'96 Conf. & Exhib. on Multilingual Computing (Arabic)

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                          University of Cambridge
                      Centre of Middle Eastern Studies

                                ICEMCO 96
                             5th International
          Conference and Exhibition on Multi-lingual Computing
                          (Arabic and Roman Script)

                         Cambridge, 11-13 April 1996
I. Call for Papers:
Papers are invited for the themes listed below. The deadline for
receipt of abstracts is 18th August 1995 and camera-ready copy for papers

to be presented at the conference must be received by 15th December 1995.

There will be a limit of 10 pages per paper. Conference proceedings will be
available at registration. The main language of the conference will be
English, but papers in Arabic will be considered. It may be possible for
to be used together with English abstracts or full translations.

The conference will take place at the University of Cambridge,
between 11th and 12th of April 1996 leaving the 13th reserved
for the exhibition. This arrangement will enable the exhibitors
to attend the conference sessions and give enough time for the
participants to have access to the latest hardware and software in the

T h e m e s
The central theme of ICEMCO 96 (theme no. 1) will be

                    Information Super-Highways and Multi-lingual Computing

a. The politics of information: the new world order and information;
   security and welfare of nations; free, unrestricted and non-regulated
   flow of information and democracy.
b. International networks: the relationship between owners and users.
c. 2000 and beyond: mono-lingualism or multi-lingualism in computing?

Papers on the following themes are welcome
(2) Editing Arabic manuscripts using computers.
(3) Multi-lingual data bases: compiling classical Arabic sources,
    contemporary data banks, medical data bases.
(4) Multi-lingual maps.
(5) Computer based lexicography and machine translation.
(6) Teaching of languages by computer.
    a. Teaching of Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages by computer.
    b. Teaching of European languages by computer to Arab students.
(7) Notation of Oriental music on computers.
(8) Archaeology and Computing; Islamic architecture.
(9) Multi-lingual computers for the handicapped.
(10) The hardware and the software industry in the Arab World.
     a. The status of the Computer Industry in each Arab country: past and
        present, and future plans.
     b. The relationship between consumers, retailers, and the industry:
        the possibility of a consumer charter.
     c. Software copy protection problems:
        the issue of protecting creativity in the Arab World.
     d. Developing affordable software and hardware for the Arab markets.
     e. Mail marketing in the Arab world: possibilities and obstacles.
(11) Other Semitic languages and computing.
(12) Computing in Persian, Urdu and Turkish (Osmanli).
(13) Multilingual Email systems.
(14) User Groups in the Arab World.
(15) International electronic networks related to multi-lingual computing
     and Middle Eastern issues.
(16) The Open Forum: an informal session for brief presentations and
     discussions about other work in progress from various institutions,
     and to exchange information about the computing facilities available
     in each institution.

II. A One-Day Hardware and Software Exhibition
* Companies' Exhibition
The Exhibition will be held in Cambridge for one day,
the 13th of April 1996.
The conference sessions will adjourn on that day and the participants will
be free to have access to machines and software on display.
Companies' representatives are welcome to
attend the Conference on the 11th and the 12th.

* Participants' Exhibition
Participants in ICEMCO 96 are welcome to demonstrate the
latest multi-lingual software. They are encouraged to co-ordinate their
demonstration with the concerned companies to ensure that they
demonstrate latest versions. Conferees are also encouraged to
demonstrate any projects they are working on. Those who are interested in

taking part in this exhibition are expected to bring their Laptops/
PowerBooks with them. Participants in this exhibition may well
be interested in meeting other exhibitors, so it is
suggested that they find a partner beforehand. One of the pair could then
remain at the stand allowing their partners to go and meet other exhibitors;
they may then swap over. Each pair will be given one unit of space,
i.e., 6 sq. m.

* Poster Exhibition
Postgraduate students and people involved in projects and/or studies are
welcome to present their work in poster form (displaying A1 sheets).

Overnight Accommodation in Cambridge

To arrange for accommodation, please contact any of the following hotels or
guest houses directly. It is not possible for our staff to make bookings on
behalf of participants. You are advised to book well in advance
as Cambridge accommodation is in great demand. Accommodation charges will
be in addition to the event registration fee.


Centennial Hotel Phone: 1223 314652 Fax: 1223 315443
Holiday Inn Cambridge Phone: 1223 464466 Fax: 1223 464440
Lensfield Hotel Phone: 1223 355017 Fax: 1223 312022
Regent Hotel Phone: 1223 351470 Fax: 1223 356220
Sorrento Hotel Phone: 1223 243533 Fax: 1223 213463

Guest Houses

Brooklands Guest House Phone: 1223 242035 Fax: 1223 242035
Fairways Guest House Phone: 1223 246063 Fax: 1223 212093
Parkside Guest House Phone: 1223 311212 Fax: 1223 356926

For further information about accommodation in Cambridge, please contact:
    Cambridge Tourist Information: Phone (1223) 322640 Fax (1223) 463385

For further information about ICEMCO 96, please contact:
                Dr Ahmad Ubaydli (ICEMCO 96, Convenor)
                   Centre of Middle Eastern Studies,
                  University of Cambridge,
                Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DA, UK
          P: +44 (1223) 334749, F: 335110, EM: au100@cam.ac.uk

                           Registration Form

To: Dr Ahmad Ubaydli (ICEMCO 96, Convenor) (above address)

I wish to participate in the:

   * Companies' Exhibition [ ]

   I need __________ unit/s.

   * Participants' Exhibition [ ].

   I will be exhibiting together with


   * Poster Exhibition [ ]

If the detail of your address is incorrect, please fill in your corrections

If you are a newcomer, please fill in your phone, fax and Email numbers.

   * I wish to act as a discussant for papers related to the following
    theme/theme no.


   * I wish to contribute a paper (see the back of this application):
     Yes [ ] No [ ]

If you recommend any participant/s to act as discussant/s (maximum 2) on your paper, please
write address/es below.

   Discussant (1)

   Discussant (2)

* A unit of space is equal to 6 sq. m. (a table and its surrounding area).

* Companies' Fees must be paid before 17th March 1996.

* A representative from each exhibiting company is entitled to attend the

* Conference Fees are inclusive of the costs of participation in the
  Participants' and Poster Exhibition. A unit of space will be
given for every two participants in the Participants' Exhibition.

* Please request refunds in writing no later than 9th February 1996.
 A Pound sterling 20 cancellation fee will apply. After this date,
 refunds will not be issued.

* Cheques to be made payable to University of Cambridge in pounds sterling
  drawn on a British Bank or Eurocheques in pounds sterling.

If a cheque is enclosed, please mention the amount

Audio-visual equipment: (ICEMCO provides slide projectors and overhead
projectors. Other equipment may be considered.
Please write your requirements here. You are encouraged to
bring your portable with you).

I am going to use [ ] a 35 mm slide projector (s) (1) (2)

[ ] an overhead projector
Please print your abstract on this side of this application.
[Allow space for your abstract]

* Deadline for abstracts: 18 August 1995.

* Deadline for submission of camera-ready copy: 15th December, 1995.

* Before you use this original sheet for your final print, make a photocopy
  and make sure that your printout will come out properly on this sheet.

* Do not mention your name. Referees are not allowed to know author's

* Theme no. [ ] (see list of themes) and title of paper.

* Use Times 12, line depth 12 points.

* Only the space above is available for your abstract. No additional sheets
  will be considered.

* Make 3 extra copies of the abstract (this face of the page only) and send
them to ICEMCO by mail.


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