XML and Localization
Yves Savourel - ENLASO Corporation

Intended Audience: Managers, Software Engineers, Systems Analysts, Technical Writers, Site Coordinators, Testers, Web Designers, Web Administrators, Localization Engineers, Managers dealing XML projects, Anyone responsible for designing XML data structure that will be localized, Anyone localizing XML data, and anyone who is interested in understanding better how to take advantage of XML during the localization process.

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This presentation discusses how XML can be used in the localization process from different viewpoints. It looks first at the different aspects that make XML attractive for localization tasks and explores the various ways to take advantage of XML during a localization project. The session also discusses how to translate XML documents (simple or complex ones), and how to overcome some of the challenges XML-enabled tools still offer.

Some of the key concepts discussed are: XML internationalization support, localization of XML data structures, XML localization tools, XSLT, XLIFF, etc.

The attendees will get a broad overview of XML with regard to localization, and see concrete demonstrations on how to use XML in localization, as well as how to localize XML data. They will be able to apply this to their own localization processes and see how XML can possibly help them cut costs and improve turn-around and quality.