Ken Glidden - Basis Technology Corporation

Ken Glidden, Manager, Engineering Services

Ken has over 20 years of broad experience in software development and management. At Basis Technology, Ken has served as technical project manager and lead developer for client/server and web-based internationalization projects on Windows on Unix platforms. Previously, at NMS Communications he was section manager and lead engineer for NaturalText, a text-to-speech product, and NMS-TAPI, a TAPI service provider. He founded Volant Software where he developed EKG analysis applications. At TASC he developed image processing, document management, workflow, and expert systems applications. At GZA, he founded and managed the engineering computer department. Ken holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and an MS in Computer Science from Boston University.


Kazuo Hirai, Principal Software Engineer

Kazuo joined Basis Technology in September 1998. He specializes in C, C++, and Java programming and in the development of complex applications. Since joining Basis Technology, Kazuo has led teams of engineers to solve complex architecture and engineering problems for customers ranging from to RightNow Technologies. Before he joined Basis Technology, he worked on numerical simulations in various scientific research projects for seven years at Kyoto University and Harvard University. Kazuo is fluent in Japanese. He received bachelor's and master's degrees from Kyoto University and his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Washington.


Teruhiko Kurosaka