Jacob Hsu

Jacob Hsu is the Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Symbio. In this capacity, he is responsible for Symbio's worldwide strategic planning, marketing and business development initiatives, as well as management of Symbio's North American teams. Jake joined Symbio in 1998 and has previously headed Symbio's US and Japanese operations, as well as held positions where he led Symbio's investment and corporate development initiatives. Jake has also served as the Managing Director at Thunderchief Software, a Symbio Group company specializing in software product development, and at Symbio Digital Entertainment, a Symbio Group company focused on game outsourcing and development.

Prior to joining Symbio, Jake was the CEO of Trilogica Technologies, a maker of data aggregation software. Prior to Trilogica, he was an investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions at the specialist firm Fox-Pitt, Kelton (FPK), a Swiss Re company. He has also previously worked in a number investment banking equity concerns before joining FPK. Jake is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business.