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Ordering the Unicode Guide


The Unicode Guide provides an authoritative but lightweight introduction, overview, and quick reference to the main principles of the Unicode Standard. The 6-page laminated guide includes these sections:
Unicode Guide, click to enlarge
  • byte order mark - the bom
  • character properties
  • chinese characters - cjk/han ideographs
  • codes for common punctuation and symbols
  • data as text and text as data
  • encoding architecture
  • key gotchas
  • text comparison
  • text encoding conversions
  • text rendering
  • text segmentation
  • text transformations
  • unicode and text
  • unicode code chart sample
  • unicode codespace
  • unicode in practice
  • utf-16
  • utf-32
  • utf-8


You can order the Unicode Guide from the following vendor:

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For bulk orders or additional information, please Contact the Unicode office



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