Client-Tier Globalization - The New Frontier
Weiran Zhang, Development Manager, Oracle Corporation, USA

Intended Audience: Content Developers, Software Engineers, Managers, Marketers, Systems Analysts, Technical Writers, Testers, Web Administrators, Web Designers

Session Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Enterprise web applications today are increasingly evolving in the direction of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The ability to combine easy deployment of the web with rich desktop functionality on the client to deliver a quality end-user experience has made the RIA approach particularly attractive to e-businesses that wish to lower infrastructure cost without compromising user productivity. There are different RIA-related technologies presently available such as Java Desktop (JDNC), Java Web Start, DHTML, Flash, etc.

As client-side processing without server involvement takes on a bigger role in the interface logic, it is vital for the client-tier to address globalization requirements equally well to ensure correct application behavior that meets local user's s expectations.

This presentation discusses client-tier globalization challenges and solutions based on a common deployment architecture using J2EE application with open standard DHTML/JavaScript technology as the front-end. We will examine how to leverage JavaScript and Java technologies to build a complete client-side framework for simplifying the development of rich web clients to support multiple languages and locales consistently across different browsers. We will illustrate approaches to tackle client-side internationalization issues including locale determination, translation resource management, locale-sensitive data processing, performance, and so on. Demonstrations and code examples are included to showcase concepts and best practices.