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Steven A. Greenfield
Office Manager


Seventh International Unicode Conference
September 14-15, 1995
San Jose, CA


Introduction to Conference:

Unicode is a 16-bit character encoding Standard that is code-for-code
identical to the International Standard ISO/EC 10646. It encodes the
world's principal scripts, and provides the foundation for the inter-
nationalization and localization of software. With its simple and
efficient approach to special and modified characters, The Unicode
Standard defines a new degree of data portability between platforms
and across borders. Software (especially modern, distributed systems)
can be adapted for particular countries far more easily than when existing
character sets are used.

The Unicode Consortium was founded in 1991 by an international group of
software companies as a non-profit organization to develop and promote the
Unicode Standard.

To date, six successful Unicode Implementers' Workshops have been held
in the United States, Germany and Japan. At these Workshops, character
encoding experts and experienced software designers covered specific
practical problems, identified solutions, and provided case studies of
Unicode implementations already available or underway.

The Seventh International Unicode Conference has the theme: Software
Globalization. As well as addressing implementation of the Unicode
Standard, and its relationship to International Standard ISO/IEC 10646,
the Conference will cover all issues related to the globalization of
software (with or without Unicode support) for today's world market-

Intended Audience:

Managers, engineers, software developers, systems analysts, programmers
and product marketing personnel responsible for the development of
software supporting Unicode/ISO 10646 as well as those involved in all
aspects of the globalization of software.

Information for Presenters:

Presentations will be limited to 40 minutes, including a 10 minute
question and answer period.

Suggested topics are listed below. Please use them merely as
guidelines. While the emphasis of the Conference is on work based on the
Unicode Standard, papers on the globalization of software (regardless of
Unicode support) are welcomed.

        - Unicode implementation issues
           Code set conversions
           Program migration
           Scripts, font rendering and design, mathematical text
           Internationalization of Windows, OS/2, WARP etc.

        - Localization processes

        - Internationalization processes

        - Software Globalization processes and issues
           Technical implementation in globalization of software

        - Marketing, financial and legal issues

Please supply all of the following information:

NAME: Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms: __________________________________

TITLE/POSITION: __________________________________

ORGANIZATION/AFFILIATION: __________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________
TELEPHONE: __________________________________

FAX: __________________________________

E-MAIL: __________________________________

TITLE OF PRESENTATION: __________________________________

TARGET AUDIENCE: You may check more than one

Manager [ ] Engineer [ ] Software developer [ ]

Systems Analyst [ ] Programmer [ ] Marketing personnel [ ]

Other: please describe ______________________________

Please provide a brief synopsis of your presentation, 3-4 lines under
each of the following headings:

1. Purpose:

2. Description:

3. Summary/Conclusions:


Paper presentation submissions must be received by
WEDNESDAY MARCH 15, 1995 for consideration.

You may respond by mail, fax or e-mail to:

                Global Meeting Services Inc.
                Attention: Barbara
                3627 Princess Avenue
                N. Vancouver, BC, Canada V7N 2E4
                Telephone: (604) 983-9157
                Fax: (604) 983-9158

You will be sent an acknowledgment of your paper proposal by:

Demonstration/Exhibit Opportunities:

The Conference will have a separate area for corporations or
individuals who wish to display and promote their products
and/or services.

This area will be open throughout the duration of the Conference.
Every effort will be made to provide maximum exposure and advertising.

Exhibit space is limited. For further information or to reserve a place,
please contact Barbara at the above location.

We look forward to your proposal(s) and anticipate another successful
Conference in September.

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