Re: JIS X0208 new version on review

From: Masayuki TOYOSHIMA (
Date: Wed Nov 01 1995 - 16:35:40 EST

>Would it be possible for you to post a one paragraph summary of the
>changes relative to the previous version?

Thank you for your interest.

The revision aims mainly the clarification of the current standard JIS
X0208-1990 on the following points :

  1. encoding scheme
  2. usage of unassigned code points (is prohibited)
  3. duplicate encodings when used together with 1-byted coded character sets
  4. source materials of Kanji characters (eg. place names)
  5. variants and glyphs of Kanji characters
  6. SHIFT-encoding (or so-called SHIFT-JIS encoding) [new]
  7. comformance

The draft standard does NOT propose any addtion, deletion or replacement of
the existing code points. The standard shall be printed with the same font
as the current JIS X0208-1990.

Masayuki TOYOSHIMA / editor of the draft standard JIS X0208
Dept. of Japanese linguistics, Faculty of Letters,
Hokkaido university, Sapporo 060 Japan, FAX +81-11-612-7754 (24h), (AUP-free)

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