Re: TrueType Helvetica

From: Lars Henrik Mathiesen (
Date: Thu Apr 27 1995 - 07:27:17 EDT

I got a bit nervous/confused when I read the following from Robert
Norton <>:

   [Linotype says that Helvetica "is pretty much a PostScript face".]

   As PostScript (and ATM) is capable of only limited hinting compared
   to TrueType this offers only limited advantage.

So I went and checked the manual. As of the PostScript level 2.013
specification (dated 1993-03-31) there is a defined font type for
TrueType fonts (wrapped in a PostScript font directory) --- and the
standard Adobe interpreter for that level seems to support it.

It is of course still true that PostScript type 1 and 3 fonts are less
flexible than TrueType fonts, but it is no longer valid to say that
``PostScript is capable of'' only Type 1 and 3.

Lars Mathiesen (U of Copenhagen CS Dep) <> (Humour NOT marked)

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