Developing Global Internet Application Using NAS4.0 & NAB4.0

The 16th Unicode Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 2000

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Table of Contents

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Basic Flow of Netscape Application Server

Netscape Application Server Key Features

Conventional Programming Model with Three Layers

International Features

Multilingual Internet Application with NAS4.0

Locales and Character Sets

Application NLS Configuration

NLS Environment I

NLS Environment II

Character Set Conversions

International API of NAS4.0 I

International API of NAS4.0 II

Locale Based Presentation Hierarchies

Application Scenario 1

Application Scenario 2

Application Scenario 3

Developing a Global Internet Application

Online Shopping Mall Features I

Online Shopping Mall Features II

Presentation Files

Model for Dynamic Language Selection

Sample Code: Header.jsp

Sample Code: I

Sample Code: II


Questions & Comments

Extra Stuff!

Data Model

Control Flow

Control Flow: ShowMainEntrance

Control Flow: LanguageSelectionServlet

Control Flow: CatalogBrowseServlet

Control Flow: CartServlet and CashierServlet

Control Flow: SearchServlet

Control Flow: CustomerServlet

Control Flow: AdminServlet

Sample Code: I

Sample Code: II

Sample Code: III

Author: Yuriko Yamasaki, Netscape Communication


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