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The Internet and the World Wide Web continue to change the shape of computing. The goal of network computing and understandable text access across wide, diverse groups of people has brought great momentum to computing environments that build Unicode into their foundation. Whether it's Internet commerce, network access to data, or highly portable applications, Unicode makes a solid foundation for the network, global enterprises, and software users everywhere. The Seventeenth International Unicode Conference (IUC17), held on 5-8 September 2000 in San Jose, California, addressed topics ranging from Unicode use in the World Wide Web and in corporate and government Intranets and databases, to the latest developments with Unicode 3.0, Java, XML and Web protocols. The four-day Conference was packed with three tracks of tutorials and presentations. Did you miss important talks due to clashes between tracks? Did you miss the Conference entirely? You'll have another opportunity at the Eighteenth International Unicode Conference in April 2001. See you there!
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International Unicode Conferences are organized by Global Meeting Services, Inc., (GMS). GMS is pleased to be able to offer the International Unicode Conferences under an exclusive license granted by the Unicode Consortium. All responsibility for conference finances and operations is borne by GMS. The independent conference board serves solely at the pleasure of GMS and is composed of volunteers active in Unicode and in international software development. All inquiries regarding International Unicode Conferences should be addressed to info@global-conference.com.

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