Localization Tutorial
Reinhard Schäler, Director, Localisation Research Centre (LRC), Ireland

Intended Audience: Content Developers, Software Engineers, Graphic Designers, Managers, Marketers, Site Coordinators, Systems Analysts, Technical Writers, Testers, Web Administrators, Web Designers, Localisers

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This tutorial will provide novices with an introduction to the most important issues in localisation and experienced practitioners with a unique opportunity to reflect on the current rationale for localisation, on processes, standards and technologies.

The tutorial will be organised around three distinct areas:

The rationale for localization

  • Instinct
  • Methodology
  • Alternatives

The localisation process

  • A "generic" localisation process
  • Localisation of a Graphical User Interface
  • Shortcomings

Future developments

  • Low tech - high tech
  • The Localisation Factory
  • Development Localisation

The tutorial will introduce and critically reflect on basic localisation issues from new perspectives. It will, therefore, benefit newcomers to localisation as well as experienced practitioners. It will invite participants to contribute with their own experience to the discussions and be the first localisation tutorial in a series which will cover different aspects of localisation.