Bill Kirtz - ABLE Innovations, Inc.

Bill Kirtz is a Business Development Manager with ABLE Innovations taking care of sales for the WizTom localization product for Windows, Web and Java.

Bill began his interest in international languages and cultures at the University of Wisconsin where for nearly six years he studied Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese in pursuit of a Ph.D. degree in Buddhist Studies.

He wrote his graduate dissertation while a guest of Otani University in Kyoto for two years.

Bill has nineteen years of experience in the computer industry, largely in channel sales with Varnet, Marcam, and Sybase. At Sybase, he began as a channels and strategic account manager and became the international product manager for PowerBuilder. Bill also developed three new products for Sybase's Enterprise Portal: an International Address Validator, a Cross-Language Names Dictionary and a Locale Formatting Library.

Subsequently, Bill did some trouble shooting on the international aspects of searching with Autonomy in the Sybase Portal search applet, and in Verity's full text indexing for Sybase's enterprise database.