Foreign Language Resource Center

Jennifer DeCamp - MITRE Corporation

Intended Audience: All
Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This presentation will discuss and demonstrate U.S. Government Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) is a web site being developed to provide information to language professionals, analysts, systems administrators, acquisitions officers, and language planners about foreign language resources. Information includes the kinds of products (e.g., Arabic Optical Character Recognition) that are or soon will be avail-able from academia, industry, and the government. Developers, vendors, project managers, and subject mat-ter experts can enter and update information via a web survey form. Information is then made available via search tools, a matrix of languages x technologies, and menu-driven reports. Information is also solicited and presentated regarding Unicode and other standards. Feedback is solicited on how to improve the site, particularly concerning standards.

This presentation is intended for all audiences at all levels. The benefit of this site is that it provides a means for better industry-government communication concerning requirements and products. This presentation also provides an opportunity for industry to provide feedback on what information is being solicited and how it is being presented, including information on standards, so that the industry products can most fairly and effectively be represented.