Real-World Challenges in a Multilingual and
Multilocale Web CMS Project
Christian Donner - Web and Software Development Expert and Technical Architect

Intended Audience: Software Engineers, Managers, Systems Analysts, Web Designers

Session Level: Advanced

Technical challenges around the internationalization and localization of large web sites are plentiful. Despite all the theory, the integration with legacy systems, third-party products and external feeds can be painful and sometimes requires creative solutions.

The presentation will touch on some of the more technical challenges that were faced and overcome in this J2EE-based Content Management System implementation for a global publishing firm, including the integration of a commercial search engine product and the implementation of XML-based data feeds from sources that were not internationalized.

You will also learn about the process that was required to enable content editors on four continents, six languages and twelve locales to successfully collaborate during the creation and the subsequent maintenance of the site. You will hear about how to translate your site nomenclature and navigation, how to review and test a set of localized sites and how content managers responsible for a local can target and share content with other locales.

Attendees of this presentation will be able to address most potential issues in a similar project before the arise and most importantly, they will not be taken by surprise if they do arise.