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Foreign Language Resource Center

Jennifer DeCamp - American University

Intended Audience: Managers, Software Engineers, Systems Analysts, Marketers, Web Administrators, Designers
Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The United States government Language and Speech Exploitation Resources (LASER) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) is developing a Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) web site to gather and display information on Human Language Technology (HLT), including on machine translation. The objectives of this site are:

  1. to enable industry, academia, governments, and non-profit organizations to make better use of technology that is already developed through integration and partnerships;
  2. to support language professionals, systems support, and acquisitions personnel in selecting software appropriate for their requirements; and
  3. to help planners identify critical gaps in available and/or already purchased technology.

Challenges include:

  1. maintaining currency with evolving standards and best practices for terminology and evaluation (e.g., International Standards for Language Engineering; ISO Technical Committee 37 on Terminology and Language Resources; Localisation Industry Standards Association); and
  2. leveraging evolving resources, including Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure (TELRI)] Research Archive of Computational Tools and Resources (TRACTOR) at http://www.tractor.de/; the MT Compendium (John Hutchins, Walter Hartmann, and Etsuo Ito at http://www.eamt.org/compendium.html), or sites maintained by Language Technology World (http://www.lt-world.com) and Multilingual Computing (http://www.multilingual.com); and
  3. presenting such information consistent with best practices in decision analysis to help users identify products to meet their needs.

This paper discusses how companies and developers can best use this website to inform the U.S. government, industry, academia, and other governments and organizations of their products. It also discusses these challenges, and solicits input from the Unicode community on how to improve the site. An early version of the site can be viewed at http://flrc.mitre.org.

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