Peter Kang - CIA

Peter Kang is the Project Manager for ěPrometheus,î a web-based, machine translation network system at the CIA. For the past five years, he has been responsible for the development and implementation of language processing systems based on commercial tools that perform text extraction, language identification, machine translation, OCR, etc. Dr. Kang has also served in the agency as Korean and Japanese Language Analyst, Senior Intelligence Officer working on open source science and technology information and as Physical Scientist managing the development of advanced imaging instruments.

Peter (Kang) received a BS in engineering from Seoul National University, MS in physics from Vanderbilt University and Ph.D. in physics from the American University. He has published a number of research papers in American Journal of Physics and Physical Review. On the subject of Korean transliteration, he has given talks at several government conferences and has published in Cryptologic Quarterly (unclassified article) and Multilingual Computing & Technology.