Localizing J2EE Web Applications

Tony Jewtushenko - Oracle Corporation

Intended Audience: Managers, Software Engineers, Systems Analysts, Content Developers, Site Coordinators, Technical Writers, Testers , Web Administrators , Web Designers
Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate

This paper and presentation will provide an overview of how to localize Jakarta Struts Web Applications developed using Oracle's JDeveloper 10g Integrated Development Environment . Struts is an open source MVC framework from Apache Software Organization for building J2EE web applications that provides robust built-in multilingual applications support. The framework integrates with standard technologies, such as JavaServer Pages, as well as Oracle's Business Components for Java (BC4J) Applications Development Framework (ADF). We will review Struts' multilingual architecture, basic features, and provide a localization strategy with detailed step-by-step process.