Fonts Designed for the Expanded European Union
Thomas Caldwell - Linotype Library GmbH

Intended Audience: All

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate

1. Which languages need to be covered for the Expanded European Union?

2. Which type of font should be used?

Traditional 256 char fonts (how the majority does it today)

  • One font for each codepage

Better ways to cover the required languages:

  • UNICODE and OpenType
  • Multiple codepage support in one font
  • One Font for multiple platforms

Existing font products compared:

  • Standard Type 1
  • Standard TrueType
  • WGL4
  • Adobe CE
  • Adobe Std
  • Adobe Pro
  • Linotype OpenType Com
  • Linotype OpenType Pro
  • Languages supported by the above products
  • Application support for the above products

3. What to observe when migrating from existing fonts to new font formats.