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About Conferences

The Internationalization and Unicode Conferences are of great value to engineers implementing the Unicode Standard, and anyone working on the internationalization of software or engaged in furthering research into the representation of historic languages and symbols by computers. A variety of tutorials and conference sessions cover current topics related to recent advances in Unicode, the web, software, and internationalization. Participants can learn about new developments in the representation of human languages and in the implementation of Unicode-related standards.

Internationalization and Unicode Conferences are the ideal place to interact and exchange ideas with others in the field of internationalization and language support, including experts, implementers, educators, clients and vendors. The interactive format makes the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences a great place to meet leading experts, find out about the needs of the worldwide users of software, or find out what Unicode-enabled products are available. Participants receive copies of the conference proceedings. Proceedings from past conferences are archived.

Copyright for IUC Papers

The copyright for IUC papers is owned jointly by the Unicode Consortium and by either the author(s) or the company where the author(s) work. Both parties holding the copyright have the right to reproduce the paper in whole or in part, and to use any material from the paper in any other publication.

For reproductions that incorporate substantially all of the material, authors are requested to acknowledge the IUC as site of original publication, for example as follows: "This paper was first presented at the Internationalization and Unicode Conference #24 in Atlanta, Georgia, September 2003."

Conference Organizers

Object Management Group, (OMG) organizes the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences around the world under an exclusive license granted by the Unicode Consortium. All responsibility for conference finances and operations is borne by OMG. The independent conference board provides technical review of the program and papers. The board serves solely at the pleasure of OMG and is composed of volunteers that are experts in Unicode and in international software development.  All inquiries regarding the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences should be addressed to info@unicodeconference.org

Prior to IUC # 29, Global Meeting Services (GMS) organized the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences under license from the Consortium. Inquiries regarding past Internationalization and Unicode Conferences organized by GMS should be addressed to the Unicode office using the contact form.

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