Odd Einar Haugen
Professor, Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature,
University of Bergen, Norway

Odd Einar Haugen (b. 1954) is professor of Old Norse philology at the University of Bergen, Norway (Cand.philol. in 1982, Dr.philos. in 1992).

He was editor of Nordica Bergensia from 1993-1995, and edits Maal og Minne (since 1995- , with Kjell Ivar Vannebo, University of Oslo).

He was head of the research project editing medieval manuscripts at the Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, 2000-2001, serves as chairman of the Menota board (since 2001-) and is co-founder of the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative (since 2001-).

He has published several anthologies, editions and text books, e.g. Den filologiske vitenskap (with Einar Thomassen, 1991), Stamtre og tekstlandskap (dr.philos. thesis, 1992), Grunnbok i norrˆ½nt sprˆ€k (1993, 4th ed. 2001), Norrˆ½ne tekster i utval (1994), Selected papers by Bjarne Fidjestˆ½l (with Else Mundal, 1997), Dating Eddic poetry (posthumous publication of a study by Bjarne Fidjestˆ½l, 1999), and Handbok i norrˆ½n filologi (2004).

He has written articles in scholarly journals and anthologies, made audio and video lectures featuring Old Norse material, created computer-based exercises, and also made two Runic fonts (Gullskoen for the younger futhark, 1996, and Gullhornet for the older futhark, 2001).