This paper will explore the issues of internationalizing UNIX C code. Code examples will be taken from currently existing UNIX commands and from the Free Software Foundation's "glib" source. The presentation buids on the previous presentation and on the knowlege of the audience. In particular the paper will explore issues involved in the ongoing internationalizion of the fundamental system library and the impact of those changes to the developer working on true 8 bit, wide character, and Unicode implementations.

This paper is intended to approach the solution of these issues in a practical real code world using actual UNIX code as an example. The basic information regarding character sets and the history of the UNIX I18N/L10N will not be presented. The intent of this presentation is to have more 'content' and more discussion.

At the conclusion the audience will have a practical idea of the type of issues that exist in internationalizing existing C code and the empirical processes involved in solving those issues.

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