Panel Presentation: How to Work with the U.S. Government

Jennifer DeCamp (Moderator) - MITRE Corporation

Intended Audience: Managers, Marketers
Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This panel will present information on means to improve communication between industry and the U.S. government. Mr. Glenn Nordin will provide an overview of marketing to the government. A representative of the General Services Administration (GSA) will discuss the importance of the GSA contract and will provide information on how to get products and services registered on that contract. Dr. Jennifer DeCamp will discuss the Foreign Language Resource Center. She will also discuss government conferences open to industry, and how to get products exhibited. Dr. Kathleen Egan will talk about the needs in the National Virtual Translation Center for tools and services. Representatives of Foreign Military Sales and the U.S. Department of Commerce will provide on their programs and what they can do to assist industry in selling to other countries. Comments will be welcomed from the audience on how to improve communication.