Donald DePalma
President, Common Sense Advisory, Inc., USA

Don DePalma is an industry analyst, author, and corporate strategist with expertise in business- and marketing-focused application of technology. He lectures and writes frequently on the topics of online marketing technologies, content management, high-end application development, knowledge management, and globalization. His book, "Business Without Borders - A Strategic Guide to Global Marketing" was published in 2002 by John Wiley & Sons and is available at online booksellers and at select fine book stores. He is a member emeritus of the Board of Directors of GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association, co-chairs the Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC) Review Committee, is on the jury for the American Society of Competitiveness Journal of Global Competitiveness, and served as a judge for the SIIA's 2005 CODIE Awards. He is coordinating translation activities for the Chernobyl Children Project.