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Dr. Caldwell grew up in a border town which was an international tourism center (Niagara Falls, NY, USA) into a family which spanned the US-Canadian border. He studied Esperanto and "Interlingua", as a child, then Spanish in High School. Later he studied Chinese at Yale University, in a 12-month "total immersion" program with Military and Missionary classmates. He went on to extended studies Chinese and Japanese first in Korea, then in civilian life: The University of Texas at Austin, Columbia University in New York City, Ohio State University, Middlebury College, Harvard University and with tutors in Beijing, China where he taught English and Western Civilization for two years.

After completing a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Politics he taught Political Science, History, World Civilizations, Philosophy, and Multilingual Computer applications in New York State (SUNY Binghamton and Iona College). After post-Doctoral research at the University of California at Berkeley, he worked as Assistant Director of the Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford University, where he facilitated the adoption of computer technology for teaching and writing in East Asian languages.

Dr. Caldwell founded Pacific Rim Connections in 1985 (a company whose mission was to facilitate multilingual and intercultural communication using computer technology). He joined the Unicode Technical Committee in 1989-1990, under the sponsorship of Sun Microsystems, to help the committee prepare the initial Unicode (1.0) Manual and to work with various standards organizations. He now serves as Vice President for Multilingual Technology at DAE Interactive Marketing, a division of "The Web Connection" and "Chinadotcom Corporation." This new affiliation is based upon a shared vision among colleagues to creatively and appropriately integrate technology, marketing, and public education to provide "best-of-breed" commercial solutions for diverse peoples and organizations who populate and explore the World-Wide Web.

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