Cathyann Swindlehurst - Cygnet International, Inc.

Cathyann Swindlehurst is President and founder of Cygnet International, Inc., a localization and Internationalization consulting firm located in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude) in Theoretical Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Linguistic Anthropology. With more than fourteen years experience in the IT industry, Cathyann brings a variety of software and documentation project experience to her consulting practice. Recent major projects include: Internationalization/Localization Project Manager for IBM PartnerInfo (Lotus Consulting) and the Internationalization/Localization Project Manager for Silknet Software's eCommerce/eService product suite. In addition to project management in the Localization/Internationalization field, Cathyann is available for short-term educational consulting for software development organizations as they prepare to enter the international market. She has also developed "Why It Takes so Long&Why It Costs so Much", an educational briefing for software executives on Localization and Internationalization issues.

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