Re: JIS X0208 vs. JIS 212

From: Masayuki TOYOSHIMA (
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 18:01:40 EST

>I am surprised though, as I thought there was a JIS 0212 that superceded
>0208. I therefore would expect no further work on 208.
>What is the relation between the two?

 JIS X0212 is the `Additional Kanji character set', not a superset of X0208.

 If this is a typo of JIS X0221, that is the translated version of ISO/IEC
 10646. Certain part of the rationale is dedicated to the reason why X0208
 is to be maintained apart from X0221(10646).

 I rather hesitate to dabete on X0208 here, as we would like the debate be
 shared by all the reviewers (many of them are not joining Unicode-ML).
 We are planning to re-distribute the proposals and questions (with answers)
 to the reviewers.

 # Or do you recommend to maintain a mailing-list for debate ?

 thank you very much indeed for your interest

Masayuki TOYOSHIMA / Dept. of Japanese linguistics, Faculty of Letters,
Hokkaido university, Sapporo 060 Japan /
editor of the JIS X0208 draft standard

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