Internationalization in Microsoft .NET-Current and New Features
Bill Hall, Internationalization Consultant, MLM Associates, Inc., USA

Intended Audience: Software Engineers, Managers, Designers, QA Personnel

Session Level: Beginner

The Microsoft .NET platform is designed to simplify development in the distributed environment of the Internet. Unlike many past initiatives of this type, .NET arrives with a rich set of classes and a programming paradigm designed to facilitate development that meets worldwide requirements. In this tutorial, an overview of the internationalization support in .NET is provided along with several client and web demonstrations illustrating particular features. Emphasis is on the vital role that Unicode plays in .NET as we discuss the current and newest members of the Globalization namespace including language and regional information, calendars, common formats (dates, times, numbers, currencies, and percentages), textual analysis, collation, and separation of code and user interface data in both client and web applications.