Internationalized Software Testing

Andrea Vine - Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Intended Audience: Managers, Software Engineers, Testers
Session Level: Intermediate

This tutorial shows how current testing can be internationalized to provide a more comprehensive test plan for global products.

Testing internationalization, if done at all, has traditionally been performed as a separate task using a separate set of tests and separate engineers. This strategy is less efficient in timing, resources, and coverage than if standard testing is internationalized.

The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to internationalizing existing test plans. In the beginning there is a discussion of philosophy, followed by test suite configuration. The next section covers the data processed, including language ranges, graphics, and layout. Detailed information on what to look for when testing all types of data is provided. There is a discussion of tools and pointers to additional information in the final portion.

The tutorial presupposes some exposure to general internationalization and character encoding concepts. An intermediate level audience will probably derive the most benefit, although beginners and advanced people will likely find useful information.

The business benefit is better test coverage for the same costs if the concepts presented are applied.