[Q] Documentation on 1.1

From: Arthur Chance (Arthur.Chance@Smallworld.co.uk)
Date: Tue Nov 01 1994 - 12:09:33 EST

Many moons ago (about 12 to be more precise), when I was not actually
using Unicode in anger, Glenn Adams wrote (in the news group

> You should be aware that Unicode 1.0 has been updated to Unicode 1.1,
> to make it identical to ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993, Base Multilingual Plane.
> This ISO standard can be purchased from ANSI and other standards organizations.
> A pre-publication version of Unicode 1.1 has been released by The Unicode
> Consortium as Technical Report #4. You can obtain a copy of the latter
> for 8 $US plus shipping by contacting the consortium at (415) 961-4189.
> The final printed copy of 1.1 will be available from Addison-Wesley in
> the first-half of 1994. [The technical report is sort of a list of
> differences along with some new material; however, the code charts aren't
> present, but will be in the final printing.]

Now I'm actively working on converting an application to use Unicode
as its internal character set and have a couple of questions:

1) Is the "final printed copy of 1.1" actually available and, if so,
what is its ISBN? [My local bookshop couldn't find it, but that isn't
saying a lot - before now they've told me books don't exist when I've
already held other people's copies.]

2) If it isn't, are the above details for getting UTR #4 still correct?
[I remember Unicode Inc. moved, but can't find the @#$% file with the

TIA, Arthur

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