگو بٔرٛزاوِلی
961Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCG-variantCongo (Republic) CG
962Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCMCameroon کیٚمِروٗن
963Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGAGabon گیبان
964Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGQEquatorial Guinea اِکوِٹورِیَل گِنی
965Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaSTSão Tomé & Príncipe ساو توم تہٕ پرٛنسِپی
966Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaTDChad چاڑ
967Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaBIBurundi بورَنڈِ
968Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaDJDjibouti جِبوٗتی
969Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaEREritrea اِرٕٹِیا
970Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaETEthiopia اِتھوپِیا
971Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKEKenya کِنٛیا
972Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKMComoros کَمورَس
973Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMGMadagascar میڑاگاسکار
974Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMUMauritius مورِشَس
975Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMWMalawi ملاوی
976Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMZMozambique موزَمبِک
977Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRERéunion رِیوٗنِیَن
978Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRWRwanda روٗوانٛڈا
979Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSCSeychelles سیشَلِس
980Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSOSomalia سومالِیا
981Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaTZTanzania تَنجانِیا
982Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaUGUganda یوٗگانٛڑا
983Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaYTMayotte مَییٹ
984Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZMZambia جامبِیا
985Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZWZimbabwe زِمبابے
986Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaBWBotswana بوتَسوانا
987Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaLSLesotho لیسوتھو
988Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaNANamibia نامِبِیا
989Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaSZSwaziland سُوزِلینٛڑ
990Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaZASouth Africa جَنوٗبی اَفریٖکا
991Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)EuropeEUEuropean Union EU
992Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGGGuernsey گیوَنَرسے
993Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIMIsle of Man آیِل آف میٛن
994Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeJEJersey جٔرسی
995Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeAXÅland Islands ایلینٛڑ جٔزیٖرٕ
996Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeDKDenmark ڈینٛمارٕک
997Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeEEEstonia ایسٹونِیا
998Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFIFinland فِنلینٛڑ
999Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFOFaroe Islands FO
1000Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGBUnited Kingdom یُنایٹِڑ کِنٛگڈَم
1001Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGB-shortU.K. GB
1002Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIEIreland اَیَرلینٛڑ
1003Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeISIceland اَیِسلینٛڑ
1004Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLTLithuania لِتھُوانِیا
1005Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLVLatvia لیٛٹوِیا
1006Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeNONorway ناروے
1007Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSESweden سُوِڈَن
1008Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSJSvalbard & Jan Mayen سَوالبریڑ تہٕ جان ماییڑ
1009Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeATAustria آسٹِیا
1010Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeBEBelgium بیٛلجِیَم
1011Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeCHSwitzerland سُوِزَرلینٛڑ
1012Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeDEGermany جرمٔنی
1013Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeFRFrance فرٛانس
1014Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLILiechtenstein لِکٹیٛسٹیٖن
1015Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLULuxembourg لَکسَمبٔرٕگ
1016Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeMCMonaco مونیٚکو
1017Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeNLNetherlands نیٖدَرلینٛڑ
1018Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBGBulgaria بَلجیرِیا
1019Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBYBelarus بیلاروٗس
1020Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeCZCzech Republic چیک جَموٗرِیَت
1021Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeHUHungary ہَنٛگری
1022Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeMDMoldova مولڑاوِیا
1023Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropePLPoland پولینٛڑ
1024Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRORomania رومانِیا
1025Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRURussia روٗس
1026Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeSKSlovakia سَلوواکِیا
1027Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeUAUkraine یوٗرِکین
1028Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeADAndorra اٮ۪نڑورا
1029Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeALAlbania اٮ۪لبانِیا
1030Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeBABosnia & Herzegovina بوسنِیا تہٕ ہَرزِگووِنا
1031Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeESSpain سٕپین
1032Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGIGibraltar جِبرالٹَر
1033Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGRGreece گریٖس
1034Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeHRCroatia کرٛوشِیا
1035Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeITItaly اِٹلی
1036Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMEMontenegro موٹونیٛگِریو
1037Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMKMacedonia مٮ۪سوڑونِیا
1038Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMK-variantMacedonia (FYROM) MK
1039Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMTMalta مالٹا
1040Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeRSSerbia سَربِیا
1041Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropePTPortugal پُرتِگال
1042Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSISlovenia سَلووینِیا
1043Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSMSan Marino سین میرِنو
1044Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeVAVatican City ویٹِکَن سِٹی
1045Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeXKKosovo XK
1046Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAEUnited Arab Emirates مُتحدہ عرَب امارات
1047Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAMArmenia اَرمانِیا
1048Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAZAzerbaijan آزَرباجان
1049Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaBHBahrain بحریٖن
1050Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaCYCyprus سایفرٛس
1051Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaGEGeorgia جارجِیا
1052Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaILIsrael اِسرایٖل
1053Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIQIraq ایٖراق
1054Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaJOJordan JO
1055Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaKWKuwait کُویت
1056Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaLBLebanon لٮ۪بنان
1057Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaOMOman اومان
1058Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPSPalestinian Territories فَلَستیٖن
1059Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPS-shortPalestine PS
1060Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaQAQatar قَطِر
1061Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSASaudi Arabia سوٗدی عربِیہ
1062Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSYSyria شام
1063Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaTRTurkey تُرکی
1064Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaYEYemen یَمَن
1065Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTMTurkmenistan تُرمِنِستان
1066Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTJTajikistan تاجکِستان
1067Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKGKyrgyzstan کِرگِستان
1068Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKZKazakhstan کَزاکِستان
1069Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaUZUzbekistan اُزبِکِستان
1070Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaCNChina چیٖن
1071Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHKHong Kong SAR China ہانٛگ کانٛگ ایس اے آر چیٖن
1072Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHK-shortHong Kong HK
1073Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaJPJapan جاپان
1074Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKPNorth Korea شُمٲلی کورِیا
1075Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKRSouth Korea جنوٗبی کورِیا
1076Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMNMongolia مَنٛگولِیا
1077Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMOMacau SAR China مَکاوو ایس اے آر چیٖن
1078Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMO-shortMacau MO
1079Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaTWTaiwan تایوان
1080Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaAFAfghanistan اَفغانَستان
1081Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBDBangladesh بَنٛگلادیش
1082Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBTBhutan بوٗٹان
1083Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaINIndia ہِنٛدوستان
1084Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaIRIran ایٖران
1085Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaLKSri Lanka سِریٖلَنٛکا
1086Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaMVMaldives مالدیٖو
1087Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaNPNepal نیپال
1088Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaPKPakistan پاکِستان
1089Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaBNBrunei بُرنٔے
1090Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaIDIndonesia اِنڑونیشِیا
1091Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaKHCambodia کَمبوڑِیا
1092Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaLALaos لاس
1093Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMMMyanmar (Burma) مَیَنما بٔرما
1094Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMYMalaysia مَلیشِیا
1095Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaPHPhilippines فِلِپِینس
1096Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaSGSingapore ٛسِنٛگاپوٗر
1097Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTHThailand تھایلینٛڑ
1098Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTLTimor-Leste مَشرِقی تایمور
1099Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTL-variantEast Timor TL
1100Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaVNVietnam ویٹِنام
1101Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaAUAustralia آسٹریلِیا
1102Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNFNorfolk Island نارفاک جٔزیٖرٕ
1103Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNZNew Zealand نیوٗزِلینٛڑ
1104Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaFJFiji فِجی
1105Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaNCNew Caledonia نِو کیلِڑونِیا
1106Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaPGPapua New Guinea پاپُوا نیوٗ گیٖنی
1107Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaSBSolomon Islands سولامان جٔزیٖرٕ
1108Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaVUVanuatu وانوٗتوٗ
1109Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionFMMicronesia FM
1110Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionGUGuam گُوام
1111Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionKIKiribati کِرٕباتی
1112Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMHMarshall Islands مارشَل جٔزیٖرٕ
1113Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMPNorthern Mariana Islands شُمٲلی مارِیانا جٔزیٖرٕ
1114Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionNRNauru نارووٗ
1115Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionPWPalau پَلاو
1116Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaASAmerican Samoa اَمریٖکَن سَموا
1117Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaCKCook Islands کُک جٔزیٖرٕ
1118Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaNUNiue نیوٗ
1119Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPFFrench Polynesia فرٛانسی پولِنیشِیا
1120Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPNPitcairn Islands پِٹکیرٕنۍ جٔزیٖرٕ
1121Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTKTokelau توکیلاو
1122Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTOTonga ٹونٛگا
1123Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTVTuvalu توٗوالوٗ
1124Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWFWallis & Futuna والِس تہٕ فیوٗچوٗنا
1125Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWSSamoa سیمووا
1126Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaAQAntarctica اینٹارٹِکا
1127Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaBVBouvet Island بووَٹ جٔزیٖرٕ
1128Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCCCocos (Keeling) Islands کوکَس کیٖلِنٛگ جٔزیٖرٕ
1129Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCXChristmas Island کرِسمَس جٔزیٖرٕ
1130Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaGSSouth Georgia & South Sandwich Islands جنوٗبی جارجِیا تہٕ جنوٗبی سینٛڑوٕچ جٔزیٖرٕ
1131Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaHMHeard & McDonald Islands ہَرٕڑ جٔزیٖرٕ تہٕ مٮ۪کڈونالڑٕ جٔزیٖرٕ
1132Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaIOBritish Indian Ocean Territory برطانوی بحرِ ہِنٛدۍ علاقہٕ
1133Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTFFrench Southern Territories فرٛانسِسی جَنوٗبی عَلاقہٕ
1134Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaUMU.S. Outlying Islands یوٗنایٹِڑ سِٹیٹِس ماینَر آوُٹلییِنٛگ جٔزیٖرٕ
1135Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaACAscension Island AC
1136Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCPClipperton Island CP
1137Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaDGDiego Garcia DG
1138Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTATristan da Cunha TA
1139Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1606NICTLate Middle French to 1606 بعد وَقت وَسطی فرٛانس پٮ۪ٹھ ۱۶٠۶ تام
1140Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1694ACADEarly Modern French 1694ACAD
1141Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1901Traditional German orthography رٮ۪وٲتی جٔرمَن عِلمہِ ہِجا
1142Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1959ACADAcademic 1959ACAD
1143Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1994Standardized Resian orthography مَیعٲری روٗسی عِلمہِ ہِجا
1144Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1996German orthography of 1996 جٔرمَن عِلمہِ ہِجا ۱۹۹۶سُک
1145Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALALC97ALA-LC Romanization, 1997 edition ALALC97
1146Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALUKUAluku dialect ALUKU
1147Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVELAEastern Armenian مَشرِقی اَمریٖکا
1148Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVMDAWestern Armenian AREVMDA
1149Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAKU1926Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet جٔمع کٔرِتھ تُرکی لاطیٖنی اَچھر
1150Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBALANKABalanka dialect of Anii BALANKA
1151Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBARLABarlavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu BARLA
1152Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAUDDHA= BAUDDHA
1153Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISCAYAN= BISCAYAN
1154Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISKESan Giorgio/Bila dialect سین جارجِیو/بِلا بوٗلۍ
1155Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOHORICBohorič alphabet BOHORIC
1156Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOONTBoontling BOONT
1157Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullDAJNKODajnko alphabet DAJNKO
1158Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEKAVSKSerbian with Ekavian pronunciation EKAVSK
1159Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEMODENGEarly Modern English EMODENG
1160Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONIPAIPA Phonetics آوازیات
1161Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONUPAUPA Phonetics یوٗ پی اے آوازِیات
1162Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONXSAMP= FONXSAMP
1163Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHEPBURNHepburn romanization HEPBURN
1164Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHOGNORSK= HOGNORSK
1165Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullIJEKAVSKSerbian with Ijekavian pronunciation IJEKAVSK
1166Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullITIHASA= ITIHASA
1167Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJAUER= JAUER
1168Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJYUTPING= JYUTPING
1169Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKKCORCommon Orthography KKCOR
1170Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKSCORStandard Orthography KSCOR
1171Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLAUKIKA= LAUKIKA
1172Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLIPAWThe Lipovaz dialect of Resian روٗسی زَبانہِ ہِنٛز لِپوواز بوٗلۍ
1173Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLUNA1918= LUNA1918
1174Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMETELKOMetelko alphabet METELKO
1175Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMONOTONMonotonic اَکٔے لہجہٕ واجٮ۪ن زَبان
1176Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNDYUKANdyuka dialect NDYUKA
1177Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNEDISNatisone dialect نٮ۪ٹِسون بوٗلۍ
1178Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNJIVAGniva/Njiva dialect نیجِوا بوٗلۍ
1179Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNULIKModern Volapük NULIK
1180Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullOSOJSOseacco/Osojane dialect اُشیکو/اوسوجین بوٗلۍ
1181Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAMAKAPamaka dialect PAMAKA
1182Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPETR1708= PETR1708
1183Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPINYINPinyin Romanization PINYIN
1184Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOLYTONPolytonic واریاہ لہجہٕ واجٮ۪ن زَبان
1185Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOSIXComputer کَمپیوٗٹَر
1186Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPUTER= PUTER
1187Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullREVISEDRevised Orthography دُبارٕ دۄہراونہٕ آمُت عِلمہِ ہِجا
1188Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRIGIKClassic Volapük RIGIK
1189Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullROZAJResian روٗسی
1190Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRUMGR= RUMGR
1191Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSAAHOSaho سوہو
1192Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOTLANDScottish Standard English سُکاٹِش مَیعٲری اَنٛگریٖزۍ
1193Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOUSEScouse سِکوس
1194Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOLBAStolvizza/Solbica dialect ثٹولوِزا/سولبِکا بوٗلۍ
1195Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOTAVSotavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu SOTAV
1196Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURMIRAN= SURMIRAN
1197Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURSILV= SURSILV
1198Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSUTSILV= SUTSILV
1199Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullTARASKTaraskievica orthography تاراسکیٖوِکا علمہ ہِجاِ
1200Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCCORUnified Orthography UCCOR
1201Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCRCORUnified Revised Orthography UCRCOR
1202Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullULSTER= ULSTER
1203Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUNIFONUnifon phonetic alphabet UNIFON
1204Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVAIDIKA= VAIDIKA
1205Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALENCIAValencian VALENCIA
1206Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALLADER= VALLADER
1207Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullWADEGILEWade-Giles Romanization WADEGILE
1208Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendarCalendar کیلنڑر
1209Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-buddhistBuddhist Calendar بُدَن ہُنٛد کیلنڑَر
1210Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-chineseChinese Calendar چیٖنی کیلَنڑَر
1211Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-copticCoptic Calendar coptic
1212Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-dangiDangi Calendar dangi
1213Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopicEthiopic Calendar ethiopic
1214Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopic-amete-alemEthiopic Amete Alem Calendar ethiopic-amete-alem
1215Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-gregorianGregorian Calendar گرگوریَن کیلنڑَر
1216Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-hebrewHebrew Calendar ہِبرِو کیلنڑَر
1217Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-indianIndian National Calendar indian
1218Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamicIslamic Calendar اِسلٲمی کیلنڑَر
1219Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-civilIslamic Calendar (tabular, civil epoch) اِسلٲمی اِجتمٲیی کیلنڑَر
1220Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-rgsaIslamic Calendar (Saudi Arabia, sighting) islamic-rgsa
1221Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-tblaIslamic Calendar (tabular, astronomical epoch) islamic-tbla
1222Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-umalquraIslamic Calendar (Umm al-Qura) islamic-umalqura
1223Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-iso8601ISO-8601 Calendar iso8601
1224Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-japaneseJapanese Calendar جاپٲنۍ کیلنڑَر
1225Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-persianPersian Calendar persian
1226Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-rocMinguo Calendar جموٗریٲتی چیٖنی کیلَنڑَر
1227Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollationSort Order collation
1228Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-big5hanTraditional Chinese Sort Order - Big5 رٮ۪وٲتی چیٖنی تِرتیٖب
1229Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-dictionaryDictionary Sort Order dictionary
1230Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-ducetDefault Unicode Sort Order ducet
1231Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-eorEuropean Ordering Rules eor
1232Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-gb2312hanSimplified Chinese Sort Order - GB2312 gb2312han
1233Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-phonebookPhonebook Sort Order فون بُک تَرتیٖب
1234Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-pinyinPinyin Sort Order آسان بَناونہٕ آمُت چیٖنی پیٖنیَن تَرتیٖب
1235Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-reformedReformed Sort Order reformed
1236Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchGeneral-Purpose Search search
1237Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchjlSearch By Hangul Initial Consonant searchjl
1238Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-standardStandard Sort Order standard
1239Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-strokeStroke Sort Order رٮ۪وٲتی چیٖنی سٹروک تَرتیٖب
1240Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-traditionalTraditional Sort Order رٮ۪وٲتی تَرتیٖب
1241Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-unihanRadical-Stroke Sort Order unihan
1242Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-zhuyinZhuyin Sort Order zhuyin
1243Locale Display NamesKeyscurrencycurrencyCurrency ضَرب
1244Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbersNumbers numbers
1245Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabArabic-Indic Digits arab
1246Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabextExtended Arabic-Indic Digits arabext
1247Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnArmenian Numerals armn
1248Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnlowArmenian Lowercase Numerals armnlow
1249Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-baliBalinese Digits bali
1250Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-bengBengali Digits beng
1251Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-brahBrahmi Digits brah
1252Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-cakmChakma Digits cakm
1253Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-chamCham Digits cham
1254Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-devaDevanagari Digits deva
1255Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-ethiEthiopic Numerals ethi
1256Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-fullwideFull Width Digits fullwide
1257Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-georGeorgian Numerals geor
1258Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-grekGreek Numerals grek
1259Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-greklowGreek Lowercase Numerals greklow
1260Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-gujrGujarati Digits gujr
1261Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-guruGurmukhi Digits guru
1262Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hanidecChinese Decimal Numerals hanidec
1263Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansSimplified Chinese Numerals hans
1264Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansfinSimplified Chinese Financial Numerals hansfin
1265Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantTraditional Chinese Numerals hant
1266Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantfinTraditional Chinese Financial Numerals hantfin
1267Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hebrHebrew Numerals hebr
1268Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-javaJavanese Digits java
1269Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanJapanese Numerals jpan
1270Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanfinJapanese Financial Numerals jpanfin
1271Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kaliKayah Li Digits kali
1272Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-khmrKhmer Digits khmr
1273Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kndaKannada Digits knda
1274Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanaTai Tham Hora Digits lana
1275Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanathamTai Tham Tham Digits lanatham
1276Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-laooLao Digits laoo
1277Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-latnWestern Digits latn
1278Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lepcLepcha Digits lepc
1279Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-limbLimbu Digits limb
1280Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mlymMalayalam Digits mlym
1281Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mongMongolian Digits mong
1282Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mteiMeetei Mayek Digits mtei
1283Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrMyanmar Digits mymr
1284Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrshanMyanmar Shan Digits mymrshan
1285Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-nkooN’Ko Digits nkoo
1286Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-olckOl Chiki Digits olck
1287Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-oryaOriya Digits orya
1288Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-osmaOsmanya Digits osma
1289Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanRoman Numerals roman
1290Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanlowRoman Lowercase Numerals romanlow
1291Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-saurSaurashtra Digits saur
1292Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-shrdSharada Digits shrd
1293Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-soraSora Sompeng Digits sora
1294Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-sundSundanese Digits sund
1295Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-takrTakri Digits takr
1296Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-taluNew Tai Lue Digits talu
1297Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamlTraditional Tamil Numerals taml
1298Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamldecTamil Digits tamldec
1299Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-teluTelugu Digits telu
1300Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-thaiThai Digits thai
1301Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tibtTibetan Digits tibt
1302Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-vaiiVai Digits vaii
1303Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldseraEra دور
1304Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsyearYear ؤری
1305Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter= Quarter
1306Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsmonthMonth رٮ۪تھ
1307Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekWeek ہفتہٕ
1308Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayDay دۄہ
1309Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekdayDay of the Week ہفتُک دۄہ
1310Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayperiodAM/PM صبح/رات
1311Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldszoneTime Zone زون
1312Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldshourHour گٲنٛٹہٕ
1313Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsminuteMinute مِنَٹ
1314Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldssecondSecond سٮ۪کَنڑ
1315Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year-1= last year
1316Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year0= this year
1317Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year1= next year
1318Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-otherin {0} years +{0} y
1319Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-other{0} years ago -{0} y
1320Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter-1= last quarter
1321Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter0= this quarter
1322Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter1= next quarter
1323Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-otherin {0} quarters +{0} Q
1324Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-other{0} quarters ago -{0} Q
1325Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month-1= last month
1326Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month0= this month
1327Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month1= next month
1328Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-otherin {0} months +{0} m
1329Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-other{0} months ago -{0} m
1330Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week-1= last week
1331Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week0= this week
1332Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week1= next week
1333Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-otherin {0} weeks +{0} w
1334Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-other{0} weeks ago -{0} w
1335Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day-1yesterday راتھ
1336Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day0today اَز
1337Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day1tomorrow پگاہ
1338Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-otherin {0} days +{0} d
1339Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-other{0} days ago -{0} d
1340Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-otherin {0} hours +{0} h
1341Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-other{0} hours ago -{0} h
1342Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-otherin {0} minutes +{0} min
1343Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-other{0} minutes ago -{0} min
1344Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second0= now
1345Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-otherin {0} seconds +{0} s
1346Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-other{0} seconds ago -{0} s
1347Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday-1= last Sunday
1348Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday0= this Sunday
1349Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday1= next Sunday
1350Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday-1= last Monday
1351Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday0= this Monday
1352Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday1= next Monday
1353Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday-1= last Tuesday
1354Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday0= this Tuesday
1355Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday1= next Tuesday
1356Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday-1= last Wednesday
1357Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday0= this Wednesday
1358Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday1= next Wednesday
1359Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday-1= last Thursday
1360Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday0= this Thursday
1361Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday1= next Thursday
1362Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday-1= last Friday
1363Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday0= this Friday
1364Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday1= next Friday
1365Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday-1= last Saturday
1366Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday0= this Saturday
1367Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday1= next Saturday
1368Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide0Before Christ قبٕل مسیٖح
1369Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide1Anno Domini عیٖسوی سنہٕ
1370Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0BC بی سی
1371Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0-variant= BCE
1372Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1AD اے ڈی
1373Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1-variant= CE
1374Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting11st quarter گۄڑنیُک ژۄباگ
1375Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting22nd quarter دوٚیِم ژۄباگ
1376Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting33rd quarter ترٛیِم ژۄباگ
1377Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting44th quarter ژوٗرِم ژۄباگ
1378Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting1Q1 ژۄباگ
1379Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting2Q2 دوٚیِم ژۄباگ
1380Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting3Q3 ترٛیِم ژۄباگ
1381Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting4Q4 ژوٗرِم ژۄباگ
1382Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone1= 1
1383Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone2= 2
1384Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone3= 3
1385Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone4= 4
1386Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJanJanuary جنؤری
1387Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingFebFebruary فرؤری
1388Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMarMarch مارٕچ
1389Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAprApril اپریل
1390Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMayMay میٔ
1391Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJunJune جوٗن
1392Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJulJuly جوٗلایی
1393Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAugAugust اگست
1394Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingSepSeptember ستمبر
1395Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingOctOctober اکتوٗبر
1396Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingNovNovember نومبر
1397Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingDecDecember دسمبر
1398Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJanJ ج
1399Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFebF ف
1400Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMarM م
1401Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAprA ا
1402Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMayM م
1403Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJunJ ج
1404Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJulJ ج
1405Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAugA ا
1406Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSepS س
1407Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOctO س
1408Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNovN ا
1409Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDecD ن
1410Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsunSunday اَتھوار
1411Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingmonMonday ژٔنٛدرٕروار
1412Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingtueTuesday بوٚموار
1413Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingwedWednesday بودوار
1414Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingthuThursday برٛٮ۪سوار
1415Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingfriFriday جُمہ
1416Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsatSaturday بٹوار
1417Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsunSun آتھوار
1418Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingmonMon ژٔنٛدٕروار
1419Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingtueTue بوٚموار
1420Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingwedWed بودوار
1421Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingthuThu برٛٮ۪سوار
1422Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingfriFri جُمہ
1423Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsatSat بٹوار
1424Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonesunS ا
1425Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonemonM ژ
1426Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonetueT ب
1427Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonewedW ب
1428Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonethuT ب
1429Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonefriF ج
1430Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonesatS ب
1431Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingam= AM
1432Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingnoon= noon
1433Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingpm= PM
1434Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingam= a
1435Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingnoon= n
1436Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingpm= p
1437Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date Formatsfull= EEEE, MMMM d, y
1438Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date Formatslong= MMMM d, y
1439Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date Formatsmedium= MMM d, y
1440Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date Formatsshort= M/d/yy
1441Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsfull= h:mm:ss a zzzz
1442Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatslong= h:mm:ss a z
1443Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsmedium= h:mm:ss a
1444Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsshort= h:mm a
1445Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1446Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1447Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1448Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1449Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1450Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1451Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
1452Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGGGGyMMMMEEEEddn/a EEEE,dd MMMM GGGGy
1453Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyy G Gy
1454Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G MMM Gy
1455Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G MMM d, Gy
1456Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G EEE, MMM d, Gy
1457Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1458Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMd= M/d
1459Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEd= E, M/d
1460Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1461Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d-MMM
1462Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEd= E, MMM d
1463Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMdn/a MMMM d
1464Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMEdn/a E, MMMM d
1465Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y
1466Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyM= M/y
1467Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y y-MM-dd
1468Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMEdE, M/d/y EEE, M/d/y
1469Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMM= MMM y
1470Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMdMMM d, y y MMM d
1471Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMEdE, MMM d, y EEE, MMM d, y
1472Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMn/a MMMM y
1473Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQ= QQQ y
1474Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQQ= QQQQ y
1475Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
1476Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHm= E HH:mm
1477Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
1478Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHms= E HH:mm:ss
1479Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1480Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
1481Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1482Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
1483Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1484Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
1485Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1486Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1487Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
1488Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
1489Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1490Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1491Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1492Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1493Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
1494Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
1495Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
1496Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1497Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1498Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y y–y
1499Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1500Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1501Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1502Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1503Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1504Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1505Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1506Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1507Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y y MMM–MMM
1508Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y y MMM – y MMM
1509Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y y MMM d–d
1510Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y y MMM d – MMM d
1511Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y y MMM d – y MMM d
1512Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1513Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1514Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y y MMM d, E – y MMM d, E
1515Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y y MMMM–MMMM
1516Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y y MMMM – y MMMM
1517Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1518Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1519Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
1520Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1521Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1522Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1523Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1524Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1525Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1526Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1527Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1528Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1529Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1530Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1531Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1532Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
1533Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1534Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1535Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1536Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJan= M01
1537Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= M02
1538Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMar= M03
1539Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingApr= M04
1540Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMay= M05
1541Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJun= M06
1542Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJul= M07
1543Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingAug= M08
1544Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingSep= M09
1545Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingOct= M10
1546Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingNov= M11
1547Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingDec= M12
1548Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1549Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1550Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1551Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1552Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1553Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1554Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1555Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1556Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1557Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1558Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1559Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1560Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G EEEE, MMMM d, Gy
1561Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G MMMM d, Gy
1562Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G MMM d, Gy
1563Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG M/d/Gy
1564Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1565Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1566Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1567Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1568Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1569Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1570Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
1571Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGGGGyMMMMEEEEddn/a EEEE,dd MMMM GGGGy
1572Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyy G Gy
1573Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G MMM Gy
1574Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G MMM d, Gy
1575Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G EEE, MMM d, Gy
1576Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1577Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMd= M/d
1578Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEd= E, M/d
1579Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1580Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d-MMM
1581Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEd= E, MMM d
1582Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMdn/a MMMM d
1583Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMEdn/a E, MMMM d
1584Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyy G Gy
1585Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyyy G Gy
1586Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y GGGGG M/Gy
1587Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd
1588Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y GGGGG EEE, M/d/Gy
1589Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM y G MMM Gy
1590Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, y G MMM d, Gy
1591Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G EEE, MMM d, Gy
1592Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMn/a MMMM Gy
1593Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQ y G QQQ Gy
1594Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQQQ y G QQQQ Gy
1595Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
1596Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHm= E HH:mm
1597Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
1598Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHms= E HH:mm:ss
1599Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1600Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
1601Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1602Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
1603Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1604Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
1605Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1606Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1607Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
1608Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
1609Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1610Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1611Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1612Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1613Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
1614Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
1615Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
1616Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1617Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1618Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y G G y–y
1619Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
1620Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
1621Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1622Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1623Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1624Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1625Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1626Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1627Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y G G y MMM–MMM
1628Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y G G y MMM – y MMM
1629Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y G G y MMM d–d
1630Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – MMM d
1631Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – y MMM d
1632Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1633Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1634Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – y MMM d, E
1635Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y G G y MMMM–MMMM
1636Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y G G y MMMM – y MMMM
1637Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1638Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1639Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
1640Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1641Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1642Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1643Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1644Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1645Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1646Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1647Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1648Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1649Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1650Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1651Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1652Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
1653Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1654Date & TimeBuddhistEras - abbreviated0= BE
1655Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= zi
1656Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= chou
1657Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= yin
1658Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= mao
1659Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= chen
1660Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= si
1661Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= wu
1662Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= wei
1663Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= shen
1664Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= you
1665Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= xu
1666Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= hai
1667Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= spring begins
1668Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= rain water
1669Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= insects awaken
1670Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= spring equinox
1671Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= bright and clear
1672Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= grain rain
1673Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= summer begins
1674Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= grain full
1675Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= grain in ear
1676Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= summer solstice
1677Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= minor heat
1678Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= major heat
1679Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= autumn begins
1680Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= end of heat
1681Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= white dew
1682Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= autumn equinox
1683Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= cold dew
1684Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= frost descends
1685Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= winter begins
1686Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= minor snow
1687Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= major snow
1688Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= winter solstice
1689Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= minor cold
1690Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= major cold
1691Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= jia-zi
1692Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= yi-chou
1693Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= bing-yin
1694Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= ding-mao
1695Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= wu-chen
1696Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= ji-si
1697Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= geng-wu
1698Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= xin-wei
1699Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= ren-shen
1700Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= gui-you
1701Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= jia-xu
1702Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= yi-hai
1703Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= bing-zi
1704Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= ding-chou
1705Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= wu-yin
1706Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= ji-mao
1707Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= geng-chen
1708Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= xin-si
1709Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= ren-wu
1710Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= gui-wei
1711Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= jia-shen
1712Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= yi-you
1713Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= bing-xu
1714Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= ding-hai
1715Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-25= wu-zi
1716Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-26= ji-chou
1717Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-27= geng-yin
1718Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-28= xin-mao
1719Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-29= ren-chen
1720Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-30= gui-si
1721Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-31= jia-wu
1722Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-32= yi-wei
1723Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-33= bing-shen
1724Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-34= ding-you
1725Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-35= wu-xu
1726Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-36= ji-hai
1727Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-37= geng-zi
1728Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-38= xin-chou
1729Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-39= ren-yin
1730Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-40= gui-mao
1731Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-41= jia-chen
1732Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-42= yi-si
1733Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-43= bing-wu
1734Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-44= ding-wei
1735Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-45= wu-shen
1736Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-46= ji-you
1737Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-47= geng-xu
1738Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-48= xin-hai
1739Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-49= ren-zi
1740Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-50= gui-chou
1741Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-51= jia-yin
1742Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-52= yi-mao
1743Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-53= bing-chen
1744Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-54= ding-si
1745Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-55= wu-wu
1746Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-56= ji-wei
1747Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-57= geng-shen
1748Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-58= xin-you
1749Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-59= ren-xu
1750Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-60= gui-hai
1751Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-format-wide-leap= {0}bis
1752Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-numeric-all-leap= {0}bis
1753Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-stand-alone-narrow-leap= {0}b
1754Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJanMonth1 M01
1755Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingFebMonth2 M02
1756Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMarMonth3 M03
1757Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAprMonth4 M04
1758Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMayMonth5 M05
1759Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJunMonth6 M06
1760Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJulMonth7 M07
1761Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAugMonth8 M08
1762Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingSepMonth9 M09
1763Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingOctMonth10 M10
1764Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingNovMonth11 M11
1765Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingDecMonth12 M12
1766Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1767Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1768Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1769Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1770Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1771Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1772Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1773Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1774Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1775Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1776Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1777Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1778Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, U U MMMM d, EEEE
1779Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, U U MMMM d
1780Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, U U MMM d
1781Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/yy y-MM-dd
1782Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1783Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1784Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1785Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1786Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1787Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1788Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
1789Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= U
1790Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM U U MMM
1791Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, U U MMM d
1792Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, U U MMM d, E
1793Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1794Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d MM-dd
1795Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d MM-dd, E
1796Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1797Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMd= MMM d
1798Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d MMM d, E
1799Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= U
1800Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y y-MM-dd
1801Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= U
1802Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y y-MM
1803Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y y-MM-dd
1804Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E
1805Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM U U MMM
1806Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, U U MMM d
1807Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, U U MMM d, E
1808Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQ U U QQQ
1809Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQQQ U U QQQQ
1810Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1811Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
1812Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1813Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
1814Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1815Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
1816Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1817Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1818Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
1819Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
1820Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1821Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1822Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1823Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1824Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
1825Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
1826Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
1827Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1828Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1829Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yU – U U–U
1830Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1831Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1832Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1833Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1834Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1835Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1836Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1837Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1838Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM U U MMM–MMM
1839Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM U – MMM U U MMM – U MMM
1840Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, U U MMM d–d
1841Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, U U MMM d – MMM d
1842Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, U – MMM d, U U MMM d – U MMM d
1843Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1844Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1845Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, U – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – U MMM d, E
1846Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM U U MMMM–MMMM
1847Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM U – MMMM U U MMMM – U MMMM
1848Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1849Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1850Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
1851Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1852Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1853Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1854Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1855Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1856Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1857Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1858Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1859Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1860Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1861Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1862Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1863Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
1864Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1865Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1866Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1867Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tout
1868Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Baba
1869Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hator
1870Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Kiahk
1871Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Toba
1872Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Amshir
1873Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Baramhat
1874Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Baramouda
1875Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Bashans
1876Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Paona
1877Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Epep
1878Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Mesra
1879Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Nasie
1880Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1881Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1882Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1883Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1884Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1885Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1886Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1887Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1888Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1889Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1890Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1891Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1892Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
1893Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1894Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1895Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Meskerem
1896Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Tekemt
1897Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hedar
1898Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tahsas
1899Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Ter
1900Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Yekatit
1901Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Megabit
1902Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Miazia
1903Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Genbot
1904Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sene
1905Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Hamle
1906Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Nehasse
1907Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Pagumen
1908Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1909Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1910Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1911Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1912Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1913Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1914Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1915Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1916Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1917Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1918Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1919Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1920Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
1921Date & TimeEthiopic-Amete-AlemEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1922Date & TimeHebrewEras - abbreviated0= AM
1923Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tishri
1924Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Heshvan
1925Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Kislev
1926Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tevet
1927Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Shevat
1928Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Adar I
1929Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Adar
1930Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul (leap)= Adar II
1931Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Nisan
1932Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Iyar
1933Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sivan
1934Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Tamuz
1935Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Av
1936Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Elul
1937Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1938Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1939Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1940Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1941Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1942Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1943Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1944Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul (leap)= 7
1945Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1946Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1947Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1948Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1949Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1950Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
1951Date & TimeIndianEras - abbreviated0= Saka
1952Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJanChaitra محرم
1953Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingFebVaisakha صفر
1954Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMarJyaistha ربیٖع الاول
1955Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingAprAsadha ربیٖع الثانی
1956Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMaySravana جمادی الاول
1957Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJunBhadra جمادی الثانی
1958Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJulAsvina رجب
1959Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingAugKartika شعبان
1960Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingSepAgrahayana رمضان
1961Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingOctPausa شوال
1962Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingNovMagha ذِی القد
1963Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingDecPhalguna ذِی الحج
1964Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1965Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1966Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1967Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1968Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1969Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1970Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1971Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1972Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1973Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1974Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1975Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1976Date & TimeIslamicEras - abbreviated0= AH
1977Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Muharram
1978Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Safar
1979Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Rabiʻ I
1980Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Rabiʻ II
1981Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Jumada I
1982Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Jumada II
1983Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Rajab
1984Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Shaʻban
1985Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Ramadan
1986Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Shawwal
1987Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah
1988Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-Hijjah
1989Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJan= Muh.
1990Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFeb= Saf.
1991Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMar= Rab. I
1992Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingApr= Rab. II
1993Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMay= Jum. I
1994Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJun= Jum. II
1995Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJul= Raj.
1996Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAug= Sha.
1997Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSep= Ram.
1998Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOct= Shaw.
1999Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Q.
2000Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-H.
2001Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2002Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2003Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2004Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2005Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2006Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2007Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2008Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2009Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2010Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2011Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2012Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2013Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated0= Taika (645-650)
2014Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2015Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2016Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated3= Shuchō (686-701)
2017Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated4= Taihō (701-704)
2018Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated5= Keiun (704-708)
2019Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated6= Wadō (708-715)
2020Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated7= Reiki (715-717)
2021Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated8= Yōrō (717-724)
2022Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated9= Jinki (724-729)
2023Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated10= Tempyō (729-749)
2024Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2025Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2026Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2027Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2028Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2029Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated16= Hōki (770-780)
2030Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2031Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated18= Enryaku (782-806)
2032Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated19= Daidō (806-810)
2033Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated20= Kōnin (810-824)
2034Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated21= Tenchō (824-834)
2035Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated22= Jōwa (834-848)
2036Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated23= Kajō (848-851)
2037Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated24= Ninju (851-854)
2038Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated25= Saiko (854-857)
2039Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated26= Tennan (857-859)
2040Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated27= Jōgan (859-877)
2041Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated28= Genkei (877-885)
2042Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated29= Ninna (885-889)
2043Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated30= Kampyō (889-898)
2044Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated31= Shōtai (898-901)
2045Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated32= Engi (901-923)
2046Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated33= Enchō (923-931)
2047Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated34= Shōhei (931-938)
2048Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated35= Tengyō (938-947)
2049Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2050Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated37= Tentoku (957-961)
2051Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated38= Ōwa (961-964)
2052Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated39= Kōhō (964-968)
2053Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated40= Anna (968-970)
2054Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated41= Tenroku (970-973)
2055Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated42= Ten-en (973-976)
2056Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated43= Jōgen (976-978)
2057Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated44= Tengen (978-983)
2058Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated45= Eikan (983-985)
2059Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated46= Kanna (985-987)
2060Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated47= Ei-en (987-989)
2061Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated48= Eiso (989-990)
2062Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2063Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2064Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2065Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2066Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2067Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2068Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated55= Jian (1021-1024)
2069Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated56= Manju (1024-1028)
2070Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2071Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2072Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2073Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2074Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2075Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2076Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2077Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2078Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2079Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2080Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2081Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2082Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2083Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2084Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2085Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2086Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2087Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2088Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2089Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2090Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2091Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2092Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2093Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2094Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2095Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2096Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2097Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2098Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2099Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2100Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2101Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2102Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2103Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2104Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2105Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2106Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2107Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2108Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2109Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2110Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2111Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2112Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2113Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2114Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2115Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated102= Angen (1175-1177)
2116Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2117Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2118Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated105= Juei (1182-1184)
2119Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2120Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2121Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2122Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2123Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2124Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2125Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2126Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2127Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2128Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2129Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2130Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2131Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2132Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2133Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated120= Antei (1227-1229)
2134Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2135Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2136Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2137Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2138Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated125= Katei (1235-1238)
2139Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2140Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2141Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2142Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2143Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2144Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2145Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2146Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2147Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2148Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2149Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2150Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2151Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2152Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2153Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2154Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated141= Einin (1293-1299)
2155Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2156Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2157Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2158Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2159Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2160Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2161Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2162Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2163Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated150= Genō (1319-1321)
2164Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2165Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2166Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2167Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2168Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2169Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2170Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated157= Engen (1336-1340)
2171Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2172Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2173Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2174Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated161= Bunchū (1372-1375)
2175Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2176Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2177Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2178Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated165= Genchū (1384-1392)
2179Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2180Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2181Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2182Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2183Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2184Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2185Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2186Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2187Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2188Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2189Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2190Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2191Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2192Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2193Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2194Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2195Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2196Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2197Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2198Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2199Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2200Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2201Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2202Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2203Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2204Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2205Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2206Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated193= Genki (1570-1573)
2207Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2208Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2209Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2210Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2211Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2212Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2213Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated200= Keian (1648-1652)
2214Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2215Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2216Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated203= Manji (1658-1661)
2217Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2218Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2219Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2220Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2221Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2222Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2223Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2224Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2225Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2226Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2227Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2228Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2229Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2230Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2231Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2232Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2233Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2234Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2235Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2236Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2237Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2238Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2239Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2240Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2241Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2242Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2243Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated230= Genji (1864-1865)
2244Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2245Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated232= Meiji
2246Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated233= Taishō
2247Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated234= Shōwa
2248Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated235= Heisei
2249Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow0= Taika (645-650)
2250Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2251Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2252Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow3= Shuchō (686-701)
2253Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow4= Taihō (701-704)
2254Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow5= Keiun (704-708)
2255Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow6= Wadō (708-715)
2256Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow7= Reiki (715-717)
2257Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow8= Yōrō (717-724)
2258Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow9= Jinki (724-729)
2259Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow10= Tempyō (729-749)
2260Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2261Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2262Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2263Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2264Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2265Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow16= Hōki (770-780)
2266Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2267Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow18= Enryaku (782-806)
2268Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow19= Daidō (806-810)
2269Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow20= Kōnin (810-824)
2270Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow21= Tenchō (824-834)
2271Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow22= Jōwa (834-848)
2272Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow23= Kajō (848-851)
2273Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow24= Ninju (851-854)
2274Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow25= Saiko (854-857)
2275Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow26= Tennan (857-859)
2276Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow27= Jōgan (859-877)
2277Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow28= Genkei (877-885)
2278Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow29= Ninna (885-889)
2279Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow30= Kampyō (889-898)
2280Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow31= Shōtai (898-901)
2281Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow32= Engi (901-923)
2282Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow33= Enchō (923-931)
2283Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow34= Shōhei (931-938)
2284Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow35= Tengyō (938-947)
2285Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2286Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow37= Tentoku (957-961)
2287Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow38= Ōwa (961-964)
2288Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow39= Kōhō (964-968)
2289Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow40= Anna (968-970)
2290Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow41= Tenroku (970-973)
2291Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow42= Ten-en (973-976)
2292Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow43= Jōgen (976-978)
2293Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow44= Tengen (978-983)
2294Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow45= Eikan (983-985)
2295Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow46= Kanna (985-987)
2296Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow47= Ei-en (987-989)
2297Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow48= Eiso (989-990)
2298Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2299Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2300Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2301Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2302Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2303Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2304Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow55= Jian (1021-1024)
2305Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow56= Manju (1024-1028)
2306Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2307Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2308Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2309Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2310Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2311Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2312Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2313Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2314Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2315Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2316Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2317Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2318Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2319Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2320Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2321Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2322Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2323Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2324Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2325Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2326Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2327Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2328Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2329Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2330Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2331Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2332Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2333Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2334Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2335Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2336Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2337Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2338Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2339Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2340Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2341Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2342Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2343Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2344Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2345Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2346Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2347Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2348Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2349Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2350Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2351Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow102= Angen (1175-1177)
2352Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2353Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2354Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow105= Juei (1182-1184)
2355Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2356Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2357Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2358Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2359Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2360Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2361Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2362Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2363Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2364Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2365Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2366Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2367Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2368Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2369Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow120= Antei (1227-1229)
2370Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2371Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2372Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2373Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2374Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow125= Katei (1235-1238)
2375Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2376Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2377Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2378Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2379Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2380Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2381Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2382Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2383Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2384Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2385Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2386Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2387Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2388Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2389Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2390Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow141= Einin (1293-1299)
2391Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2392Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2393Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2394Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2395Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2396Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2397Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2398Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2399Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow150= Genō (1319-1321)
2400Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2401Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2402Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2403Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2404Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2405Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2406Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow157= Engen (1336-1340)
2407Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2408Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2409Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2410Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow161= Bunchũ (1372-1375)
2411Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2412Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2413Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2414Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow165= Genchũ (1384-1392)
2415Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2416Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2417Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2418Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2419Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2420Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2421Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2422Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2423Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2424Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2425Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2426Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2427Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2428Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2429Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2430Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2431Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2432Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2433Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2434Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2435Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2436Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2437Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2438Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2439Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2440Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2441Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2442Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow193= Genki (1570-1573)
2443Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2444Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2445Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2446Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2447Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2448Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2449Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow200= Keian (1648-1652)
2450Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2451Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2452Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow203= Manji (1658-1661)
2453Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2454Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2455Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2456Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2457Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2458Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2459Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2460Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2461Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2462Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2463Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2464Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2465Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2466Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2467Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2468Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2469Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2470Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2471Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2472Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2473Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2474Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2475Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2476Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2477Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2478Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2479Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow230= Genji (1864-1865)
2480Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2481Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow232= M
2482Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow233= T
2483Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow234= S
2484Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow235= H
2485Date & TimePersianEras - abbreviated0= AP
2486Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Farvardin
2487Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Ordibehesht
2488Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Khordad
2489Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tir
2490Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Mordad
2491Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Shahrivar
2492Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Mehr
2493Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Aban
2494Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Azar
2495Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Dey
2496Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Bahman
2497Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Esfand
2498Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2499Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2500Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2501Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2502Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2503Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2504Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2505Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2506Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2507Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2508Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2509Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2510Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated0= Before R.O.C.
2511Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated1Minguo R.O.C.
2512TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Generic{0} Time {0}
2513TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Standard{0} Standard Time {0} (+0)
2514TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Daylight{0} Daylight Time {0} (+1)
2515TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Format= GMT{0}
2516TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Hours/Minutes Format= +HH:mm;-HH:mm
2517TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Zero Format= GMT
2518TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullLocation Fallback Format= {1} ({0})
2519TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskageneric-longAlaska Time اٮ۪لاسکا ٹایِم
2520TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskastandard-longAlaska Standard Time اٮ۪لاسکا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2521TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskadaylight-longAlaska Daylight Time اٮ۪لاسکا ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2522TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralgeneric-longCentral Time مرکزی ٹایِم
2523TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralstandard-longCentral Standard Time مرکزی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2524TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centraldaylight-longCentral Daylight Time مرکزی ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2525TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterngeneric-longEastern Time مشرقی ٹایِم
2526TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easternstandard-longEastern Standard Time مشرقی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2527TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterndaylight-longEastern Daylight Time مشرقی ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2528TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaingeneric-longMountain Time ماونٹین ٹایِم
2529TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountainstandard-longMountain Standard Time ماونٹین سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2530TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaindaylight-longMountain Daylight Time ماونٹین ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2531TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificgeneric-longPacific Time پیسِفِک ٹایِم
2532TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificstandard-longPacific Standard Time پیسِفِک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2533TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificdaylight-longPacific Daylight Time پیسِفِک ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2534TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticgeneric-longAtlantic Time اٮ۪ٹلانٹِک ٹایِم
2535TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticstandard-longAtlantic Standard Time اٮ۪ٹلانٹِک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2536TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticdaylight-longAtlantic Daylight Time اٮ۪ٹلانٹِک ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2537TimezonesNorth AmericaCubageneric-longCuba Time کیوٗبا ٹایِم
2538TimezonesNorth AmericaCubastandard-longCuba Standard Time کیوٗبا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2539TimezonesNorth AmericaCubadaylight-longCuba Daylight Time کیوٗبا ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2540TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterngeneric-longEast Greenland Time مشرِقی گریٖن لینڑُک ٹایِم
2541TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easternstandard-longEast Greenland Standard Time مشرِقی گریٖن لینڑُک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2542TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterndaylight-longEast Greenland Summer Time مشرِقی گریٖن لینڑُک سَمَر ٹایِم
2543TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerngeneric-longWest Greenland Time مغرِبی گریٖن لینڑُک ٹایِم
2544TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westernstandard-longWest Greenland Standard Time مغرِبی گریٖن لینڑُک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2545TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerndaylight-longWest Greenland Summer Time مغرِبی گریٖن لینڑُک سَمَر ٹایِم
2546TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiangeneric-longHawaii-Aleutian Time حَواے اٮ۪لیوٗٹِیَن ٹایِم
2547TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutianstandard-longHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time حَواے اٮ۪لیوٗٹِیَن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2548TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiandaylight-longHawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time حَواے اٮ۪لیوٗٹِیَن سَمَر ٹایِم
2549TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandgeneric-longNewfoundland Time نیوٗ فاونڑلینڑ ٹایِم
2550TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandstandard-longNewfoundland Standard Time نیوٗ فاونڑلینڑ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2551TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlanddaylight-longNewfoundland Daylight Time نیوٗ فاونڑ لینڑ ڑےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2552TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelongeneric-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Time سینٛٹ پَیری مِقیوٗلَن ٹایِم
2553TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelonstandard-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Standard Time سینٛٹ پَیری مِقیوٗلَن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2554TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelondaylight-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Daylight Time سینٛٹ پَیری مِقیوٗلَن ڑےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2555TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAdakAdak اِدَک
2556TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnchorageAnchorage اَنکوراج
2557TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnguillaAnguilla اٮ۪نگِولا
2558TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAntiguaAntigua اٮ۪نٹِگُوا
2559TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsArubaAruba اَروٗبا
2560TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia_Banderas= Bahia Banderas
2561TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBarbadosBarbados بَرباڑوس
2562TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBelizeBelize بٮ۪لیٖز
2563TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBermudaBermuda برموٗڑا
2564TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBlanc-SablonBlanc-Sablon بلانٛک سٮ۪بلَن
2565TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBoiseBoise بویِس
2566TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCambridge_BayCambridge Bay کیمبرِج خلیٖج
2567TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCancunCancun کینکَن
2568TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCaymanCayman کیمَن
2569TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChicagoChicago شِکاگو
2570TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChihuahuaChihuahua چِہُوا ہُوا
2571TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCoral_HarbourAtikokan کورَل بٔنٛدٕرگاہ
2572TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCosta_RicaCosta Rica کوسٹا ریٖکا
2573TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCreston= Creston
2574TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCuracaoCuraçao کیوٗراکااو
2575TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDanmarkshavnDanmarkshavn ڑٮ۪نمارکشَون
2576TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawsonDawson ڑاسَن
2577TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson_CreekDawson Creek ڑاسَن کرٛیٖک
2578TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDenverDenver ڈیٚنوَر
2579TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDetroitDetroit ڈیٚٹرایِٹ
2580TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDominicaDominica ڈومِنِکا
2581TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEdmontonEdmonton اٮ۪ڑمَنٹَن
2582TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEl_SalvadorEl Salvador ایٚل سَلویدَر
2583TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGlace_BayGlace Bay گلیس خلیٖج
2584TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGodthabNuuk گعاڑتھیب
2585TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGoose_BayGoose Bay گوٗس خلیٖج
2586TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrand_TurkGrand Turk گرینٛڈ تٔرک
2587TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrenadaGrenada گرٛیناڑا
2588TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuadeloupeGuadeloupe گوڑلوپ
2589TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuatemalaGuatemala گواٹیمالا
2590TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHalifaxHalifax حیلِفٮ۪کس
2591TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHavanaHavana حوانا
2592TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHermosilloHermosillo ۂرموسِلو
2593TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHonoluluHonolulu ہونولو لو
2594TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/KnoxKnox, Indiana نوکس
2595TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/MarengoMarengo, Indiana میٚریٚنگو
2596TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/PetersburgPetersburg, Indiana پِٹس بٔرگ
2597TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Tell_CityTell City, Indiana ٹیٚل سِٹی
2598TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/VevayVevay, Indiana ویٚویے
2599TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/VincennesVincennes, Indiana وِنسیٚنیٚس
2600TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/WinamacWinamac, Indiana وِنیمیک
2601TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndianapolisIndianapolis اِنڈیَن پولِس
2602TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsInuvikInuvik اِنوٗوِک
2603TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIqaluitIqaluit اِقالیوٗیِت
2604TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJamaicaJamaica جَمَیکا
2605TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJuneauJuneau جوٗنی
2606TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKentucky/MonticelloMonticello, Kentucky مونٹِسیٚلو
2607TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKralendijk= Kralendijk
2608TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLos_AngelesLos Angeles لاس ایٚنجٕلز
2609TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLouisvilleLouisville لوٗیِس وِل
2610TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLower_Princes= Lower Prince’s Quarter
2611TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsManaguaManagua مَناگوا
2612TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMarigot= Marigot
2613TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMartiniqueMartinique مارٹِنِک
2614TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMatamoros= Matamoros
2615TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMazatlanMazatlan مَزَٹلان
2616TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMenomineeMenominee میٚنومِنی
2617TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMeridaMerida میٚرِڈا
2618TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMetlakatla= Metlakatla
2619TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMexico_CityMexico City میٚکسِکو سِٹی
2620TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMiquelonMiquelon مِکیٖلَن
2621TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMonctonMoncton مونٛکٹٕن
2622TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMonterreyMonterrey موٹیٚری
2623TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMontserratMontserrat مونژیرات
2624TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNassauNassau نساؤں
2625TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNew_YorkNew York نِو یارک
2626TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNipigonNipigon نِپِگَن
2627TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNomeNome نوم
2628TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/Beulah= Beulah, North Dakota
2629TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/CenterCenter, North Dakota مَرکزی جنوٗبی ڈکوٹا
2630TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/New_SalemNew Salem, North Dakota نوو سیلٕم
2631TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsOjinaga= Ojinaga
2632TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPanamaPanama پَناما
2633TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPangnirtungPangnirtung پَنٛگنِرٹَنٛگ
2634TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPhoenixPhoenix پھِنِکس
2635TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort_of_SpainPort of Spain پوٹ آف سپین
2636TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort-au-PrincePort-au-Prince پوٹ آؤں پرِنٛس
2637TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPuerto_RicoPuerto Rico پیٖٹو رِکو
2638TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRainy_RiverRainy River رینی رِوَر
2639TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRankin_InletRankin Inlet رینٛکِن اِنلٮ۪ٹ
2640TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsReginaRegina رٮ۪جیٖنا
2641TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsResoluteResolute رِسولیوٗٹ
2642TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanta_Isabel= Santa Isabel
2643TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanto_DomingoSanto Domingo سٮ۪نٹو ڑومِنگو
2644TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsScoresbysundIttoqqortoormiit سکورٕسباےسَنٛڑ
2645TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSitka= Sitka
2646TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_BarthelemySt. Barthélemy St. Barthelemy
2647TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_JohnsSt. John’s سٮ۪نٛٹ جونس
2648TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_KittsSt. Kitts سینٛٹ کِٹس
2649TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_LuciaSt. Lucia سٮ۪نٛٹ لوٗسِیا
2650TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_ThomasSt. Thomas سینٛٹ تھامَس
2651TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_VincentSt. Vincent وِنسیٚنٛٹ
2652TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSwift_CurrentSwift Current سٕوِفٹ کَرَنٛٹ
2653TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTegucigalpa= Tegucigalpa
2654TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThuleThule تھیوٗلے
2655TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThunder_BayThunder Bay تھَنڑَر خلیٖج
2656TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTijuanaTijuana تِجُوانا
2657TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTorontoToronto ٹورونٛٹو
2658TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTortolaTortola ٹارٹولا
2659TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsVancouverVancouver وٮ۪نٛکووَر
2660TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWhitehorseWhitehorse وایِٹ ہارٕس
2661TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWinnipegWinnipeg وِنِپٮ۪گ
2662TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYakutatYakutat یکوٗتات
2663TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYellowknifeYellowknife یٮ۪لو نایِف
2664TimezonesSouth AmericaAcregeneric-longAcre Time اٮ۪کرے ٹایِم
2665TimezonesSouth AmericaAcrestandard-longAcre Standard Time اٮ۪کرے سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2666TimezonesSouth AmericaAcredaylight-longAcre Summer Time اٮ۪کرے سَمَر ٹایِم
2667TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazongeneric-longAmazon Time اٮ۪مَزَن ٹایِم
2668TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazonstandard-longAmazon Standard Time اٮ۪مَزَن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2669TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazondaylight-longAmazon Summer Time اٮ۪مَزَن سَمَر ٹایِم
2670TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinageneric-longArgentina Time ارجٮ۪نٹیٖنا ٹایِم
2671TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinastandard-longArgentina Standard Time ارجٮ۪نٹیٖنا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2672TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinadaylight-longArgentina Summer Time ارجٮ۪نٹیٖنا سَمَر ٹایِم
2673TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerngeneric-longWestern Argentina Time مغربی ارجٮ۪نٹیٖنا ٹایِم
2674TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westernstandard-longWestern Argentina Standard Time مغربی ارجٮ۪نٹیٖنا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2675TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerndaylight-longWestern Argentina Summer Time مغربی ارجٮ۪نٹیٖنا سَمَر ٹایِم
2676TimezonesSouth AmericaBoliviastandard-longBolivia Time بولِوِیا ٹایِم
2677TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliageneric-longBrasilia Time برٮ۪سِلِیا ٹایِم
2678TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliastandard-longBrasilia Standard Time برٮ۪سِلِیا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2679TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliadaylight-longBrasilia Summer Time برٮ۪سِلِیا سَمَر ٹایِم
2680TimezonesSouth AmericaChilegeneric-longChile Time چِلی ٹایِم
2681TimezonesSouth AmericaChilestandard-longChile Standard Time چِلی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2682TimezonesSouth AmericaChiledaylight-longChile Summer Time چِلی سَمَر ٹایِم
2683TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiageneric-longColombia Time کولومبِیا ٹایِم
2684TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiastandard-longColombia Standard Time کولومبِیا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2685TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiadaylight-longColombia Summer Time کولومبِیا سَمَر ٹایِم
2686TimezonesSouth AmericaEastergeneric-longEaster Island Time ایٖسٹَر ٹایِم
2687TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterstandard-longEaster Island Standard Time ایٖسٹَر سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2688TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterdaylight-longEaster Island Summer Time ایٖسٹَر سَمَر ٹایِم
2689TimezonesSouth AmericaEcuadorstandard-longEcuador Time اِکویڑَر ٹایِم
2690TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandgeneric-longFalkland Islands Time فاکلینڑ ٹایِم
2691TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandstandard-longFalkland Islands Standard Time فاکلینڑ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2692TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklanddaylight-longFalkland Islands Summer Time فاکلینڑ سَمَر ٹایِم
2693TimezonesSouth AmericaFrench_Guianastandard-longFrench Guiana Time فرٛٮ۪نٛچ گیوٗٮ۪نا ٹایِم
2694TimezonesSouth AmericaGalapagosstandard-longGalapagos Time گٮ۪لٮ۪پیٚگوز ٹایِم
2695TimezonesSouth AmericaGuyanastandard-longGuyana Time گُیَنا ٹایِم
2696TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhageneric-longFernando de Noronha Time نورونہا ٹایِم
2697TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhastandard-longFernando de Noronha Standard Time نورونہا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2698TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhadaylight-longFernando de Noronha Summer Time نورونہا سَمَر ٹایِم
2699TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaygeneric-longParaguay Time پیرٮ۪گوے ٹایِم
2700TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaystandard-longParaguay Standard Time پیرٮ۪گوے سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2701TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaydaylight-longParaguay Summer Time پیرٮ۪گوے سَمَر ٹایِم
2702TimezonesSouth AmericaPerugeneric-longPeru Time پٔروٗ ٹایِم
2703TimezonesSouth AmericaPerustandard-longPeru Standard Time پٔروٗ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2704TimezonesSouth AmericaPerudaylight-longPeru Summer Time پٔروٗ سَمَر ٹایِم
2705TimezonesSouth AmericaSurinamestandard-longSuriname Time سُرِنام ٹایِم
2706TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaygeneric-longUruguay Time یوٗرٮ۪گوَے ٹایِم
2707TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaystandard-longUruguay Standard Time یوٗرٮ۪گوَے سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2708TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaydaylight-longUruguay Summer Time یوٗرٮ۪گوَے سَمَر ٹایِم
2709TimezonesSouth AmericaVenezuelastandard-longVenezuela Time وٮ۪نٮ۪زیوٗلا ٹایِم
2710TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAraguainaAraguaina اٮ۪ریگُوینا
2711TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/La_RiojaLa Rioja لا رِیوجا
2712TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Rio_GallegosRio Gallegos رِیو گالیگوس
2713TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Salta= Salta
2714TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_JuanSan Juan سین جُواں
2715TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_LuisSan Luis سین لوٗیِس
2716TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/TucumanTucuman ٹوکوٗمَن
2717TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/UshuaiaUshuaia اُشُوٗاییا
2718TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAsuncionAsunción اَسُنچِیَن
2719TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBahiaBahia بَہِیا
2720TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBelemBelem بٮ۪لٮ۪م
2721TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBoa_VistaBoa Vista بوآ وِسٹا
2722TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBogotaBogota بوگوٹا
2723TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBuenos_AiresBuenos Aires بیوٗنَس آیرَس
2724TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCampo_GrandeCampo Grande کٮ۪مپو گرینٛڑ
2725TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCaracasCaracas کیرَکَس
2726TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCatamarcaCatamarca کیٹامارکا
2727TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCayenneCayenne کَیین
2728TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCordobaCordoba کورڑوبا
2729TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCuiabaCuiaba کوٗیابا
2730TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEasterEaster ایٖسٹَر
2731TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEirunepeEirunepe ایٖروٗنیپ
2732TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsFortalezaFortaleza فورٹیلیزا
2733TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGalapagosGalapagos گٮ۪لَپگوس
2734TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuayaquilGuayaquil گوایاکِوَل
2735TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuyanaGuyana گُیانا
2736TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsJujuyJujuy جُجویے
2737TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLa_PazLa Paz لا پاز
2738TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLimaLima لِما
2739TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMaceioMaceio میسِیوو
2740TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsManausManaus مَنوس
2741TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMendozaMendoza مٮ۪نڑوزا
2742TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMontevideoMontevideo مونٹیٚوِڈیو
2743TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsNoronhaNoronha نورونٛہا
2744TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsParamariboParamaribo پَرامارِبو
2745TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsPorto_VelhoPorto Velho پوٹو وٮ۪لہو
2746TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRecifeRecife رٮ۪چیٖف
2747TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRio_BrancoRio Branco رِیو برٛانٛکو
2748TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantarem= Santarem
2749TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantiagoSantiago سینٹِعٮ۪گو
2750TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSao_PauloSao Paulo ساو پعالو
2751TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsStanleyStanley سٹینلی
2752TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Centralstandard-longCentral Africa Time مرکزی افریٖقا ٹایِم
2753TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Easternstandard-longEast Africa Time مشرقی افریٖقا ٹایِم
2754TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Southernstandard-longSouth Africa Standard Time جنوٗبی افریقا ٹایِم
2755TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerngeneric-longWest Africa Time مغربی افریٖقا ٹایِم
2756TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westernstandard-longWest Africa Standard Time مغربی افریٖقا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2757TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerndaylight-longWest Africa Summer Time مغربی افریٖقا سَمَر ٹایِم
2758TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdegeneric-longCape Verde Time کیپ ؤرڑو ٹایِم
2759TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdestandard-longCape Verde Standard Time کیپ ؤرڑو سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2760TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdedaylight-longCape Verde Summer Time کیپ سَمَر ٹایِم
2761TimezonesAfricaMauritiusgeneric-longMauritius Time مورِشَس ٹایِم
2762TimezonesAfricaMauritiusstandard-longMauritius Standard Time مورِشَس سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2763TimezonesAfricaMauritiusdaylight-longMauritius Summer Time مورِشَس سَمَر ٹایِم
2764TimezonesAfricaReunionstandard-longReunion Time رِیوٗنِیَن ٹایِم
2765TimezonesAfricaSeychellesstandard-longSeychelles Time سیشٮ۪لٕز ٹایِم
2766TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAbidjanAbidjan عابِدجان
2767TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAccraAccra اٮ۪کرا
2768TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAddis_Ababa= Addis Ababa
2769TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAlgiersAlgiers اَلجیٖرِیا
2770TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAntananarivoAntananarivo اٮ۪نٛٹنانرِوو
2771TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAsmeraAsmara اَسمیرا
2772TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBamakoBamako بماکو
2773TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBanguiBangui بٮ۪نٛگوٗیی
2774TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBanjulBanjul بَنجوٗل
2775TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBissauBissau بِساؤں
2776TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBlantyreBlantyre بلانتَیر
2777TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBrazzavilleBrazzaville برٛازاوِل
2778TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBujumburaBujumbura بُجُمبُرا
2779TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCairoCairo کَیرو
2780TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCape_VerdeCape Verde کیپ ؤرڑے
2781TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCasablancaCasablanca کٮ۪سابلٮ۪نٛکا
2782TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsComoroComoro کومورو
2783TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsConakryConakry کوناکرٛی
2784TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDakarDakar دَکار
2785TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDar_es_SalaamDar es Salaam دارُالسلام
2786TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDjiboutiDjibouti ڑِزِبوٹی
2787TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDoualaDouala دوعالا
2788TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsEl_Aaiun= El Aaiun
2789TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsFreetownFreetown فری ٹاوُن
2790TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsGaboroneGaborone گٮ۪بورون
2791TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsHarareHarare ہَراریے
2792TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJohannesburgJohannesburg جانسبٔرگ
2793TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJuba= Juba
2794TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKampalaKampala کَمپالا
2795TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKhartoumKhartoum کھارتوم
2796TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKigaliKigali کِگالی
2797TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKinshasaKinshasa کِنشاسا
2798TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLagosLagos لیٚگوس
2799TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLibrevilleLibreville لِبَروِل
2800TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLomeLome لوم
2801TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLuandaLuanda لُعٮ۪نٛڑا
2802TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLubumbashiLubumbashi لُبُمباشی
2803TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLusakaLusaka لُساکا
2804TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaheMahe ماہیے
2805TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMalaboMalabo مالابو
2806TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaputoMaputo مَپوٗٹو
2807TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaseruMaseru مَسیروٗ
2808TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMauritiusMauritius مورِشیٚس
2809TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMayotteMayotte میوٹ
2810TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMbabaneMbabane مابین
2811TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMogadishuMogadishu موگادِشوٗ
2812TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMonroviaMonrovia مونرووِیا
2813TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNairobiNairobi نیروبی
2814TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNdjamenaNdjamena جَمیٖنا
2815TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNiameyNiamey نَیمیے
2816TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNouakchottNouakchott نوواکچھوت
2817TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsOuagadougouOuagadougou اوآگدوگو
2818TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsPorto-NovoPorto-Novo پوٹو نووو
2819TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsReunionRéunion رِیوٗنیَن
2820TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSao_TomeSão Tomé ساو ٹوم
2821TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSt_HelenaSt. Helena سینٛٹ ہیٚلِنا
2822TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTripoliTripoli ترٛپولی
2823TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTunisTunis ٹوٗنِس
2824TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsWindhoekWindhoek وِنڈہوک
2825TimezonesEuropeAzoresgeneric-longAzores Time اٮ۪زورٕس ٹایِم
2826TimezonesEuropeAzoresstandard-longAzores Standard Time اٮ۪زورٕس سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2827TimezonesEuropeAzoresdaylight-longAzores Summer Time اٮ۪زورٕس سَمَر ٹ
2828TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralgeneric-longCentral European Time مرکزی یوٗرپی ٹایِم
2829TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralstandard-longCentral European Standard Time مرکزی یوٗرپی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2830TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centraldaylight-longCentral European Summer Time مرکزی یوٗرپی سَمَر ٹایِم
2831TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterngeneric-longEastern European Time مشرقی یوٗرپی ٹایِم
2832TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easternstandard-longEastern European Standard Time مشرقی یوٗرپی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2833TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterndaylight-longEastern European Summer Time مشرقی یوٗرپی سَمَر ٹایِم
2834TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerngeneric-longWestern European Time مغرِبی یوٗرپی ٹایِم
2835TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westernstandard-longWestern European Standard Time مغرِبی یوٗرپی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2836TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerndaylight-longWestern European Summer Time مغرِبی یوٗرِپی سَمَر ٹایِم
2837TimezonesEuropeGMTstandard-longGreenwich Mean Time گرٛیٖن وِچ میٖن ٹایِم
2838TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAmsterdamAmsterdam ایمسٹَرڈیم
2839TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAndorraAndorra اَنٛڑورا
2840TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAthensAthens اٮ۪تھٕنس
2841TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAzoresAzores اَزورَس
2842TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBelgrade= Belgrade
2843TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBerlinBerlin بٔرلِن
2844TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBratislava= Bratislava
2845TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBrusselsBrussels برٛسٕلس
2846TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBucharestBucharest بَچاریٚسٹ
2847TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBudapestBudapest بُڑاپیسٹ
2848TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBusingen= Busingen
2849TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCanaryCanary کٮ۪نَری
2850TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCeutaCeuta کیوٗٹا
2851TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsChisinauChisinau چِسیٖنو
2852TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCopenhagenCopenhagen کوپَنہیگَن
2853TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsDublinDublin ڈَبلِن
2854TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsFaeroeFaroe فٮ۪رو
2855TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGibraltarGibraltar گِبرالٹَر
2856TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGuernsey= Guernsey
2857TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsHelsinkiHelsinki حٮ۪لسِنٛکی
2858TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsIsle_of_Man= Isle of Man
2859TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsJersey= Jersey
2860TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsKievKiev کیٖو
2861TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLisbonLisbon لِسبَن
2862TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLjubljana= Ljubljana
2863TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLondonLondon لَنٛدَن
2864TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLongyearbyen= Longyearbyen
2865TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLuxembourgLuxembourg لَکزٕمبٔرگ
2866TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadeiraMadeira مَڈیٖرا
2867TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadridMadrid میڑرِڑ
2868TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMaltaMalta مالٹا
2869TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMariehamn= Mariehamn
2870TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMinskMinsk مِنٛسک
2871TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMonacoMonaco موناکو
2872TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsOsloOslo اوسلو
2873TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsParisParis پیرِس
2874TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPodgorica= Podgorica
2875TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPrague= Prague
2876TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsReykjavikReykjavik رٮ۪کیاوِک
2877TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRigaRiga رِگا
2878TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRomeRome روم
2879TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSan_Marino= San Marino
2880TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSarajevo= Sarajevo
2881TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSkopje= Skopje
2882TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSofiaSofia سوفِیا
2883TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsStockholmStockholm سٹاک ہولم
2884TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTallinnTallinn ٹٮ۪لِن
2885TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTiraneTirane ٹِرین
2886TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsUzhgorodUzhhorod اُزگورود
2887TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaduzVaduz وادُز
2888TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVatican= Vatican
2889TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsViennaVienna وِیَننا
2890TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVilniusVilnius وِلِنِیَس
2891TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsWarsawWarsaw وارسا
2892TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZagreb= Zagreb
2893TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZaporozhyeZaporozhye زَپوروزَے
2894TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZurichZurich زیوٗرِک
2895TimezonesRussiaAnadyrgeneric-longAnadyr Time اٮ۪نَڑیٖر ٹایِم
2896TimezonesRussiaAnadyrstandard-longAnadyr Standard Time اٮ۪نَڑیٖر سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2897TimezonesRussiaAnadyrdaylight-longAnadyr Summer Time اٮ۪نڑیٖر سَمَر ٹایِم
2898TimezonesRussiaIrkutskgeneric-longIrkutsk Time اِرکُٹسک ٹایِم
2899TimezonesRussiaIrkutskstandard-longIrkutsk Standard Time اِرکُٹسک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2900TimezonesRussiaIrkutskdaylight-longIrkutsk Summer Time اِرکُٹسک سَمَر ٹایِم
2901TimezonesRussiaKamchatkageneric-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Time کَمچَٹکا ٹایِم
2902TimezonesRussiaKamchatkastandard-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Standard Time کَمچَٹکا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2903TimezonesRussiaKamchatkadaylight-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Summer Time کَمچَٹکا سَمَر ٹایِم
2904TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskgeneric-longKrasnoyarsk Time کرٮ۪سنوےیارسک ٹایِم
2905TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskstandard-longKrasnoyarsk Standard Time کرٮ۪سنوےیارسک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2906TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskdaylight-longKrasnoyarsk Summer Time کرٮ۪سنوےیارسک سَمَر ٹایِم
2907TimezonesRussiaMagadangeneric-longMagadan Time مَگَدَن ٹایِم
2908TimezonesRussiaMagadanstandard-longMagadan Standard Time مَگَدَن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2909TimezonesRussiaMagadandaylight-longMagadan Summer Time مَگَدَن سَمَر ٹایِم
2910TimezonesRussiaMoscowgeneric-longMoscow Time ماسکَو ٹایِم
2911TimezonesRussiaMoscowstandard-longMoscow Standard Time ماسکو سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2912TimezonesRussiaMoscowdaylight-longMoscow Summer Time ماسکو سَمَر ٹایِم
2913TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskgeneric-longNovosibirsk Time نۄوۄسِبٔرسک ٹایِم
2914TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskstandard-longNovosibirsk Standard Time نۄوۄسِبٔرسک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2915TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskdaylight-longNovosibirsk Summer Time نۄوۄسِبٔرسک سَمَر ٹایِم
2916TimezonesRussiaOmskgeneric-longOmsk Time اۄمسک ٹایِم
2917TimezonesRussiaOmskstandard-longOmsk Standard Time اۄمسک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2918TimezonesRussiaOmskdaylight-longOmsk Summer Time اۄمسک سَمَر ٹایِم
2919TimezonesRussiaSakhalingeneric-longSakhalin Time سَکھٮ۪لِن ٹایِم
2920TimezonesRussiaSakhalinstandard-longSakhalin Standard Time سَکھٮ۪لِن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2921TimezonesRussiaSakhalindaylight-longSakhalin Summer Time سَکھٮ۪لِن سَمَر ٹایِم
2922TimezonesRussiaSamarageneric-longSamara Time سمٮ۪را ٹایِم
2923TimezonesRussiaSamarastandard-longSamara Standard Time سمٮ۪را سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2924TimezonesRussiaSamaradaylight-longSamara Summer Time سمٮ۪را سَمَر ٹایِم
2925TimezonesRussiaVladivostokgeneric-longVladivostok Time ولاڑِووسٹوک ٹایِم
2926TimezonesRussiaVladivostokstandard-longVladivostok Standard Time ولاڑِووسٹوک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2927TimezonesRussiaVladivostokdaylight-longVladivostok Summer Time ولاڑِووسٹوک سَمَر ٹایِم
2928TimezonesRussiaVolgogradgeneric-longVolgograd Time وولگوگریڑ ٹایِم
2929TimezonesRussiaVolgogradstandard-longVolgograd Standard Time وولگوگریڑ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2930TimezonesRussiaVolgograddaylight-longVolgograd Summer Time وولگوگریڑ سَمَر ٹایِم
2931TimezonesRussiaYakutskgeneric-longYakutsk Time یَکُٹسک ٹایِم
2932TimezonesRussiaYakutskstandard-longYakutsk Standard Time یَکُٹسک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2933TimezonesRussiaYakutskdaylight-longYakutsk Summer Time یَکُٹُسک سَمَر ٹایِم
2934TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburggeneric-longYekaterinburg Time یٮ۪کَٹٔرِنبٔرگ ٹایِم
2935TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgstandard-longYekaterinburg Standard Time یٮ۪کَٹٔرِنبٔرگ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2936TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgdaylight-longYekaterinburg Summer Time یٮ۪کَٹرِنبٔرگ سَمَر ٹایِم
2937TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsAnadyrAnadyr اَنَدیر
2938TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsChita= Chita
2939TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsIrkutskIrkutsk اِرکُسک
2940TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKaliningradKaliningrad کَلِناِنگرَد
2941TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKamchatkaKamchatka کَمچھٹکا
2942TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKhandyga= Khandyga
2943TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKrasnoyarskKrasnoyarsk کرنٛسنویارسک
2944TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMagadanMagadan مَگادَن
2945TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMoscowMoscow ماسکو
2946TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovokuznetsk= Novokuznetsk
2947TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovosibirskNovosibirsk نوووسِبِرسک
2948TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsOmskOmsk اومسک
2949TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSakhalinSakhalin سَکھالِن
2950TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSamaraSamara سَمارا
2951TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSimferopolSimferopol سِمفیٚروپول
2952TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSrednekolymsk= Srednekolymsk
2953TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsUst-Nera= Ust-Nera
2954TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVladivostokVladivostok لادِووستوک
2955TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVolgogradVolgograd وولگوگرَد
2956TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYakutskYakutsk یکوسک
2957TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYekaterinburgYekaterinburg یَکاتِرِنبٔرگ
2958TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiangeneric-longArabian Time ارٮ۪بِیَن ٹایِم
2959TimezonesWestern AsiaArabianstandard-longArabian Standard Time ارٮ۪بِیَن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2960TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiandaylight-longArabian Daylight Time ارٮ۪بِیَن ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2961TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniageneric-longArmenia Time ارمیٖنِیا ٹایِم
2962TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniastandard-longArmenia Standard Time ارمیٖنِیا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2963TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniadaylight-longArmenia Summer Time ارمیٖنِیا سَمَر ٹایِم
2964TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijangeneric-longAzerbaijan Time اَزَربیجان ٹایِم
2965TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijanstandard-longAzerbaijan Standard Time اَزَربیجان سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2966TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijandaylight-longAzerbaijan Summer Time اَزَربیجان سَمَر ٹایِم
2967TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiageneric-longGeorgia Time جورجِیاہُک ٹایِم
2968TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiastandard-longGeorgia Standard Time جورجِیاہُک سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2969TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiadaylight-longGeorgia Summer Time جورجِیاہُک سَمَر ٹایِم
2970TimezonesWestern AsiaGulfstandard-longGulf Standard Time گَلف سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2971TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelgeneric-longIsrael Time اِسرٲیِلی ٹایِم
2972TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelstandard-longIsrael Standard Time اِسرٲیِلی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2973TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraeldaylight-longIsrael Daylight Time اِسرٲیِلی ڑےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
2974TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAdenAden ایٚڈٕن
2975TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAmmanAmman اَمان
2976TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaghdadBaghdad بغداد
2977TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBahrainBahrain بٮ۪ہریٖن
2978TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBakuBaku باقوٗ
2979TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBeirutBeirut بیرُت
2980TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDamascusDamascus دَمَسکَس
2981TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDubaiDubai دُبَے
2982TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsGazaGaza غازا
2983TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsHebron= Hebron
2984TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsIstanbulIstanbul اِستانبُل
2985TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsJerusalemJerusalem یٮ۪روٗسَلَم
2986TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsKuwaitKuwait کُویت
2987TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsMuscatMuscat مَسکَت
2988TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsNicosiaNicosia نِکوسِیا
2989TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsQatarQatar قَتَر
2990TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsRiyadhRiyadh رِیاد
2991TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsTbilisiTbilisi بِلِسی
2992TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsYerevanYerevan یےریٚوَن
2993TimezonesCentral AsiaAlmatygeneric-longAlmaty Time اٮ۪لمٮ۪ٹی ٹایِم
2994TimezonesCentral AsiaAlmatystandard-longAlmaty Standard Time اٮ۪لمٮ۪ٹی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2995TimezonesCentral AsiaAlmatydaylight-longAlmaty Summer Time اٮ۪لمٮ۪ٹی سَمَر ٹایِم
2996TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtaugeneric-longAqtau Time اٮ۪کٹاؤ ٹایِم
2997TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtaustandard-longAqtau Standard Time اٮ۪کٹاؤ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
2998TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtaudaylight-longAqtau Summer Time اٮ۪کٹاؤ سَمَر ٹایِم
2999TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtobegeneric-longAqtobe Time اٮ۪کٹوب ٹایِم
3000TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtobestandard-longAqtobe Standard Time اٮ۪کٹوب سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3001TimezonesCentral AsiaAqtobedaylight-longAqtobe Summer Time اٮ۪کٹوب سَمَر ٹایِم
3002TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Easternstandard-longEast Kazakhstan Time مشرِقی کَزاکھِستان ٹایِم
3003TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Westernstandard-longWest Kazakhstan Time مغرِبی کَزاکھِستان ٹایِم
3004TimezonesCentral AsiaKyrgystanstandard-longKyrgystan Time کِرگِستان ٹایِم
3005TimezonesCentral AsiaQyzylordageneric-longQyzylorda Time قِزلوڑا ٹایِم
3006TimezonesCentral AsiaQyzylordastandard-longQyzylorda Standard Time قِزلوڑا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3007TimezonesCentral AsiaQyzylordadaylight-longQyzylorda Summer Time قِزلوڑا سَمَر ٹایِم
3008TimezonesCentral AsiaTajikistanstandard-longTajikistan Time تازِکِستان ٹایِم
3009TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistangeneric-longTurkmenistan Time تُرکمٮ۪نِستان ٹایِم
3010TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistanstandard-longTurkmenistan Standard Time تُرکمٮ۪نِستان سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3011TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistandaylight-longTurkmenistan Summer Time تُرکمٮ۪نِستان سَمَر ٹایِم
3012TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistangeneric-longUzbekistan Time اُزبیکِستان ٹایِم
3013TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistanstandard-longUzbekistan Standard Time اُزبیکِستان سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3014TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistandaylight-longUzbekistan Summer Time اُزبیکِستانُک سَمَر ٹایِم
3015TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAlmatyAlmaty اَلماٹی
3016TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtauAqtau اَکتاؤں
3017TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtobeAqtobe اَقٹوب
3018TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAshgabatAshgabat اَشگَبَت
3019TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsBishkekBishkek بِشکیک
3020TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsDushanbeDushanbe دُشانبیے
3021TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsOralOral اورَل
3022TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsQyzylordaQyzylorda قٮ۪زٮ۪لوڑا
3023TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsSamarkandSamarkand سَمَرکَنٛد
3024TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsTashkentTashkent تاشکیٚنٛٹ
3025TimezonesEastern AsiaChinageneric-longChina Time چَینا ٹایِم
3026TimezonesEastern AsiaChinastandard-longChina Standard Time چَینا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3027TimezonesEastern AsiaChinadaylight-longChina Daylight Time چَینا ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
3028TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsangeneric-longChoibalsan Time کوےبٮ۪لسَن ٹایِم
3029TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsanstandard-longChoibalsan Standard Time کوےبٮ۪لسَن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3030TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsandaylight-longChoibalsan Summer Time کوےبٮ۪لسَن سَمَر ٹایِم
3031TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Konggeneric-longHong Kong Time حانگ کانٛگ ٹایِم
3032TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongstandard-longHong Kong Standard Time حانگ کانٛگ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3033TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongdaylight-longHong Kong Summer Time حانٛگ کانٛگ سَمَر ٹایِم
3034TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdgeneric-longHovd Time حووڑ ٹایِم
3035TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdstandard-longHovd Standard Time حووڑ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3036TimezonesEastern AsiaHovddaylight-longHovd Summer Time حووڑ سَمَر ٹایِم
3037TimezonesEastern AsiaJapangeneric-longJapan Time جاپٲنۍ ٹایِم
3038TimezonesEastern AsiaJapanstandard-longJapan Standard Time جاپٲنۍ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3039TimezonesEastern AsiaJapandaylight-longJapan Daylight Time جاپٲنۍ ڑےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
3040TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreageneric-longKorean Time کورِیا ٹایِم
3041TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreastandard-longKorean Standard Time کورِیا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3042TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreadaylight-longKorean Daylight Time کورِیا ڑےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
3043TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaugeneric-longMacau Time مَکَعوٗ ٹایِم
3044TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaustandard-longMacau Standard Time مَکَعوٗ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3045TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaudaylight-longMacau Summer Time مَکَعوٗ سَمَر ٹایِم
3046TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliageneric-longUlan Bator Time مونگولِیا ٹایِم
3047TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliastandard-longUlan Bator Standard Time مونگولِیا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3048TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliadaylight-longUlan Bator Summer Time مونگولِیا سَمَر ٹایِم
3049TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsChoibalsanChoibalsan چویبالسَن
3050TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsChongqingn/a چونٛگقِنٛگ
3051TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHarbinn/a حاربِن
3052TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHong_KongHong Kong حانٛگ کانٛگ
3053TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHovdHovd حووڑ
3054TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsKashgarn/a کاشگَر
3055TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsMacauMacau مقاؤں
3056TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsPyongyangPyongyang پیونٛگیانٛگ
3057TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsSeoulSeoul سول
3058TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsShanghai= Shanghai
3059TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTaipeiTaipei تَیپیے
3060TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTokyoTokyo ٹوکیو
3061TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar اُلانباٹَر
3062TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUrumqiUrumqi اُرَمچی
3063TimezonesSouthern AsiaAfghanistanstandard-longAfghanistan Time افغانِستان ٹایِم
3064TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshgeneric-longBangladesh Time بَنٛگلادیش ٹایِم
3065TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshstandard-longBangladesh Standard Time بَنٛگلادیش سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3066TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshdaylight-longBangladesh Summer Time بَنٛگلادیش سَمَر ٹایِم
3067TimezonesSouthern AsiaBhutanstandard-longBhutan Time بوٗٹان ٹایِم
3068TimezonesSouthern AsiaIndiastandard-longIndia Standard Time ہِنٛدوستان
3069TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrangeneric-longIran Time اِیٖرٲنۍ ٹایِم
3070TimezonesSouthern AsiaIranstandard-longIran Standard Time اِیٖرٲنۍ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3071TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrandaylight-longIran Daylight Time اِیٖرٲنی سَمَر ٹایِم
3072TimezonesSouthern AsiaLankastandard-longLanka Time لَنٛکا ٹایِم
3073TimezonesSouthern AsiaMaldivesstandard-longMaldives Time مالدیٖوٕز ٹایِم
3074TimezonesSouthern AsiaNepalstandard-longNepal Time نٮ۪پٲلۍ ٹایِم
3075TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistangeneric-longPakistan Time پاکِستان ٹایِم
3076TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistanstandard-longPakistan Standard Time پاکِستان سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3077TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistandaylight-longPakistan Summer Time پاکِستان سَمَر ٹایِم
3078TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsCalcutta= Kolkata
3079TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsColomboColombo کولَمبو
3080TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsDhakaDhaka ڈھاکا
3081TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKabulKabul قابُل
3082TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKarachiKarachi کَراچی
3083TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKatmanduKathmandu کاٹھمَنڈوٗ
3084TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsMaldivesMaldives مالدیٖوز
3085TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsTehranTehran تٮ۪ہران
3086TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsThimphuThimphu تھِمپوٗ
3087TimezonesSoutheast AsiaBruneistandard-longBrunei Darussalam Time برٛوٗنَے دَروٗسَلَم ٹایِم
3088TimezonesSoutheast AsiaEast_Timorstandard-longEast Timor Time ایٖسٹ ٹیٖمَر ٹایِم
3089TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndochinastandard-longIndochina Time اِنڑوچَینا ٹایِم
3090TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Centralstandard-longCentral Indonesia Time مرکزی اِنڑونیشِیا ٹایِم
3091TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Easternstandard-longEastern Indonesia Time مشرِقی اِنڑونیشِیا ٹایِم
3092TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Westernstandard-longWestern Indonesia Time مغرِبی اِنڑونیشِیا ٹایِم
3093TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMalaysiastandard-longMalaysia Time مَلیشِیا ٹایِم
3094TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMyanmarstandard-longMyanmar Time مِیانمَر ٹایِم
3095TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesgeneric-longPhilippine Time پھِلِپایِن ٹایِم
3096TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesstandard-longPhilippine Standard Time پھِلِپایِن سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3097TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesdaylight-longPhilippine Summer Time پھِلِپایِن سَمَر ٹایِم
3098TimezonesSoutheast AsiaSingaporestandard-longSingapore Standard Time سِنٛگاپوٗر ٹایِم
3099TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBangkokBangkok بینگ کاک
3100TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBruneiBrunei برٛوٗنَے
3101TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsDiliDili دِلی
3102TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJakartaJakarta جکارتا
3103TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJayapuraJayapura جَیاپوٗرا
3104TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuala_LumpurKuala Lumpur کولالَمپوٗر
3105TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuchingKuching کُچِنٛگ
3106TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsMakassarMakassar مَکَسَر
3107TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsManilaManila مَنیٖلا
3108TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPhnom_PenhPhnom Penh نوم پٮ۪نٛہہ
3109TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPontianakPontianak پونٛتِعانٛک
3110TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsRangoonRangoon رنٛگوٗن
3111TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSaigonHo Chi Minh City سیگَن
3112TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSingaporeSingapore سِنٛگاپور
3113TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsVientianeVientiane وِیَنتِیین
3114TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralgeneric-longCentral Australia Time مرکزی آسٹریلِیَن ٹایِم
3115TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralstandard-longAustralian Central Standard Time آسٹریلِیَن مرکزی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3116TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centraldaylight-longAustralian Central Daylight Time آسٹریلِیَن مرکزی ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
3117TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterngeneric-longAustralian Central Western Time آسٹریلِیَن مرکزی مغربی ٹایِم
3118TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesternstandard-longAustralian Central Western Standard Time آسٹریلِیَن مرکزی مغربی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3119TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterndaylight-longAustralian Central Western Daylight Time آسٹریلِیَن مرکزی مغربی ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
3120TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterngeneric-longEastern Australia Time مشرِقی آسٹریلِیا ٹایِم
3121TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easternstandard-longAustralian Eastern Standard Time آسٹریلِیَن مشرقی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3122TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterndaylight-longAustralian Eastern Daylight Time آسٹریلِیَن مشرقی ڈےلایِٔٹ ٹایِم
3123TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerngeneric-longWestern Australia Time مغرِبی آسٹریلِیا ٹایِم
3124TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westernstandard-longAustralian Western Standard Time آسٹریلِیَن مغرِبی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3125TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerndaylight-longAustralian Western Daylight Time آسٹریلِیَن مغرِبیٖ ڈےلایٔٹ ٹایِم
3126TimezonesAustralasiaChathamgeneric-longChatham Time کٮ۪تھَم ٹایِم
3127TimezonesAustralasiaChathamstandard-longChatham Standard Time کٮ۪تھَم سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3128TimezonesAustralasiaChathamdaylight-longChatham Daylight Time چٮ۪تھَم سَمَر ٹایِم
3129TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howegeneric-longLord Howe Time لعاڑ حووے ٹایِم
3130TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howestandard-longLord Howe Standard Time لعاڑ حووے سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3131TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howedaylight-longLord Howe Daylight Time لعاڑ ڑےلایٔٹ ٹایِم
3132TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandgeneric-longNew Zealand Time نِوزِلینڑ ٹایِم
3133TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandstandard-longNew Zealand Standard Time نِوزِلینڑ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3134TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealanddaylight-longNew Zealand Daylight Time نِوزِلینڑ ڑےلایٔٹ ٹایِم
3135TimezonesAustralasiaNorfolkstandard-longNorfolk Island Time نورفعاک ٹایِم
3136TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAdelaideAdelaide اٮ۪ڑِلیڑ
3137TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAucklandAuckland آکلینڈ
3138TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBrisbaneBrisbane برٛسبین
3139TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBroken_HillBroken Hill برٛوکٕن ہِل
3140TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsChathamChatham چَتھَم
3141TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsCurrieCurrie کیوٗری
3142TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsDarwinDarwin ڈاروِن
3143TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsEuclaEucla یوٗکلا
3144TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsHobartHobart حۄبٲٹ
3145TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLindemanLindeman لِنڑیمان
3146TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLord_HoweLord Howe لعاڑ ہووے
3147TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMacquarie= Macquarie
3148TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMelbourneMelbourne مٮ۪لبعارن
3149TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsNorfolkNorfolk نورفوک
3150TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsPerthPerth پٔرتھ
3151TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsSydneySydney سِڑنی
3152TimezonesAntarcticaDavisstandard-longDavis Time ڑیوِس ٹایِم
3153TimezonesAntarcticaDumontDUrvillestandard-longDumont-d’Urville Time ڑمانٹ ڈی اُرویٖل ٹایِم
3154TimezonesAntarcticaMawsonstandard-longMawson Time ماسَن ٹایِم
3155TimezonesAntarcticaRotherastandard-longRothera Time روتھٮ۪را ٹایِم
3156TimezonesAntarcticaSyowastandard-longSyowa Time سیووا ٹایِم
3157TimezonesAntarcticaVostokstandard-longVostok Time ووسٹوک ٹایِم
3158TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsCaseyCasey کیسی
3159TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDavisDavis ڈیوِس
3160TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDumontDUrvilleDumont d’Urville ڈُمونٛٹ ڈ اَروِل
3161TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMawsonMawson ماسَن
3162TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMcMurdoMcMurdo مٮ۪ک مٲڑو
3163TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsPalmerPalmer پامَر
3164TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsRotheraRothera روتھیرا
3165TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsSyowaSyowa سیٚووا
3166TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsTroll= Troll
3167TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsVostokVostok ووستوک
3168TimezonesOceaniaChamorrostandard-longChamorro Standard Time کٮ۪مورو سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3169TimezonesOceaniaChristmasstandard-longChristmas Island Time کرٛسمَس ٹایِم
3170TimezonesOceaniaCocosstandard-longCocos Islands Time کوکوز اَیلینڑز ٹایِم
3171TimezonesOceaniaCookgeneric-longCook Islands Time کُک اَیلینڑز ٹایِم
3172TimezonesOceaniaCookstandard-longCook Islands Standard Time کُک اَیلینڑز سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3173TimezonesOceaniaCookdaylight-longCook Islands Half Summer Time کُک اَیلینڑز حاف سَمَر ٹایِم
3174TimezonesOceaniaFijigeneric-longFiji Time فیٖجی ٹایِم
3175TimezonesOceaniaFijistandard-longFiji Standard Time فیٖجی سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3176TimezonesOceaniaFijidaylight-longFiji Summer Time فیٖجی سَمَر ٹایِم
3177TimezonesOceaniaFrench_Southernstandard-longFrench Southern & Antarctic Time جنوٗبی فرٮ۪نٛچ ٹایِم
3178TimezonesOceaniaGambierstandard-longGambier Time گٮ۪مبِیَر ٹایِم
3179TimezonesOceaniaGilbert_Islandsstandard-longGilbert Islands Time گِلبٲٹ ججیٖرُک ٹایِم
3180TimezonesOceaniaGuamstandard-longGuam Standard Time گُوٮ۪م ٹایِم
3181TimezonesOceaniaIndian_Oceanstandard-longIndian Ocean Time ہِندوستٲنۍ اوشَن ٹایِن
3182TimezonesOceaniaKosraestandard-longKosrae Time کورسَے ٹایِم
3183TimezonesOceaniaLine_Islandsstandard-longLine Islands Time لایِٔن ججیٖرُک ٹایِم
3184TimezonesOceaniaMarquesasstandard-longMarquesas Time مارقیوٗسَس ٹایِم
3185TimezonesOceaniaMarshall_Islandsstandard-longMarshall Islands Time مارشَل ججیٖرُک ٹایِم
3186TimezonesOceaniaNaurustandard-longNauru Time نَعوٗروٗ ٹایِم
3187TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniageneric-longNew Caledonia Time نِو کیلٮ۪ڑونِیا ٹایِم
3188TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniastandard-longNew Caledonia Standard Time نِو کیلٮ۪ڑونِیا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3189TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniadaylight-longNew Caledonia Summer Time نِو کیلٮ۪ڑونِیس سَمَر ٹایِم
3190TimezonesOceaniaNiuestandard-longNiue Time نِیوٗ ٹایِم
3191TimezonesOceaniaNorth_Marianastandard-longNorth Mariana Islands Time شُمٲلی مَرِیانا ٹایِم
3192TimezonesOceaniaPalaustandard-longPalau Time پَلاو ٹایِم
3193TimezonesOceaniaPapua_New_Guineastandard-longPapua New Guinea Time پاپُعا نیوٗ گٮ۪نی ٹایِم
3194TimezonesOceaniaPhoenix_Islandsstandard-longPhoenix Islands Time پھونِکس ججیٖرُک ٹایِم
3195TimezonesOceaniaPitcairnstandard-longPitcairn Time پِٹکیرٕن ٹایِم
3196TimezonesOceaniaPonapestandard-longPonape Time پونیپ ٹایِم
3197TimezonesOceaniaSamoageneric-longSamoa Time سٮ۪موآ ٹایِم
3198TimezonesOceaniaSamoastandard-longSamoa Standard Time سٮ۪موآ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3199TimezonesOceaniaSamoadaylight-longSamoa Daylight Time سٮ۪موآ سَمَر ٹایِم
3200TimezonesOceaniaSolomonstandard-longSolomon Islands Time سولومَن ججیٖرَن ہُنٛد ٹایِم
3201TimezonesOceaniaSouth_Georgiastandard-longSouth Georgia Time شُمٲلی جورجِیا ٹایِم
3202TimezonesOceaniaTahitistandard-longTahiti Time ٹاہِٹی ٹایِم
3203TimezonesOceaniaTokelaustandard-longTokelau Time ٹوکٮ۪لو ٹایِم
3204TimezonesOceaniaTongageneric-longTonga Time ٹعانٛگا ٹایِم
3205TimezonesOceaniaTongastandard-longTonga Standard Time ٹعانٛگا سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3206TimezonesOceaniaTongadaylight-longTonga Summer Time ٹعانٛگا سَمَر ٹایِم
3207TimezonesOceaniaTrukstandard-longChuuk Time ٹٔرک ٹایِم
3208TimezonesOceaniaTuvalustandard-longTuvalu Time ٹوٗوَلوٗ ٹایِم
3209TimezonesOceaniaVanuatugeneric-longVanuatu Time وَنوٗاَٹوٗ ٹایِم
3210TimezonesOceaniaVanuatustandard-longVanuatu Standard Time وَنوٗاَٹوٗ سٹینڑاڑ ٹایِم
3211TimezonesOceaniaVanuatudaylight-longVanuatu Summer Time وَنوٗاَٹوٗ سَمَر ٹایِم
3212TimezonesOceaniaWakestandard-longWake Island Time ویک ججیٖرُک ٹایِم
3213TimezonesOceaniaWallisstandard-longWallis & Futuna Time والِس تہٕ فیوٗٹیوٗنا ٹایِم
3214TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsApiaApia آپِیا
3215TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChagosChagos چاگوس
3216TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChristmasChristmas کرِسمَس
3217TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsCocosCocos کوکوس
3218TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEfateEfate ایٚفاتیے
3219TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEnderburyEnderbury اٮ۪نٛڑربیری
3220TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFakaofoFakaofo فَکَوفو
3221TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFijiFiji فِجی
3222TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFunafutiFunafuti فُنافوٗتی
3223TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGambierGambier گیمبِیَر
3224TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuadalcanalGuadalcanal گُوادَلچَنَل
3225TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuamGuam گوام
3226TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsJohnstonJohnston جانسٹَن
3227TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKerguelenKerguelen کیرگولِن
3228TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKiritimatiKiritimati کِرِتِماتی
3229TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKosraeKosrae کوسراے
3230TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKwajaleinKwajalein کُوجلین
3231TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMajuroMajuro مَجوٗرو
3232TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMarquesasMarquesas مارکیسَس
3233TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMidwayMidway مِڈویے
3234TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNauruNauru ناوروٗ
3235TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNiueNiue نِو
3236TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNoumeaNoumea نومیی
3237TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPago_PagoPago Pago پیگو پیگو
3238TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPalauPalau پَلاو
3239TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPitcairnPitcairn پِٹکیرَن
3240TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPonapePohnpei پوناپے
3241TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPort_MoresbyPort Moresby پوٹ مورسبی
3242TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsRarotongaRarotonga راروٹونٛگا
3243TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSaipanSaipan سَیپان
3244TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSouth_GeorgiaSouth Georgia ساوتھ جورجِیا
3245TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTahitiTahiti تَہِتی
3246TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTarawaTarawa ٹَراوا
3247TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTongatapuTongatapu تونگاتَپوٗ
3248TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTrukChuuk ٹرٛک
3249TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWakeWake ویک
3250TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWallisWallis ویلِس
3251TimezonesUnknown RegionCities and RegionsUnknownUnknown City غٲر زان
3252TimezonesOverridesEurope/Dublindaylight-longIrish Standard Time اَیرِش سَمَر ٹایِم
3253TimezonesOverridesEurope/Londondaylight-longBritish Summer Time برطٲنوی سَمَر ٹایِم
3254NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols Time Separator= :
3255NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)Time Separator= ٫
3256NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)Time Separator= ٫
3257NumbersSymbolsSymbols decimal= .
3258NumbersSymbolsSymbols group= ,
3259NumbersSymbolsSymbols plusSign+ ‎+
3260NumbersSymbolsSymbols minusSign- ‎-
3261NumbersSymbolsSymbols percentSign= %
3262NumbersSymbolsSymbols perMille=
3263NumbersSymbolsSymbols exponential= E
3264NumbersSymbolsSymbols superscriptingExponent= ×
3265NumbersSymbolsSymbols infinity ?
3266NumbersSymbolsSymbols nan= NaN
3267NumbersSymbolsSymbols list= ;
3268NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)decimal= ٫
3269NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)group= ٬
3270NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)plusSign= ‏+
3271NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)minusSign= ‏-
3272NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)percentSign= ٪
3273NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)perMille= ؉
3274NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)exponential= اس
3275NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)superscriptingExponent= ×
3276NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)infinity=
3277NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)nan= NaN
3278NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)list= ؛
3279NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)decimal= ٫
3280NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)group= ٬
3281NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)plusSign= ‎+‎
3282NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)minusSign= ‎-‎
3283NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)percentSign= ٪
3284NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)perMille= ؉
3285NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)exponential= ×۱۰^
3286NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)superscriptingExponent= ×
3287NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)infinity=
3288NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)nan= NaN
3289NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)list= ؛
3290NumbersSymbolsGrouping ControlMinimum Grouping Digits= 1
3291NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-decimal#,##0.### #,##,##0.###
3292NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-currency¤#,##0.00 ¤ #,##,##0.00
3293NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-percent#,##0% #,##,##0%
3294NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-scientific= #E0
3295NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-other= {0} {1}
3296NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns atLeast{0}+ ⩾{0}
3297NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns range= {0}–{1}
3298NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-other= 0K
3299NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-other= 00K
3300NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-other= 000K
3301NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-other= 0M
3302NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-other= 00M
3303NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-other= 000M
3304NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-other0B 0G
3305NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-other00B 00G
3306NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-other000B 000G
3307NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-other= 0T
3308NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-other= 00T
3309NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-other= 000T
3310CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-nameBermudan Dollar بٔرمیوٗڑَن ڈالَر
3311CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol= BMD
3312CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol-narrow= $
3313CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-nameCanadian Dollar کینَڑِیَن ڈالر
3314CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol= CA$
3315CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol-narrow= $
3316CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-nameUS Dollar یوٗ ایٚس ڈالَر
3317CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol$ US$
3318CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol-narrow= $
3319CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-nameUS Dollar (Next day) یوٗ ایٚس ڈالَر(پَگاہ)
3320CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-symbol= USN
3321CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-nameUS Dollar (Same day) یوٗ ایٚس ڈالَر(تَمی دًۄہ)
3322CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-symbol= USS
3323CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-nameBelize Dollar بِلِزی ڈالر
3324CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol= BZD
3325CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol-narrow= $
3326CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-nameCosta Rican Colón کوسٹا رِکَن کولَن
3327CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol= CRC
3328CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol-narrow=
3329CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-nameGuatemalan Quetzal گواٹَمالَن قیوٗٹزَل
3330CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol= GTQ
3331CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol-narrow= Q
3332CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-nameHonduran Lempira حونڑورنُک لٮ۪مپیٖرا
3333CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol= HNL
3334CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol-narrow= L
3335CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-nameMexican Peso مٮ۪کسِکَن پٮ۪سو
3336CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol= MX$
3337CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol-narrow= $
3338CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-nameMexican Silver Peso (1861–1992) مٮ۪کسِکَن سِلوَر پٮ۪سو (۱۸۶۱–۱۹۹۲)
3339CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-symbol= MXP
3340CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-nameMexican Investment Unit MXV
3341CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-symbol= MXV
3342CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-nameNicaraguan Córdoba نِکٮ۪راگُوٮ۪ن کورڑوبا اورو
3343CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol= NIO
3344CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol-narrow= C$
3345CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-nameNicaraguan Córdoba (1988–1991) نِکٮ۪راگُوٮ۪ن کورڑوبا
3346CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-symbol= NIC
3347CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-namePanamanian Balboa پانامانِیَن بالبوز
3348CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-symbol= PAB
3349CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-nameSalvadoran Colón سَلویدَرُک کولَن
3350CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-symbol= SVC
3351CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-nameAruban Florin اَروبَن فِلورِن
3352CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-symbol= AWG
3353CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-nameBarbadian Dollar بابیڑِیَن ڈالَر
3354CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol= BBD
3355CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol-narrow= $
3356CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-nameBahamian Dollar بہامِیَن ڈالر
3357CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol= BSD
3358CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol-narrow= $
3359CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-nameCuban Convertible Peso CUC
3360CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-nameCuban Peso کیوٗبَن پِسو
3361CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol= CUC
3362CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol= CUP
3363CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol-narrow= $
3364CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol-narrow= $
3365CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-nameNetherlands Antillean Guilder نایدَرلینٛڑ اٮ۪نٹٕلیٖیَن گِلڑَر
3366CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-symbol= ANG
3367CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-nameDominican Peso ڈومِنِکَن پِسو
3368CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol= DOP
3369CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol-narrow= $
3370CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-nameHaitian Gourde حیشَنُک گوڑ
3371CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-symbol= HTG
3372CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-nameJamaican Dollar جَمَیکاہُک ڑالَر
3373CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol= JMD
3374CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol-narrow= $
3375CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-nameCayman Islands Dollar کیمین ججیٖرُک ڑالَر
3376CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol= KYD
3377CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol-narrow= $
3378CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-nameEast Caribbean Dollar مَشرِقی کیرِبِیَن ڈالَر
3379CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol= EC$
3380CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol-narrow= $
3381CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-nameTrinidad & Tobago Dollar ٹرِنہِ ڈیڈ تہٕ ٹوبیگو ڈالَر
3382CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol= TTD
3383CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol-narrow= $
3384CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-nameArgentine Peso أرجَنٹیٖن پِسو
3385CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol= ARS
3386CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol-narrow= $
3387CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-nameArgentine Austral أرجَنٹیٖن اَسٹرل
3388CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-symbol= ARA
3389CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-nameArgentine Peso Ley (1970–1983) ARL
3390CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-symbol= ARL
3391CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-nameArgentine Peso (1881–1970) ARM
3392CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-symbol= ARM
3393CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-nameArgentine Peso (1983–1985) ARP
3394CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-symbol= ARP
3395CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-nameBolivian Boliviano بولِوِیَن بولوینو
3396CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol= BOB
3397CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol-narrow= Bs
3398CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-nameBolivian Boliviano (1863–1963) BOL
3399CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-symbol= BOL
3400CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-nameBolivian Peso بولویَن پِسو
3401CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-symbol= BOP
3402CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-nameBolivian Mvdol بولوِیَن مَوڈال
3403CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-symbol= BOV
3404CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-nameBrazilian Real برٛازیٖلین رِیَل
3405CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol= R$
3406CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol-narrow= R$
3407CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-nameBrazilian New Cruzeiro (1967–1986) برٛازیٖلین کرٛوزِرو نووو
3408CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-symbol= BRB
3409CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-nameBrazilian Cruzado (1986–1989) برٛازیٖلین کرٛوزیڑو
3410CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-symbol= BRC
3411CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1990–1993) برٛازیٖلین کرٛوزِرو
3412CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-symbol= BRE
3413CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-nameBrazilian New Cruzado (1989–1990) برٛازیٖلین کرٛوزیڑو نووو
3414CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-symbol= BRN
3415CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1993–1994) برٛازیٖلین کرٛوزیرو
3416CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-symbol= BRR
3417CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1942–1967) BRZ
3418CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-symbol= BRZ
3419CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-nameChilean Peso چِلِن پِسو
3420CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol= CLP
3421CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol-narrow= $
3422CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-nameChilean Escudo CLE
3423CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-symbol= CLE
3424CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-nameChilean Unit of Account (UF) چِلِن یوٗنِڑیدیٖز ڑِ فومیٹو
3425CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-symbol= CLF
3426CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-nameColombian Peso کولَمبِین پِسو
3427CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol= COP
3428CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol-narrow= $
3429CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-nameColombian Real Value Unit ِٖیوٗنِڑیڑ ڑِ ویلور رِیل
3430CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-symbol= COU
3431CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-nameEcuadorian Sucre ECS
3432CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-symbol= ECS
3433CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-nameEcuadorian Unit of Constant Value ECV
3434CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-symbol= ECV
3435CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-nameFalkland Islands Pound فیکلینٛڑِس آیلینٛڑ پونٛڑ
3436CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol= FKP
3437CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol-narrow= £
3438CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-nameGuyanaese Dollar گَیَنیٖزُک ڑالَر
3439CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol= GYD
3440CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol-narrow= $
3441CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-namePeruvian Nuevo Sol پٔریوٗوِیَن نیوٗاوز سولٕز
3442CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-symbol= PEN
3443CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-namePeruvian Inti پٔریوٗوِیَن اِنٛٹی
3444CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-symbol= PEI
3445CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-namePeruvian Sol (1863–1965) پٔریوٗوِیَن سول
3446CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-symbol= PES
3447CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-nameParaguayan Guarani پٮ۪رٮ۪گیوٗوَیَن گُعارانی
3448CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol= PYG
3449CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol-narrow=
3450CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-nameSurinamese Dollar سُریٖنامُک ڈالَر
3451CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol= SRD
3452CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol-narrow= $
3453CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-nameSurinamese Guilder سُریٖنام گِلدَر
3454CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-symbol= SRG
3455CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-nameUruguayan Peso اُروٗگایَن پیٚسو
3456CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol= UYU
3457CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol-narrow= $
3458CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-nameUruguayan Peso (Indexed Units) اُرگایَن پیٚسو یوٗنِڈیڈَس اِنڈیٚکسَس
3459CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-symbol= UYI
3460CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-nameUruguayan Peso (1975–1993) اُرگایَن پیٚسو(۱۹۷۵–۱۹۹۳)
3461CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-symbol= UYP
3462CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-nameVenezuelan Bolívar وینٕزوٗلیُک بولِوَر
3463CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol= VEF
3464CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol-narrow= Bs
3465CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-nameVenezuelan Bolívar (1871–2008) وینٕزوٗلیُک بولِوَر (۱۸۷۱–۲۰۰۸)
3466CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-symbol= VEB
3467CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-nameEuro یوٗرو
3468CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol=
3469CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol-narrow=
3470CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-nameEuropean Currency Unit یوٗرپی کَرَنسی یوٗنِٹ
3471CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-symbol= XEU
3472CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-nameDanish Krone ڈٔنِش کرٛون
3473CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol= DKK
3474CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol-narrow= kr
3475CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-nameEstonian Kroon اٮ۪سٹونِیَن کرٛون
3476CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-symbol= EEK
3477CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-nameFinnish Markka فِنِش مارکا
3478CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-symbol= FIM
3479CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-nameBritish Pound Sterling برطٲنوی پاونٛڑ سٹٔرلِنٛگ
3480CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol= £
3481CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol-narrow= £
3482CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-nameIrish Pound اَیرلینڑُک پاونٛڑ
3483CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-symbol= IEP
3484CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-nameIcelandic Króna اَیسلینٛڑُک کرٛونا
3485CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol= ISK
3486CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol-narrow= kr
3487CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-nameLithuanian Litas لِتھوینِیَن لِٹاس
3488CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-symbol= LTL
3489CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-symbol-narrow= Lt
3490CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-nameLithuanian Talonas لِتھوینِیَن ٹٮ۪لوناس
3491CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-symbol= LTT
3492CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-nameLatvian Lats لَتوِیَن لیٹس
3493CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol= LVL
3494CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol-narrow= Ls
3495CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-nameLatvian Ruble لَتوِیَن رَبٕل
3496CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-symbol= LVR
3497CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-nameNorwegian Krone نورویٚیِنُک کرٛون
3498CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol= NOK
3499CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol-narrow= kr
3500CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-nameSwedish Krona سویٖڈِش کَرونا
3501CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol= SEK
3502CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol-narrow= kr
3503CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-nameAustrian Schilling آسٹریَن شِلِنٛگ
3504CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-symbol= ATS
3505CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-nameBelgian Franc (convertible) BEC
3506CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-symbol= BEC
3507CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-nameBelgian Franc بَلجِیَن فرینٛک
3508CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-symbol= BEF
3509CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-nameBelgian Franc (financial) BEL
3510CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-symbol= BEL
3511CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-nameSwiss Franc سُوِز فریک
3512CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-symbol= CHF
3513CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-nameWIR Euro وِر یوٗرو
3514CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-symbol= CHE
3515CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-nameWIR Franc وِر فرٛیک
3516CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-symbol= CHW
3517CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-nameEast German Mark مٔشرِقی جٔرمَن مارٕک
3518CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-symbol= DDM
3519CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-nameGerman Mark جٔرمَن مارٕک
3520CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-symbol= DEM
3521CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-nameFrench Franc فرٛانسِسی فرٛیک
3522CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-symbol= FRF
3523CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-nameLuxembourgian Convertible Franc لَکزٕمبورگِیَن کَنؤرٹِبٕل فرٛینٛک
3524CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-symbol= LUC
3525CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-nameLuxembourgian Franc لَکزٕمبورگِیَن فرٛینٛک
3526CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-symbol= LUF
3527CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-nameLuxembourg Financial Franc لَکزٕمبوگ فَینانشَل فرٛینٛک
3528CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-symbol= LUL
3529CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-nameMonegasque Franc MCF
3530CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-symbol= MCF
3531CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-nameDutch Guilder ڈَچ گِلڑَر
3532CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-symbol= NLG
3533CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-nameBulgarian Lev بیلگیرِیَن ہاڑ لِو
3534CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-symbol= BGN
3535CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-nameBulgarian Hard Lev BGL
3536CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-symbol= BGL
3537CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-nameBulgarian Socialist Lev BGM
3538CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-symbol= BGM
3539CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-nameBulgarian Lev (1879–1952) BGO
3540CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-symbol= BGO
3541CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-nameBelarusian Ruble بِلیروشِیَن رِبٕل
3542CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol= BYR
3543CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol-narrow= р.
3544CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-nameBelarusian New Ruble (1994–1999) بِلیروشِیَن نِو رِبٕل
3545CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-symbol= BYB
3546CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-nameCzech Republic Koruna چیک کوریٖنا
3547CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-symbol= CZK
3548CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-symbol-narrow=
3549CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-nameCzechoslovak Hard Koruna چِکوسولوواک ہاڑ کوروٗنا
3550CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-symbol= CSK
3551CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-nameHungarian Forint حَنگیرِیَن فورِنٛٹ
3552CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-symbol= HUF
3553CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-symbol-narrow= Ft
3554CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-nameMoldovan Leu مولڑووین لیوٗ
3555CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-symbol= MDL
3556CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-nameMoldovan Cupon MDC
3557CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-symbol= MDC
3558CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-namePolish Zloty پولِش زلوٹی
3559CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-symbol= PLN
3560CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-symbol-narrow=
3561CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-namePolish Zloty (1950–1995) پولِش زلوٹی(۱۹۵٠–۱۹۹۵)
3562CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-symbol= PLZ
3563CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-nameRomanian Leu رومانِیَن لٮ۪یوٗ
3564CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-symbol= RON
3565CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-nameRomanian Leu (1952–2006) اولڑ رومانِیَن لٮ۪یوٗ
3566CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-symbol= ROL
3567CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-nameRussian Ruble رٔشیَن رَبٕل
3568CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-symbol= RUB
3569CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-symbol-variant=
3570CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-nameRussian Ruble (1991–1998) رٔشیَن رَبٕل(۱۹۹۱–۱۹۹۸)
3571CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-symbol= RUR
3572CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-symbol-narrow= р.
3573CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-nameSoviet Rouble سوویت روبٕل
3574CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-symbol= SUR
3575CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-nameSlovak Koruna سلووَک کَرونا
3576CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-symbol= SKK
3577CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-nameUkrainian Hryvnia یوٗکرینیاہُک ہرِوِنیا
3578CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-symbol= UAH
3579CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-symbol-narrow=
3580CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-nameUkrainian Karbovanets یوٗکرینیاہُک کاربووَنیٹس
3581CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-symbol= UAK
3582CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-nameAndorran Peseta اٮ۪ڑورَن پیسِٹا
3583CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-symbol= ADP
3584CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-nameAlbanian Lek اٮ۪لبینِیَن لِک
3585CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-symbol= ALL
3586CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-nameBosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark بوزنِیاہَرزِگووِنا کَنوٲٹیبٕل مارٕک
3587CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-symbol= BAM
3588CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-symbol-narrow= KM
3589CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-nameBosnia-Herzegovina Dinar (1992–1994) بوزنِیاہَرزِگووِنا دیٖنار
3590CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-symbol= BAD
3591CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-nameBosnia-Herzegovina New Dinar (1994–1997) BAN
3592CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-symbol= BAN
3593CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-nameSpanish Peseta (A account) ESA
3594CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-symbol= ESA
3595CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-nameSpanish Peseta (convertible account) ESB
3596CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-symbol= ESB
3597CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-nameSpanish Peseta سِپینِش پیسِٹا
3598CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-symbol= ESP
3599CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-symbol-narrow=
3600CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-nameGibraltar Pound گِبریلٹَر پَاونٛڑ
3601CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-symbol= GIP
3602CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-symbol-narrow= £
3603CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-nameGreek Drachma گریٖسُک ڑرٛٮ۪کما
3604CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-symbol= GRD
3605CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-nameCroatian Kuna کروایشنُک کوٗنا
3606CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-symbol= HRK
3607CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-symbol-narrow= kn
3608CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-nameCroatian Dinar کروایشنُک دیٖنار
3609CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-symbol= HRD
3610CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-nameItalian Lira اِٹلیٖ یُک لیٖرا
3611CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-symbol= ITL
3612CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: MacedoniaMKD-nameMacedonian Denar مٮ۪کَڑونِیَن دیٖنار
3613CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: MacedoniaMKD-symbol= MKD
3614CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Macedonia: MKN (old)MKN-nameMacedonian Denar (1992–1993) MKN
3615CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Macedonia: MKN (old)MKN-symbol= MKN
3616CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTL (old)MTL-nameMaltese Lira مالٹیٖزُک لیٖرا
3617CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTL (old)MTL-symbol= MTL
3618CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTP (old)MTP-nameMaltese Pound مالٹیٖزُک پاونٛڑ
3619CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTP (old)MTP-symbol= MTP
3620CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: SerbiaRSD-nameSerbian Dinar سٔربِیَن دیٖنار
3621CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: SerbiaRSD-symbol= RSD
3622CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: CSD (old)CSD-nameSerbian Dinar (2002–2006) پرٛون سٔربِین ڈالر
3623CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: CSD (old)CSD-symbol= CSD
3624CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUD (old)YUD-nameYugoslavian Hard Dinar (1966–1990) یوگوسلاوِیَن ہاڑ دیٖنار
3625CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUD (old)YUD-symbol= YUD
3626CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUM (old)YUM-nameYugoslavian New Dinar (1994–2002) یوگوسلاوِیَن نووِے دیٖنار
3627CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUM (old)YUM-symbol= YUM
3628CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUN (old)YUN-nameYugoslavian Convertible Dinar (1990–1992) یوگوسلاوِیَن کَنؤٹِبٕل دیٖنار
3629CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUN (old)YUN-symbol= YUN
3630CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUR (old)YUR-nameYugoslavian Reformed Dinar (1992–1993) YUR
3631CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUR (old)YUR-symbol= YUR
3632CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Portugal: PTE (old)PTE-namePortuguese Escudo پورتُگیٖز اٮ۪سکیوٗڑو
3633CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Portugal: PTE (old)PTE-symbol= PTE
3634CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Slovenia: SIT (old)SIT-nameSlovenian Tolar سلووینُک ٹولَر
3635CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Slovenia: SIT (old)SIT-symbol= SIT
3636CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: AlgeriaDZD-nameAlgerian Dinar اٮ۪لجیرِیَن ڈیٖنار
3637CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: AlgeriaDZD-symbol= DZD
3638CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: EgyptEGP-nameEgyptian Pound اِجِپٹِیَن پَوُنڑ
3639CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: EgyptEGP-symbol= EGP
3640CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: EgyptEGP-symbol-narrow=
3641CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: LibyaLYD-nameLibyan Dinar لِبیَن دیٖنار
3642CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: LibyaLYD-symbol= LYD
3643CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: MoroccoMAD-nameMoroccan Dirham موروکَن دِرہَم
3644CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: MoroccoMAD-symbol= MAD
3645CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Morocco: MAF (old)MAF-nameMoroccan Franc موروکَن فرٛینٛک
3646CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Morocco: MAF (old)MAF-symbol= MAF
3647CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: SudanSDG-nameSudanese Pound سوٗڈانُک پونٛڈ
3648CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: SudanSDG-symbol= SDG
3649CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDD (old)SDD-nameSudanese Dinar (1992–2007) پرون سوٗڈانُک دیٖنار
3650CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDD (old)SDD-symbol= SDD
3651CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDP (old)SDP-nameSudanese Pound (1957–1998) پرون سوٗڈانُک پونٛڈ
3652CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDP (old)SDP-symbol= SDP
3653CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: South SudanSSP-nameSouth Sudanese Pound SSP
3654CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: South SudanSSP-symbol= SSP
3655CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: South SudanSSP-symbol-narrow= £
3656CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: TunisiaTND-nameTunisian Dinar ٹُنیشیاہُک دیٖنار
3657CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: TunisiaTND-symbol= TND
3658CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Côte d’IvoireXOF-nameCFA Franc BCEAO سی ایٚف اے فرینک بی سی ایٖ اے او
3659CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Côte d’IvoireXOF-symbol= CFA
3660CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Cape VerdeCVE-nameCape Verdean Escudo CVE
3661CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Cape VerdeCVE-symbol= CVE
3662CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GhanaGHS-nameGhanaian Cedi گَنیٚیَن سٮ۪ڑی
3663CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GhanaGHS-symbol= GHS
3664CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Ghana: GHC (old)GHC-nameGhanaian Cedi (1979–2007) گَنیٚیَن سٮ۪ڑی(۱۹۷۹–۲٠٠۷)
3665CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Ghana: GHC (old)GHC-symbol= GHC
3666CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GambiaGMD-nameGambian Dalasi گیمبِیاہُک دلاسی
3667CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GambiaGMD-symbol= GMD
3668CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GuineaGNF-nameGuinean Franc گِنِیَن فرٛینٛک
3669CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GuineaGNF-symbol= GNF
3670CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GuineaGNF-symbol-narrow= FG
3671CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea: GNS (old)GNS-nameGuinean Syli گِنِیَن سِلی
3672CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea: GNS (old)GNS-symbol= GNS
3673CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWE (old)GWE-namePortuguese Guinea Escudo پورتگیٖزُک گِنی اٮ۪سکیوٗڑو
3674CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWE (old)GWE-symbol= GWE
3675CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWP (old)GWP-nameGuinea-Bissau Peso گِنی بِساوُک پٮ۪سو
3676CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWP (old)GWP-symbol= GWP
3677CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: LiberiaLRD-nameLiberian Dollar لَیبیرِیَن ڑالَر
3678CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: LiberiaLRD-symbol= LRD
3679CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: LiberiaLRD-symbol-narrow= $
3680CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Mali: MLF (old)MLF-nameMalian Franc میلِیَن فرٛینٛک
3681CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Mali: MLF (old)MLF-symbol= MLF
3682CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: MauritaniaMRO-nameMauritanian Ouguiya مورِٹینِیَن عوگیوٗیا
3683CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: MauritaniaMRO-symbol= MRO
3684CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: NigeriaNGN-nameNigerian Naira نَیجیرِیَن ڑالَر
3685CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: NigeriaNGN-symbol= NGN
3686CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: NigeriaNGN-symbol-narrow=
3687CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: St. HelenaSHP-nameSt. Helena Pound سینٹ ہیلِنا پونٛڈ
3688CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: St. HelenaSHP-symbol= SHP
3689CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: St. HelenaSHP-symbol-narrow= £
3690CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Sierra LeoneSLL-nameSierra Leonean Leone SLL
3691CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Sierra LeoneSLL-symbol= SLL
3692CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: AngolaAOA-nameAngolan Kwanza اٮ۪نگولَن کوانزا
3693CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: AngolaAOA-symbol= AOA
3694CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: AngolaAOA-symbol-narrow= Kz
3695CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOK (old)AOK-nameAngolan Kwanza (1977–1991) AOK
3696CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOK (old)AOK-symbol= AOK
3697CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AON (old)AON-nameAngolan New Kwanza (1990–2000) AON
3698CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AON (old)AON-symbol= AON
3699CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOR (old)AOR-nameAngolan Readjusted Kwanza (1995–1999) اٮ۪نگولَن کوانٛزا رٮ۪جِسٹاڑو
3700CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOR (old)AOR-symbol= AOR
3701CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - KinshasaCDF-nameCongolese Franc کونٛگولیٖز فرٛیک
3702CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - KinshasaCDF-symbol= CDF
3703CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRN (old)ZRN-nameZairean New Zaire (1993–1998) زایرِیَن نِو زایِر
3704CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRN (old)ZRN-symbol= ZRN
3705CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRZ (old)ZRZ-nameZairean Zaire (1971–1993) زَیرُک ڈالَر
3706CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRZ (old)ZRZ-symbol= ZRZ
3707CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: CameroonXAF-nameCFA Franc BEAC سی ایٚف اے فرینک بی ایٖ اے سی
3708CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: CameroonXAF-symbol= FCFA
3709CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Equatorial Guinea: GQE (old)GQE-nameEquatorial Guinean Ekwele اِکویٹورِیَل گِنِیَن اٮ۪کویٖل
3710CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Equatorial Guinea: GQE (old)GQE-symbol= GQE
3711CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTD-nameSão Tomé & Príncipe Dobra STD
3712CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTD-symbol= STD
3713CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTD-symbol-narrow= Db
3714CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: BurundiBIF-nameBurundian Franc بُرُنڑِین فرینٛک
3715CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: BurundiBIF-symbol= BIF
3716CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: DjiboutiDJF-nameDjiboutian Franc DJF
3717CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: DjiboutiDJF-symbol= DJF