politics and the unicode list

From: root
Date: Wed Nov 15 1995 - 13:45:03 EST

Dear Subscribers to Unicode@Unicode.ORG:

Please attempt to keep political "discussions" like the
following off this list. The intentions of such
organizations are irrelevant here, and you may discuss
them elsewhere. I don't want any more flame wars on
my turf, and if it continues beyond today, I'll shut
the list down and remove the offenders.

        -- Sarasvati

> It's well known to be a device for treating aborigial
> groups of people badly i.e. even to be a device for
> extinguishing groups of people in south America.
>Whether one agrees with the motivations of SIL, it seems
> to me that any organization that attempts to assist
> native peoples in writing or preserving their own
> language is clearly interested in maintaining and not
> extinguishing cultures. It is rash statements such
> as yours that seem to be in the latter category.

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