Language Resources for Localisation
Deirdre Farrell, Veritest/Lionbridge
Annette Lee, VU Games
Reinhard Schˆ§ler, Director, LRC, Ireland

Intended Audience: Content Developers, Software Engineers, Managers

Session Level: Intermediate, Advanced

The localisation industry is charged with the linguistic and cross-cultural adaptation of digital content to the requirement of specific markets or locales. It has often been described as the key enabler for the equal, multilingual and cross-cultural information society.

Because of the requirement to deliver multilingual and cross-cultural digital content to its clients in a timely and cost effective fashion, the localisation industry has been one of the early adaptors of language technologies. Yet, to- date no concerted efforts have been undertaken to create a robust infrastructure for the localisation industry comprising data and tools, to use existing standards for their development and maintenance, and to contribute to the establishment of European standards.

The European Union funded IGNITE project, which started in April 2005, will pool together linguistic infrastructure resources, including monolingual and multilingual terminology, translation memories, tools and technologies, as well as information and guidelines on relevant standards. It will provide convenient access to these resources for content developers, service providers, suppliers of language services and localisation solutions. In addition, IGNITE will develop methodologies and implement localisation scenarios in a laboratory environment to showcase state-of-the-art resources and to proof the advantages of standard compliance by digital content developers and technology solution providers in the localisation process.

This presentation will focus on the first phase of the IGNITE project, i.e. the establishment of a repository of language resources for localisation. It will be of benefit to developers and architects who would be the ones most likely to benefit from such a repository.