I18N Sufficiency Testing

David Ginsburg - The Symbio Group

Intended Audience: Managers, Software Engineers, Testers, Product/Project Managers
Session Level: Intermediate

In the globalization process, the more effort you put into the I18N phase, the less on-going effort is needed in subsequent localization phases. If a product will be localized into more than one language, I18N sufficiency testing is a key component to keeping the schedule and budget on target. It can help you find potentially show-stopping problems before they are replicated into various languages.

This presentation will give participants an overview of how to perform I18N sufficiency testing, including the pre-testing check (which entails reviewing the developmental specs to determine whether they accounted for international considerations), setting up the proper testing environment and creating a testing checklist. Specific test plans, environments and cases that test an application's acceptance of international characters will be discussed.

GUI testing through pseudo-localization will also be explained. Pseudo- localization simulates the process of localizing products by completing many of the localization tasks without actually using translation. It is a quick way to test whether your UI is ready to be localized and should be included in any I18N test plan.

This presentation will help product managers, test engineers and project managers learn how and when to complete I18N Sufficiency testing.