EU Expansion and the Future of the Java Desktop System
Alexander Kachur - Sun Microsystems

Intended Audience: Software Engineers, Managers, Marketers, Systems Analysts, Managers, Engineers and System Administrators involved into the deployment of multilingual software in their organizations, Those who are interested in new products that would meet modern standards and conform to the requirements and demands of the EU Expansion process

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

In July 2003, Sun announced a new software product under the name of Java Desktop System (JDS). JDS brings together open source technology and Sun's technology expertise to form a complete desktop package.

In today's rapidly expanding global market it is crucial to ensure that all customers can work in their own languages. Sun has a strategy to significantly increase the number of locales and languages supported in JDS. This presentation will focus on the impact of the expansion of the European Union on JDS. This will include a discussion of existing internationalization architecture, as well as new internationalization features that will be introduced into the system. Our strategy in offering full Unicode support, introduction of a wide range of new UTF-8 locales, and many other important aspects of multicultural support will be presented.