FYI: JIS X0208 draft standard shipping

From: Masayuki TOYOSHIMA (
Date: Fri Nov 24 1995 - 17:41:37 EST

Part one of the JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) X 0208 public review files
is available now.
Part one of the files excludes annex one and annex two. These annex
files will be available mid December.

The URL for these files are;

Public review comments should be sent to

JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) Draft Standard of X 0208

     1747 Readme.1st (in English)
     2982 Readme.euc (in Japanese EUC encoding)
     2982 Readme.sjs (in Japanese Shift-JIS encoding)

    20035 x208-txt.lzh draft standard (flat text version)
   924223 x208-PS.taz draft standard (PostScript version)
    32768 rat-txt.lzh rationale for the DS (flat text version)
   177716 rat-PS.taz rationale for the DS (PostScript version)

N.B. The draft standard and related rationale are written in Japanese.

     PostScript versions presupposes that `Ryumin-Light-H' and
     `GothicBBB-Medium-H' are already loaded in the PS printer.

 *.lzh files are compressed and archived by `LHA' (by H.Yoshizaki).
 *.taz files are archived by `tar' and compressed by `gzip'.

  platform-dependent versions of `LHA', `tar', `gzip' are likely to be
  found by `archie', otherwise consult your local specialists.

To acquire the printed version of the draft standard, contact

    Nihon Kikaku Kyokai / INSTAC
      Minato-ku, Akasaka 4 chome 1-24, Tokyo 107, JAPAN
      FAX +81-3-3582-0844 (24h)

 The printed version has been dispached to those who have already requested
 copies of the draft standard to INSTAC, free of charge.

for further information, consult
  K.Shibano (chair),
  E.Tokunaga (secretary)

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