As companies develop more and more software based on the Unicode Standard, they are venturing into the unfamiliar territory of handling scripts of foreign languages. Needless to say, they are often confronted with puzzling questions related to the scripts in general, as well as to their pragmatic implementation as digit fonts. While companies can resort to many useful industry resources for certain aspects of software development, there are very few resources which can help in planning or implementing fonts. Where do we find a font supplier? What font format is most appropriate for our project? What advantages & disadvantages are associated with each format? Can we make our own Unicode fonts? These, among many others, are some the most common questions asked.

The Fonts Q&A session will give people the opportunity of addressing Unicode-related font questions to a panel of font experts who represent the following companies: Adobe, Apple, Bitstream, Decotype, Microsoft, Monotype, Tiro Typeworks, and Y&Y. Since each panel member was selected on the basis of expertise in one or more font-related areas, the combined knowledge of the panel covers a very broad gamut.

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