ScriptSource: An On-line Environment for Script Documentation and Development
Sharon Correll, Software Engineer, SIL International, USA

Intended Audience: Content Developers, Software Engineers, Font Designers, Managers

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

SIL International has recently begun a pilot project to develop an on-line system called ScriptSource. ScriptSource is envisioned as a collaborative environment for the collection and sharing of script- related information and resources through a set of integrated web facilities.

ScriptSource will consist of a set of core script-related data that would support several kinds of user interactions. The core data itself comprises information on languages, scripts, writing systems, characters, graphemes, and other script-related elements. This data can be accessed through the "ScriptSource Library," a set of web pages designed to provide support for script-related documentation and research. The core data is also integrated into the "Forum," a mechanism for discussions on script issues, and the "Foundry," a site for collaborative development of fonts, keyboards, and other script-related tools.

The collaborative nature of ScriptSource is fundamental to the vision. Although we don't expect to be able to demo a working system as part of the presentation, we hope that understanding the vision and goals of the project will encourage broad participation by the script community.