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Emoji Candidates (Provisional)

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The following emoji characters are candidates for inclusion in a future version of Unicode. These characters are not final! The characters were based on proposals received by the Unicode Consortium, reviewed by the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, and selected on the basis of the Emoji Selection Factors in Submitting Emoji Proposals. That page also describes the Process and Timeline for proposals.

See also Draft Candidates.


Provisional candidates are subject to prioritization, and may not included be in the next release of Unicode. Temporary IDs are assigned, not code points. Draft candidates are “short-listed”, and have been assigned draft code points, but are still subject to change or removal. Final candidates will be in the next release of Unicode, but do not have final code points or properties.

The Attributes column contains provisional information about the candidate:

Feedback on the CLDR Short Name, Keywords, ordering, and category is welcome.

When looking at the linked proposals for candidates or accepted characters it is important to keep two points in mind:

  1. New proposals must follow the form in Submitting Emoji Proposals. This form may have changed since earlier proposals were submitted.
  2. The UTC may accept a proposal for reasons other than those stated in the proposal, and does not necessarily endorse or consider relevant all of the proposed reasons.
Code Prop CLDR Short Name Other Keywords Attributes Proposal
1 X101302 􁌂 ninja fighter | hidden | stealth
➯ smiley (feedback welcome on whether to make human-form, which would ‘cost’ 12 emoji)
> 🤠 L2/18‑197
Animals & Nature
Code Prop CLDR Short Name Other Keywords Attributes Proposal
2 X101306 􁌆 mammoth extinction | large | tusk | woolly > 🐘 L2/17‑420
3 X101304 􁌄 feather flight | light | plumage > 🦉 L2/18‑200
4 X101307 􁌇 dodo extinction | large | Mauritius > 🦉 L2/17‑441
Code Prop CLDR Short Name Other Keywords Attributes Proposal
5 X101305 􁌅 magic wand magic | witch | wizard > 🔮 L2/18‑218
Code Prop CLDR Short Name Other Keywords Attributes Proposal
6 X101303 􁌃 military helmet soldier | warrior > ⛑ L2/18‑199
7 X101300 􁌀 carpentry saw carpenter | lumber | saw | tool > ⛏ L2/18‑178
8 X101301 􁌁 screwdriver screw | tool > 🔧 L2/18‑179

Emoji Counts

For a key to the format of the table, see Emoji Counts Key.

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