International Features of New Netscape 6 Browser

Katsuhiko Momoi - Netscape Communications

Intended Audience: Manager, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Marketer
Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate

New Netscape 6 is a Unicode-based Browser and an application platform. In this presentation we focus on user-oriented features of this new Browser such as the Extensible and Customizable Character Coding Menu, which can support additional charsets easily via a plugin architecture. Multilingual MySidebar and its various integrated features such as simultaneous multiple search. Netscape 6 also includes free web-based Translation services for major languages. It also includes multilingual Bookmarks and History windows. Netscape 6 also features easily customizable chrome (called "themes") and easy-to-translate menu and dialog UI through XML- based XUL technology. What makes these new features possible is a componentized, compact, and fast open-source based new layout engine called Gecko. Gecko adheres strictly to international web standards such as CSS1, CSS2 (partial support), DOM1, DOM2 (partial support), XML, RDF, JavaScript 1.5, and HTML 4. In addition, Netscape 6 supports Java 2 by Sun via Open Java Interface (OJI). Gecko makes it possible for web site developers to write to standards rather than to a particular browser. In the demo portion of the presentation, we will present not only the features mentioned above but samples of web-based applications built on Gecko/Netscape 6 and web standards such as CSS, DOM, and XML. Finally we will discuss what is in store for future Netscape 6 Browser and discuss Mozilla development as well.

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