From: Rick McGowan (Rick_McGowan@NeXT.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 20:59:58 EDT

Attention: Owners of accounts on the "" mail list.
Subject: Mail list policies & procedures

1. Why have a policy? Why now?

The list is large and maintenance is burdensome.

The volume of bounced and undeliverable mail irritates subscribers who expect
the list to have meaningful content.

The list is maintained by humans who do not enjoy receiving the inflammatory
messages these irritated subscribers send regarding bounced messages.

2. Contact addresses.

Please address all complaints, SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, Sign-on, Sign-off
requests to "". Please address all other mail-list
related inquires to the same. Please address all network related technical
issues to "". All mail to these addresses is handled
by humans.

3. Regarding bounced messages.

If we receive ONE bounced message from your site, we'll overlook it, since
transient failures occur all the time, especially with international

If we receive another bounce within a few days, your account will be removed
from the list. (You may, of course, resubscribe as soon as your connection
becomes reliable.)

The two most common causes of bounced messages are:
    a) too little free space on the disk holding your mailbox; or,
    b) a limit on the number of messages your account can receive.

If one of these conditions applies to you, please check your mail frequently.
We get LOTS of bounced messages due to inadequate disk space and exceeding of

If you leave your company or educational institution, we would appreciate even
a brief notice so we can change your address in our database or remove it from
the list.

Sometimes people receive list postings through local reflectors, but come back
to us with problems. If you administer a local reflector, please monitor the
accounts served by it, make yourself known to your local subscribers.

4. Regarding automatic replies...

There are hundreds of individuals on the Unicode mail list, and over 30
reflector sites. At any given time, some percentage of the subscribers are
away from their desks.

The mailer at the site scans for key words and phrases in the
Subject line, the "From" field, and within the Body of every incoming message
in an attempt to determine whether it is actually a returned undeliverable
message or a vacation notice. Some things still slip by, especially when
there is no clear indication provided by the sender.

If you use an automatic e-mail reply feature when you go on vacation or are
away on business, you must put one of the following phrases in the subject
        I am on vacation
        <yourname> is on vacation
        <yourname> is out of the office
        Automatic Reply from <yourname>

If you don't follow these instructions, and your automatic reply gets sent to
everyone on the list, you will be dropped from the list.


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