Unicode vs ISO 10646-1

Date: Thu Mar 23 1995 - 18:05:43 EST

To any expert who can answer my question:

I am currently working on software programming with Chinese Character
processing capabilities. I am on the cross road to decide which
coding standard I should use.

My questions are:
1. It is said that Unicode is a subset of ISO 10646-1, and they are
   now merging very well.
   What is the meaning that Unicode is a subset of ISO 10646-1, does it
   mean that ISO 10646-1 contains any symbol available in Unicode and
   the code conversion between the two standards can be done by simply
   adding or substract a constant. or does it mean that the conversion
   between the two standards should be done by a conversion table? If
   it is so, How large is the conversion table, is there any efficient
   way to make the conversion?

2. On what basis is it said that the two standards are merging very well?
   What is the specific meaning of merging well compared to not merging

Any answers to these questions will be greatly appreciated.

Please accept my thanks in advance.



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