rationale for Hangul removal

From: Masayuki TOYOSHIMA (mtoyo@Lit.hokudai.ac.jp)
Date: Sun Aug 27 1995 - 04:53:06 EDT

A recent essay titled "Encoding Korean Hangul" by T.J.Kang, appeared
on the "EnCoding" (Newsletter of the Unicode Consortium) spring 1995
issue, tells that current code-points of the syllabic (pre-combined)
forms of Hangul will be removed, and a new (contiguous) mapping scheme
will be taken.

This is apparently contradicting to the declaration by the Unicode 1.0; i.e.

     future versions of the Unicode standard will not reassign, rename or
     remove Unicode 1.0 characters. (The Unicode Standard 1.0, p.xix/14)

The essay admits that "a rationale must is needed", but gives none.

If there is a published rationale for this decision, I would strongly
like to read it.

Thanks in advance :

Masayuki TOYOSHIMA / Dept. of Japanese linguistics, Faculty of Letters,
Hokkaido university, Sapporo 060 Japan / mtoyo@Lit.hokudai.ac.jp

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