Michael McKenna - California Digital Library, University of California, Office of the President

In his current role, Michael provides leadership in building and managing a suite of services establishing the primary technical infrastructure for digital content repositories for the California Digital Library. He has been a specialist in globalization of applications and distributed systems for almost one and a half decades. He is a licensed professional engineer and has a background in global e-commerce, application design, database internals, distributed bibliographic systems, test engineering, and ethnographic research.

Michael has helped formulate international technology, infrastructures and process strategies for companies such as Xerox, Clarify, Nortel Networks, Network Associates, 3M, HP, Charles Schwab, Commerce One and others.

In various positions, Michael has had primary responsibilities for internationalization architecture across multiple technologies, oversight of corporate global business strategies, streamlining and enhancing localization processes, and technical and business product management of global e-Commerce products and services. He founded the Sybase Global Products Group, which was responsible for the internationalization architecture of all enterprise information management software that Sybase markets.