IGNITE - Linguistic Infrastructure for Localisation:
Language Data, Tools and Standards
Reinhard Schäler - Localisation Research Centre (LRC)

Intended Audience: Software Engineers, Managers, Systems Analysts, Testers, Standard Developers

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Standards again have become one of the central topics for international content developers and localisers. Without standards, the fully automated "localisation factories" cannot be built; without localisation factories, the localisation industry will not be able to respond to the growing demand for localisation.

IGNITE: Linguistic Infrastructure for Localisation - Language Data, Tools and Standards is a European Project currently being negotiated with the European Commission and due to be launched in early 2005. The IGNITE consortium brings together an independent research laboratory, tools developers, content providers, standards experts and localisation service providers. Their overall aim is to build a prototype of the "Localisation Factory" which will be used to provide convenient access to language resource, technologies and standards, to demonstrate best practice and, perhaps most importantly, verify relevant localisation standards.

This panel session will introduce the IGNITE project and its aims. It will engage participants in a discussion about its implementation and provide them with the opportunity to become part of the group that is going to shape this first large-scale initiative to provide independent, industry and EU-backed localisation standards verification.