Rainbow Localization Tools
Yves Savourel - ENLASO Corporation

Intended Audience: Software Engineers, Managers, Testers, Web Designers, Localization engineers and anyone involved in localization projects

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This presentation aims at introducing Rainbow, a set of freeware localization tools that is in use in the Localization community since several years. One of Rainbow's goal is to promote the use of open-source standards. This demonstration features the new version 4.

The session will start by describing the architecture of the tools and the different common APIs used to connect to the multiple filters and utilities. The use of standards such as Unicode and XML to increase interoperability is also discussed.

The presentation then will move to a series of concrete examples that illustrate how the tool can help software and localization engineers in their tasks related to localization. Among the functionalities presented: an encoding conversion utility that uses Unicode; word-count and match analysis; a filter based on regular expressions that use the Unicode characters properties; other filters for HTML, Java properties, Windows RC, and many other formats; a utility to update the translation of the new version of files previously translated; support for localization directives, preparation for translation; extraction to XLIFF; and much more.