The Development of Adobe-Japan1-4 & Mac OS X OpenType Fonts

Ken Lunde - Adobe Systems, Inc. & Yasuo Kida - Apple Computer, Inc.

Intended Audience: Manager, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Marketer, Font Developer
Session Level: Intermediate


Adobe Systems and Morisawa began work on the Adobe-Japan1-4 character collection in early 1996, and was completed in early 2000 with the cooperation of companies such as Apple Computer and Fontworks. The purpose of Adobe-Japan1-4 is to be able to build font products that satisfy most of the professional and commercial printing needs in Japan. Apple, working with Dainippon Screen, has developed several Adobe-Japan1-4 OpenType fonts for Mac OS X.

Statement of Purpose:

A representative from Adobe Systems, Ken Lunde, will describe the process of defining the Adobe-Japan1-4 character collection, along with the definition of the many OpenType features that make its glyphs accessible in applications such as Adobe InDesign-J. A representative from Apple Computer, Yasuo Kida, will describe the implementation issues that were encountered during the development of the Mac OS X fonts, and also how Mac OS X accesses unencoded glyphs through AAT (Apple Advanced Typography) tables.


Attendees will become familiar with the structure and intent of the Adobe-Japan1-4 character collection, along with advanced typographic features and system-level support in Mac OS X. Participants will be able to draw on the experiences from both Adobe Systems and Apple Computer, in order to significantly simplify their own development efforts.

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