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Unicode Trademark and Logo Policy

The Unicode logo may only be used with the written consent of the Unicode Consortium.

If you wish to indicate with a banner that your site supports or uses Unicode, please use the Unicode Encoded logos.

If you wish to use the original Unicode logo, please contact the Unicode office for application materials and permission to reproduce the logo. There is no charge or licensing for a non-commercial purpose. Vendors may apply for a license to use the logo in conjunction with commercial products.

Non-Commercial Use of Logo

Non-commercial use is when the logo is used as an illustration or design element directly accompanying a description of the Unicode Standard or the Unicode Consortium. Examples of non-commercial use include:

  • an article about the Consortium and/or the Unicode Standard;
  • a sidebar on the Consortium and/or the Unicode Standard within a more general article;
  • a news report on the Consortium and its activities.

The logo may not be used for product reviews or descriptions without a license.

There is no charge for non-commercial use of the logo.

Commercial Use of Logo

The Unicode Consortium licenses its logo for one class of commercial usage: in marketing collateral, product announcements, product reviews or descriptions, packaging, and advertising copy, to designate that the manufacturer certifies that the product supports the Unicode Standard.

The only Web references allowed are as direct links to Unicode Inc.'s web site at http://www.unicode.org.  " Splash-Screen" usage of the Unicode Logo will be allowed provided that the Online End User License, About box, or the like, states the nature of the Unicode Logo license.

A license applies to a specific product or product revision, and is for a fixed 2 year period. The Unicode Consortium may revoke the license for failure to comply with its terms and conditions.

Royalty Free Logo License

The license is free of royalties, but there is a one time application fee of US$25 per product.

Please contact the Unicode Office for application materials. Any direct costs above $25 (e.g., for special delivery) will be billed to the applicant company.

Use of Trademarks of The Unicode® Consortium

1. Trademark Importance

All companies benefit from proper use of trademarks. This guide will assist you in ensuring the proper use of the Unicode® Consortium's trademarks:

    Unicode™ - when referring to the Unicode Standard
    Unicode® - when referring to the Unicode Consortium and the Unicode Logo.

2. Product Names

The Unicode mark MAY NEVER be incorporated as part of a product or service of another company. You may not include "Unicode", or any potentially confusing variation in the name of your product.

3. Packaging and Advertising

You may note the compliance with, or support of, your application program for the Unicode™ Standard on packaging, collateral material, or advertising (but do not include "Unicode" in the product name). You should use phrases such as "compliant with", "supporting", or "for" the Unicode Standard. Here are examples:

XYZ for the Unicode™ Standard XYZ Unicode
XYZ for Unicode Unicode XYZ

Correct reference to the Unicode mark includes:
(i) using the symbol "™" (or "®" when referring to the Unicode Consortium) with the mark Unicode. The symbols should be placed next to the last letter of the mark, at the upper right, or at the baseline;
(ii) placing the generic product name, "the descriptor," immediately after the mark. The descriptor for Unicode is "Standard" or "Consortium;" and,
(iii) including one of the attributions described in Section 5, Attributing the Trademark of the Unicode Consortium on such material.

4. Always Use Marks as Proper Adjectives

Trademarks identify a company's goods or services. A trademark is a proper adjective that modifies the generic name of a product or service. The Unicode mark identifies The Unicode Standard and the Unicode Consortium.
Proper Adjective Generic Name or Descriptor:
Unicode™ Standard
Unicode® Consortium

5. Attributing the Trademarks of the Unicode Consortium

The following footnotes should appear on material which bears the trademarks of the Unicode Consortium:
The footnote should read:
Unicode™- "Unicode is a trademark of Unicode, Inc."
Unicode® -"Unicode is a registered trademark of Unicode, Inc."
The Unicode Logo "Unicode and the Unicode Logo are trademarks of Unicode, Inc."

6. Do Not Combine the Trademark with an Improper Generic Name

"Unicode" is the mark used to identify the Standard (or the Consortium). Application programs designed to support the Unicode Standard are not "Unicode applications," but rather application programs for the Unicode Standard.

Application(s) for the Unicode™ Standard Unicode™ application(s)
User of the Unicode™ Standard Unicode™ user

7. Do Not Use Trademarks as Possessives or in Plural Forms

Characters in Unicode™  Unicode™ characters
I ordered two copies of Unicode™  I ordered two Unicode™

8. Do Not Abbreviate or Create Acronyms

Marks should not be abbreviated. [While this is true for trademarks, the abbreviation, "Uni-" is sufficiently generic as to not be protected.]

9. Company Names

Marks SHOULD NEVER be incorporated in another company's names (whether a corporate name or d/b/a) to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

Unicode, Inc. when referring to the company name of the Unicode Consortium XYZ Unicode company

10. The Unicode Logo

The Unicode Logo is the symbol for the Unicode Standard and related products.

Third parties implementing products compliant with or supporting the Unicode™ Standard are invited to contact the Unicode office for application materials and permission to reproduce the logo. Upon acceptance of your application, Unicode can supply camera ready art and a web ready logo.