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379 Code Points

[ゝ ゞ ぁ-うゔ ぇ-お ゕか-ぐ ゖけ-ぽ 🈀 ま-よ ゟ ら-わ 𛅐ゐ 𛅑ゑ 𛅒を ん 𛀂-𛀎 𛀁 𛀏-𛄞]

HiraganaHiragana letters
items: 84

 ぁ U+3041null
 あ U+3042null
 ぃ U+3043null
 い U+3044null
 ぅ U+3045null
 う U+3046null
 ぇ U+3047null
 え U+3048null
 ぉ U+3049null
 お U+304Anull
 か U+304Bnull
 が U+304Cnull
 き U+304Dnull
 ぎ U+304Enull
 く U+304Fnull
 ぐ U+3050null
 け U+3051null
 げ U+3052null
 こ U+3053null
 ご U+3054null
 さ U+3055null
 ざ U+3056null
 し U+3057null
 じ U+3058null
 す U+3059null
 ず U+305Anull
 せ U+305Bnull
 ぜ U+305Cnull
 そ U+305Dnull
 ぞ U+305Enull
 た U+305Fnull
 だ U+3060null
 ち U+3061null
 ぢ U+3062null
 っ U+3063null
 つ U+3064null
 づ U+3065null
 て U+3066null
 で U+3067null
 と U+3068null
 ど U+3069null
 な U+306Anull
 に U+306Bnull
 ぬ U+306Cnull
 ね U+306Dnull
 の U+306Enull
 は U+306Fnull
 ば U+3070null
 ぱ U+3071null
 ひ U+3072null
 び U+3073null
 ぴ U+3074null
 ふ U+3075null
 ぶ U+3076null
 ぷ U+3077null
 へ U+3078null
 べ U+3079null
 ぺ U+307Anull
 ほ U+307Bnull
 ぼ U+307Cnull
 ぽ U+307Dnull
 ま U+307Enull
 み U+307Fnull
 む U+3080null
 め U+3081null
 も U+3082null
 ゃ U+3083null
 や U+3084null
 ゅ U+3085null
 ゆ U+3086null
 ょ U+3087null
 よ U+3088null
 ら U+3089null
 り U+308Anull
 る U+308Bnull
 れ U+308Cnull
 ろ U+308Dnull
 ゎ U+308Enull
 わ U+308Fnull
 ゐ U+3090null
 ゑ U+3091null
 を U+3092null
 ん U+3093null
 ゔ U+3094null

HiraganaSmall letters
items: 2

 ゕ U+3095null
 ゖ U+3096null

HiraganaIteration marks
items: 2

 ゝ U+309Dnull
 ゞ U+309Enull

HiraganaHiragana digraph
items: 1

 ゟ U+309Fnull

Kana SupplementHistoric Hiragana and Hentaigana
items: 1

 𛀁 U+1B001null

Kana SupplementHentaigana
items: 254

 𛀂 U+1B002null
 𛀃 U+1B003null
 𛀄 U+1B004null
 𛀅 U+1B005null
 𛀆 U+1B006null
 𛀇 U+1B007null
 𛀈 U+1B008null
 𛀉 U+1B009null
 𛀊 U+1B00Anull
 𛀋 U+1B00Bnull
 𛀌 U+1B00Cnull
 𛀍 U+1B00Dnull
 𛀎 U+1B00Enull
 𛀏 U+1B00Fnull
 𛀐 U+1B010null
 𛀑 U+1B011null
 𛀒 U+1B012null
 𛀓 U+1B013null
 𛀔 U+1B014null
 𛀕 U+1B015null
 𛀖 U+1B016null
 𛀗 U+1B017null
 𛀘 U+1B018null
 𛀙 U+1B019null
 𛀚 U+1B01Anull
 𛀛 U+1B01Bnull
 𛀜 U+1B01Cnull
 𛀝 U+1B01Dnull
 𛀞 U+1B01Enull
 𛀟 U+1B01Fnull
 𛀠 U+1B020null
 𛀡 U+1B021null
 𛀢 U+1B022null
 𛀣 U+1B023null
 𛀤 U+1B024null
 𛀥 U+1B025null
 𛀦 U+1B026null
 𛀧 U+1B027null
 𛀨 U+1B028null
 𛀩 U+1B029null
 𛀪 U+1B02Anull
 𛀫 U+1B02Bnull
 𛀬 U+1B02Cnull
 𛀭 U+1B02Dnull
 𛀮 U+1B02Enull
 𛀯 U+1B02Fnull
 𛀰 U+1B030null
 𛀱 U+1B031null
 𛀲 U+1B032null
 𛀳 U+1B033null
 𛀴 U+1B034null
 𛀵 U+1B035null
 𛀶 U+1B036null
 𛀷 U+1B037null
 𛀸 U+1B038null
 𛀹 U+1B039null
 𛀺 U+1B03Anull
 𛀻 U+1B03Bnull
 𛀼 U+1B03Cnull
 𛀽 U+1B03Dnull
 𛀾 U+1B03Enull
 𛀿 U+1B03Fnull
 𛁀 U+1B040null
 𛁁 U+1B041null
 𛁂 U+1B042null
 𛁃 U+1B043null
 𛁄 U+1B044null
 𛁅 U+1B045null
 𛁆 U+1B046null
 𛁇 U+1B047null
 𛁈 U+1B048null
 𛁉 U+1B049null
 𛁊 U+1B04Anull
 𛁋 U+1B04Bnull
 𛁌 U+1B04Cnull
 𛁍 U+1B04Dnull
 𛁎 U+1B04Enull
 𛁏 U+1B04Fnull
 𛁐 U+1B050null
 𛁑 U+1B051null
 𛁒 U+1B052null
 𛁓 U+1B053null
 𛁔 U+1B054null
 𛁕 U+1B055null
 𛁖 U+1B056null
 𛁗 U+1B057null
 𛁘 U+1B058null
 𛁙 U+1B059null
 𛁚 U+1B05Anull
 𛁛 U+1B05Bnull
 𛁜 U+1B05Cnull
 𛁝 U+1B05Dnull
 𛁞 U+1B05Enull
 𛁟 U+1B05Fnull
 𛁠 U+1B060null
 𛁡 U+1B061null
 𛁢 U+1B062null
 𛁣 U+1B063null
 𛁤 U+1B064null
 𛁥 U+1B065null
 𛁦 U+1B066null
 𛁧 U+1B067null
 𛁨 U+1B068null
 𛁩 U+1B069null
 𛁪 U+1B06Anull
 𛁫 U+1B06Bnull
 𛁬 U+1B06Cnull
 𛁭 U+1B06Dnull
 𛁮 U+1B06Enull
 𛁯 U+1B06Fnull
 𛁰 U+1B070null
 𛁱 U+1B071null
 𛁲 U+1B072null
 𛁳 U+1B073null
 𛁴 U+1B074null
 𛁵 U+1B075null
 𛁶 U+1B076null
 𛁷 U+1B077null
 𛁸 U+1B078null
 𛁹 U+1B079null
 𛁺 U+1B07Anull
 𛁻 U+1B07Bnull
 𛁼 U+1B07Cnull
 𛁽 U+1B07Dnull
 𛁾 U+1B07Enull
 𛁿 U+1B07Fnull
 𛂀 U+1B080null
 𛂁 U+1B081null
 𛂂 U+1B082null
 𛂃 U+1B083null
 𛂄 U+1B084null
 𛂅 U+1B085null
 𛂆 U+1B086null
 𛂇 U+1B087null
 𛂈 U+1B088null
 𛂉 U+1B089null
 𛂊 U+1B08Anull
 𛂋 U+1B08Bnull
 𛂌 U+1B08Cnull
 𛂍 U+1B08Dnull
 𛂎 U+1B08Enull
 𛂏 U+1B08Fnull
 𛂐 U+1B090null
 𛂑 U+1B091null
 𛂒 U+1B092null
 𛂓 U+1B093null
 𛂔 U+1B094null
 𛂕 U+1B095null
 𛂖 U+1B096null
 𛂗 U+1B097null
 𛂘 U+1B098null
 𛂙 U+1B099null
 𛂚 U+1B09Anull
 𛂛 U+1B09Bnull
 𛂜 U+1B09Cnull
 𛂝 U+1B09Dnull
 𛂞 U+1B09Enull
 𛂟 U+1B09Fnull
 𛂠 U+1B0A0null
 𛂡 U+1B0A1null
 𛂢 U+1B0A2null
 𛂣 U+1B0A3null
 𛂤 U+1B0A4null
 𛂥 U+1B0A5null
 𛂦 U+1B0A6null
 𛂧 U+1B0A7null
 𛂨 U+1B0A8null
 𛂩 U+1B0A9null
 𛂪 U+1B0AAnull
 𛂫 U+1B0ABnull
 𛂬 U+1B0ACnull
 𛂭 U+1B0ADnull
 𛂮 U+1B0AEnull
 𛂯 U+1B0AFnull
 𛂰 U+1B0B0null
 𛂱 U+1B0B1null
 𛂲 U+1B0B2null
 𛂳 U+1B0B3null
 𛂴 U+1B0B4null
 𛂵 U+1B0B5null
 𛂶 U+1B0B6null
 𛂷 U+1B0B7null
 𛂸 U+1B0B8null
 𛂹 U+1B0B9null
 𛂺 U+1B0BAnull
 𛂻 U+1B0BBnull
 𛂼 U+1B0BCnull
 𛂽 U+1B0BDnull
 𛂾 U+1B0BEnull
 𛂿 U+1B0BFnull
 𛃀 U+1B0C0null
 𛃁 U+1B0C1null
 𛃂 U+1B0C2null
 𛃃 U+1B0C3null
 𛃄 U+1B0C4null
 𛃅 U+1B0C5null
 𛃆 U+1B0C6null
 𛃇 U+1B0C7null
 𛃈 U+1B0C8null
 𛃉 U+1B0C9null
 𛃊 U+1B0CAnull
 𛃋 U+1B0CBnull
 𛃌 U+1B0CCnull
 𛃍 U+1B0CDnull
 𛃎 U+1B0CEnull
 𛃏 U+1B0CFnull
 𛃐 U+1B0D0null
 𛃑 U+1B0D1null
 𛃒 U+1B0D2null
 𛃓 U+1B0D3null
 𛃔 U+1B0D4null
 𛃕 U+1B0D5null
 𛃖 U+1B0D6null
 𛃗 U+1B0D7null
 𛃘 U+1B0D8null
 𛃙 U+1B0D9null
 𛃚 U+1B0DAnull
 𛃛 U+1B0DBnull
 𛃜 U+1B0DCnull
 𛃝 U+1B0DDnull
 𛃞 U+1B0DEnull
 𛃟 U+1B0DFnull
 𛃠 U+1B0E0null
 𛃡 U+1B0E1null
 𛃢 U+1B0E2null
 𛃣 U+1B0E3null
 𛃤 U+1B0E4null
 𛃥 U+1B0E5null
 𛃦 U+1B0E6null
 𛃧 U+1B0E7null
 𛃨 U+1B0E8null
 𛃩 U+1B0E9null
 𛃪 U+1B0EAnull
 𛃫 U+1B0EBnull
 𛃬 U+1B0ECnull
 𛃭 U+1B0EDnull
 𛃮 U+1B0EEnull
 𛃯 U+1B0EFnull
 𛃰 U+1B0F0null
 𛃱 U+1B0F1null
 𛃲 U+1B0F2null
 𛃳 U+1B0F3null
 𛃴 U+1B0F4null
 𛃵 U+1B0F5null
 𛃶 U+1B0F6null
 𛃷 U+1B0F7null
 𛃸 U+1B0F8null
 𛃹 U+1B0F9null
 𛃺 U+1B0FAnull
 𛃻 U+1B0FBnull
 𛃼 U+1B0FCnull
 𛃽 U+1B0FDnull
 𛃾 U+1B0FEnull
 𛃿 U+1B0FFnull

Kana Extended AHentaigana
items: 31

 𛄀 U+1B100null
 𛄁 U+1B101null
 𛄂 U+1B102null
 𛄃 U+1B103null
 𛄄 U+1B104null
 𛄅 U+1B105null
 𛄆 U+1B106null
 𛄇 U+1B107null
 𛄈 U+1B108null
 𛄉 U+1B109null
 𛄊 U+1B10Anull
 𛄋 U+1B10Bnull
 𛄌 U+1B10Cnull
 𛄍 U+1B10Dnull
 𛄎 U+1B10Enull
 𛄏 U+1B10Fnull
 𛄐 U+1B110null
 𛄑 U+1B111null
 𛄒 U+1B112null
 𛄓 U+1B113null
 𛄔 U+1B114null
 𛄕 U+1B115null
 𛄖 U+1B116null
 𛄗 U+1B117null
 𛄘 U+1B118null
 𛄙 U+1B119null
 𛄚 U+1B11Anull
 𛄛 U+1B11Bnull
 𛄜 U+1B11Cnull
 𛄝 U+1B11Dnull
 𛄞 U+1B11Enull

Small Kana ExtensionHistoric small hiragana letters
items: 3

 𛅐 U+1B150null
 𛅑 U+1B151null
 𛅒 U+1B152null

Enclosed Ideographic SupplementSquared hiragana from ARIB STD B24
items: 1

 🈀 U+1F200null

Fonts and Display. If you don't have a good set of Unicode fonts (and modern browser), you may not be able to read some of the characters. Some suggested fonts that you can add for coverage are: Noto Fonts site, Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts, Large, multi-script Unicode fonts. See also: Unicode Display Problems.

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